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Studio Orders and Writing a BDSM Historical

A little over a week ago, Studio Orders (Gin & Jazz 5) was released here at Totally Bound. It's the first installment of the series that doesn't feature the main character, Jack Stone. Why? Well, lucky Jack has found his true love and is most happily living ever after with him. But along the way, Jack met some wonderful men that all deserved to find happiness too. Two of them - his studio boss Vincent Franklin, and his driver, Juan - were always there for him when things were at their darkest. In Studio Orders, Juan and Vincent find their way to one another and discover they are the perfect balance to the other.

Vincent practices sadomasochism and is quite dominant. Juan knows nothing of those types of things - he's never even heard of them. But he aches to please his older boss that he's fallen so deeply in love with, and has always derived the greatest pleasure in his life when he could serve someone. Since the Gin & Jazz series is set in the 1920's, there was some additional research I needed to do to incorporate the BDSM elements to the story. The acronym for bondage, discipline and sadomasochism wasn't coined until the late sixties, the actual origin being unclear. When writing Studio Orders I had to be careful not to clutter it with terms or practices that wouldn't have been in use during that time period.

One thing that I incorporated - as I love rope bondage - was kinbaku, or kinbaku-bi (the beauty of tight binding). Most people would be more likely to recognize the Japanese art of binding as shibari. I could go into a long dissertation as to why there are two different terms, and what they denote precisely, but what it comes down to is binding the submissive. But again, the term shibari wasn't used to refer to that practice in the 1920's - anyone referring to the art of Japanese binding would have called it kinbaku. In the following scene, Juan and Vincent are having their first real session as lovers. Having learned of the practice from a Japanese man, Vincent had purchased a proper rope to use on someone someday. Juan is that someone.

Watching as Juan readied himself delighted him in a way that had been lost to him for a long time. He had wrongly assumed that the only thing that brought him pleasure from binding and disciplining a submissive were the acts themselves. Clearly, he had been wrong. Sharing it with someone who meant so much to him gave it true meaning.

Vincent allowed himself to enjoy the view. He wanted to experience the moment and wanted the same for Juan. Rushing through a session didn’t provide the same benefit as allowing it to unfold, embracing each nuance as it occurred. Vincent noted Juan gradually tensing, his teeth clenching as they always did when he was afraid or holding something in. 

In time.

Vincent waited a little longer than he normally would to give Juan a chance to deal with what was happening to him. He tore his gaze from the sight of Juan’s brazenly exposed body. It was still unclear to him whether he would do any better at holding back an orgasm than Juan. He hadn’t brought himself to a climax since before he’d met with Saul. And he’d been taunted by having a naked, willing Juan by his side for the past twenty-four hours.

Vincent was impressed by how freely Juan had opened up to him, and how he kept himself still, waiting for the next command. Opening the door of his mahogany armoire, Vincent then pulled out a very long coil of softened jute fibre rope. It had come from the Orient and had been quite costly. There had never been anyone that he’d wanted to use it on before. Not until that moment.

As he approached the bed with the half inch thick cord, he detected a fleeting glance from Juan. His boy had to be overflowing with curiosity. Sighing, Vincent was once again struck by how honoured he was to be the one to initiate Juan into the joys of submission—to teach him how to free himself through discipline and binding. 

Vincent had spent a lot of time learning various rope tying techniques and patterns over the years. He had a specific position he wanted to tie Juan in for the first time that he penetrated him. As he drew closer to the bed, Vincent noticed that the twitching in Juan’s jaw had increased dramatically in the space of a few minutes. As excited as Vincent was, it was his responsibility to coax Juan safely through his first time being restrained. 

He had the coil of rope slung over his left arm. He leant down over Juan and stroked his forehead, soothing him. 

“Because this is our first session, I need to make sure you are doing okay. In the future, I will be more attuned to your body so we will only discuss what goes on between us when we conclude our play. Talk to me, Juan.”

 Juan swallowed a few times as if he had no spit left in his mouth. He looked in Vincent’s eyes.

“I’m all right, sir. I want this.”

Vincent attempted to keep his expression as blank as possible. It was vital that he be there for Juan and not distract him with whatever Vincent might have going on inside of himself. He didn’t want Juan to lose his focus. 

