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Over the launch week we’re going to touch on subjects that can enhance your relationship – be it marital, partner, lover/s, f**k buddies…what ever you want to call them. So, we’ll kick off with TOYS! Yes, this is it, it’s time to talk about those lovely additions and enhancers to the wonderful pleasure we call sex.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of girl that likes toys. Some people don’t, I know, but I do.
One of my sisters for example doesn’t even have one dildo (I know! Amazing!) whilst I on the othe
r hand have a lovely big toy chest full of goodies! Of course, toys aren’t just for you to pull out and 'play' with yourself – well not in my experience anyway – they are also for enjoying with your partner to enhance the sexual experience and make it fun