He caressed Juan’s forehead a little more, then straightened. He looped the twenty three foot long rope around a large solid wood ornament at the top of his headboard. Taking the two free ends, he began the process of carefully binding Juan’s legs and arms to one another, maintaining the posture of him spread wide. Wordlessly, he placed Juan’s limbs the way he wished them to be. He marvelled at Juan’s willingness to be manipulated by him, his lack of resistance.

It had been a while since he had completed the tie he was using on Juan, so it took him close to twenty minutes to achieve the aesthetics he desired. Once he had accomplished it to his satisfaction, he stood back to allow himself the pleasure of viewing Juan helpless and displayed before him. Even the task of working the rope around his lover’s form had been erotic. But the final result was breath-taking.

Juan’s lower legs were bent to their extreme and bound tightly to his thighs. His arms had been encased with additional ropes, trapping them alongside his limbs. The cords were tied in an evenly circled pattern, and it all led to the headboard to keep him anchored. Already Vincent looked forward to the marks the restrictive binds would leave on Juan’s flesh once the ropes were removed. 

Even though Juan had not resisted him in any way as he’d tied him, Vincent noted the cords of his muscles working beneath his skin. Vincent recalled the first time he had been bound. The instinctual response was to fight the imprisonment. The freedom came through embracing it.
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If you would like to find out more about what went into the creation of the Gin & Jazz series, visit me HERE for an exclusive interview from Totally Bound.



Some pleasures are so sinfully rich they aren't gold, they're platinum...

Here's the smokin' hot cover from the fabulous art department at Totally Bound. They really are amazing and I LOVE this cover...

Ainsley Simmons can hardly believe she’s ordered a fantasy lover online — a man to fulfill her deepest sexual desires for the entire evening. She’s in for a surprise when sexy young Mr. R shows up at her door in a classic case of mistaken identity.
Ainsley has the night of her life being pleasured by the much younger and demanding multi-millionaire — until she discovers he’s not her fantasy lover after all.
He’s even better than that…

Publisher: Totally Bound 

Pre Order: April 18, 2014
Early Download: May 2, 2014
General Release: May 30, 2014

Where you can find Kate:
Author website:


Torn Between Cowboys

Having two historical westerns published with Totally Bound is a wonderful feeling, especially as I’ve seen interest in my debut novella Desire in Deadwood pick up since the release of Harlot at the Homestead. Desire in Deadwood was my debut release and I’m very fond of it. Sound foolish? Maybe, but I put a lot into the creation of the characters, plot and setting and when an author does that, it’s easy to get attached to them.

But this got me thinking. Do I prefer Nate Hamilton or Kenan Duggan?

They’re both tall, dark and handsome. They’re both cowboys. They both work hard. They love their women fiercely and suffer as a result of their love and passion.

Nate Hamilton doesn’t come across as a very nice character at the start. He’s dark and dominant and wants to punish Evelyn Campbell for hurting him. How does he do this? By offering the destitute widow money to be his own private whore. Reader responses interested me when they said that they really didn’t like him…at first.

Then there’s Kenan Duggan. He was madly in love with Catherine Montgomery, his fiancée, when she disappeared. He believed she was dead and it took him a long time to come to terms with his grief. She has been gone two years when she suddenly turns up at his homestead. To say he’s surprised, is an understatement, and he’s pretty annoyed too.

These turbulent beginnings make for exciting conflict and passionate reunions and the chemistry between the characters has the opportunity to sizzle. Of Harlot at the Homestead, one reader said: Both Kenan and Catherine have amazing chemistry. It practically comes up off the pages for the reader to see and feel. And despite the secrets and issues the couple faces in this short tale, you find yourself rooting for them to get through it no matter what.

And about Desire in Deadwood a reader said: The chemistry between Nate and Evelyn sizzles from the very first page and I loved how the story opens with heat and steam and passion from the first line. A hot, fun read.

It was important for me that the men are strong, powerful and intense. But I also wanted them to have a vulnerability, so that they appeal on all levels. We human beings are complex creatures and I tried to make that to come across to the reader. Have I succeeded? Well, if you’ve read the books, let me know. If not, they’re available now. I would love to hear what you think and to find out whether you prefer Nate or Kenan.

Until next month…


Molly xxx


Who Dares Wins - Out Now!

Out now as a single title novella, Who Dares Wins, my m/m/m  military story that features in the Stand to Attention Anthology.


When secret service becomes not so secret servicing by not one, but two sexy soldiers, Ken learns that dreams can come true in explosive style!

Waiting for my SAS husband Jack to come home safe and sound is always a gut-wrenching, heart-twisting time. I have no idea where he is, what jungle swamp he may be lying out in or desert he might be marching across.

So naturally when he returns to me, our emotions can't fail to run hot and our lust for each other cranks up to sky-high levels. But the one thing about Jack is he lives for the extreme and seizes the moment. I really should have known what would come of me telling him my wildest fantasies.

Oh, yes, he's a guy who gets results…and when he brings home his colleague Slider, equally tough, equally rough, the pair of them can't fail to hit the target. That target happens to be lucky old me and I head off on the ride of my life…

Reader Advisory: This book contains D/s scenes and a MMM ménage.

Available from Totally Bound and all good ebook retailers.


“Fuck I want you,” he whispered, spearing his fingers into my hair and pulling me close. “So fucking much.”
He kissed me so hard I could hardly breathe. My cock raged in my pants, the fullness threatening to drive me insane. I forgot all about the questions on the tip of my tongue.
“Do you want me?” he asked.
I was panting. “Of course. What a stupid question.”
He fumbled with his jeans, undid the button and the zipper. “Suck me, quickly.” He glanced at the door. “But...”
“Before he comes back.” He twisted his lips. “It won’t take long, seriously. I’ve been thinking about you for days, your beautiful mouth on my cock.”
He pulled out his dick, and saliva flooded my tongue. I’d never get tired of taking him into my mouth. Jack had a long, thick shaft that was a deep brownish-red colour and heavy with bulging veins. He was circumcised and I loved the smooth flare of the head, how neat he was compared to my uncut dick.
I glanced at the door, then at his face again.
A kiss and a grope was one thing, but what if Slider walked in and saw this?
Jack grinned, not a laughing-at-a-joke smile, but one that was predatory, daring, like he was testing me. “Suck me off, my sweet sub.” Again he curled his hand around the back of my head, on my nape this time, and urged my head into his lap.
I had to obey. If I wanted to please my Master then this was what I had to do.
Doubled over, I opened up.
As soon as Jack’s cock was in my mouth, smoothing over my tongue and riding into my throat, all thoughts of Slider finding us left me. This was what I’d been dreaming of doing— bringing Jack pleasure, tasting him, feeling his cum boil up through his shaft and spurt into my mouth. Him telling me what he wanted, making me do it, controlling our passion in the perfect way he always did.
“Ah, yeah, that’s it... Oh, fuck, yeah—use your tongue too.” Jack kept his hands on my head, following my steady rhythm. He’d been right, he wouldn’t take long. His flesh was taut over the solidity of his cock, his breaths ragged and his belly and thighs, from what I could feel of them, brimming with tension.
I curled my tongue, made a thick wedge of hardness for his cock to slide over. I knew he loved that, how it took him so near to the edge. I upped the speed and the depth, swallowing down a drip of pre-cum that tasted better than any meal.
“Ah, fuck, fucking fuck...” he said, canting his hips upwards. “Jesus, I’m going to…ah fuck there it is...”


Soul Sweet: Book One in the Souls Entwined Series!

I love reading a hot series! There's nothing better than being introduced to characters so vivid within a book that you hunger to know more about all of them! As a reader, I love the anticipation of finding out how each book will broaden my knowledge about the lives of each character presented. I get excited about learning more about how all of their lives are intertwined. I think the challenge of a great series is creating a tapestry of stories that are unique and yet undeniable connected.

Although I enjoy reading a series, I wasn't sure I wanted to write one. Why? Well, I love finishing a book and moving on to the next one with a clean slate. New characters, new storyline and setting, but as I started outlining the framework for my Souls Entwined series I realized all those things are possible and necessary to writing a series readers will enjoy!

Yes, there are familiar characters but each book focuses on new ones readers have only gotten a glimpse of previously. I still get the chance to explore fresh storylines and settings and the creative possibilities are limitless!

Soul Sweet is Book One in my Souls Entwined series and I'm thrilled at how well it's been received! The response from fans spurred me on to type faster! I just wrapped up Soul Temptation the second book in the series and I'm so excited to get to work on book three!

So, what can you expect with my Souls Entwined series? Good question! The answers are subject to change as I delve deeper into the lives of each character, but I can confidently tell you to expect the following:

Engaging, likeable characters
Unexpected pairings
Breath-taking kisses
Heart-pounding sex
That 'awwww' moment
Frequent smiles and page-turning
And finally... an intense desire to read more!

Happy Reading,

Nichelle Gregory 
Simply sexy stories...


Roller coaster of Writing

Writing is a fun, wild and sometimes gravity-defying thing. When you write it encompasses so much. The thump of your heart as you open that blank page for the first time. The journey of twists and turns as you write the journey of your characters. Each step is a wild and exhilarating as you get to know the characters and they get to know you. When you go to the end of it your palms sweat, heart races and your unsure of where or how it will end. Then when it does the endorphins release and a sense of accomplishment fills you.

Writing is a roller coaster ride that I take often and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Sex and Spirituality at Eroticon 2014

some of the lowdown on the fun from Eroticon this past weekend. Organised by the wonderful Ruby Kiddell it's a weekend of fun, chats and thought provoking workshops. I will give a more thorough overview of the weekend in my post tomorrow but today I'm focusing on the one session I led with my fellow Brit Babe the very lovely KD Grace We've been talking about Sex and Spirituality since we met many moons ago and at last year's eroticon KD and I had an in depth discussion about it and how we thought it'd make a great session for the next year's event. Luckily Ruby agreed and Sex and Spirituality was one of the first sessions listed for Eroticon 2014. We had an amazing Powerpoint presentation created by Kev Blisse it was one slide long, but that one slide was amazing, take a look. sexnspritualitysml

 We started out with a quick intro and an excerpt each, here's mine, taken from Sharing Nicely.

“Fuck, I want you.” He cursed and scrambled up between my thighs. I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me. I smiled weakly, too languorous to do anything with any real vigour. He returned the smile but there was something in his gaze that unsettled me—it was the first time I’d seen him truly undone in all the time we’d spent together. He leaned leant forward and cupped my face in his hand and stroked away the tear that had dampened my cheek. His smile lengthened. I turned my head and kissed his thumb tip then. As I enveloped it with my mouth he closed his eyes and moaned with deep desire.

Pulling his thumb from between my lips with a pop, he set to undoing his pants and pushing them down his legs. He took a foil packet from the pocket and sheathed his hard, long erection before covering me completely with his body and pressing into me. He was slow and gentle at first. My walls contracted around him as he slid deeper into my wet heat and when he moved I wrapped my legs around him and encouraged him deeper and deeper still with each thrust.

From coiled control he turned into hammering desire, falling completely into the thrall of his lust as he sated himself on my body. Finally my bound hands fell down from their position above my neck to link around the back of his neck. I felt completely connected to him as he climbed closer to the brink of climax. I watched when he came. His face screwed up in concentration and desire then released with the ecstasy that flowed from his body. I craned my neck and kissed him softly in thanks. He smiled in response then relaxed against me, burying his head in my shoulder. I remembered how little he’d smiled when we first met, how I’d been certain he didn’t do it often. Yet he seemed to grin at me all the time when he was with me, now we’d been together a while.

We held there in that position for a long time while. I was sexually sated but my spirit was agitated. Something special had just happened. It wasn’t just about lust and passion, something deeper had blossomed between Greg and me. I didn’t know if it was just me, though. Maybe Greg hadn’t noticed it. I wanted to say something, to explain what I felt, but I was too scared to do so. What  if he’d not felt it at all? What if it was all in my imagination.  

After our introductions we dived right in with our first C, Creation. We talked about creation stories, about the creative process and of course the creation element of sex. It was a great group of folks, and everyone chipped in with ideas and examples of how sex and spirituality meld in their lives.

 We covered the other two C's, Connection and control. We explored the level of vulnerability that connects sex and spirituality, you have to be open, often broken, to be in a position to connect with a lover or God or your own spirit. It's a scary thing, a beautiful thing and something that we all need. We talked about control, getting it and losing it and other words we could use instead of spirituality as it seems to be one that polarises people so much. We didn't really find one, but we did delve into the reasons people may be scared of anything labelled spiritual and how it feels to be connected.

 I was blown away by the level of connectivity in the room. One of the ways we described the feeling of being one with the spiritual was a tingling just above the level of the skin. I had that tingling for the duration of the session. God was certainly telling me I was in the right place at the right time. Ta, God.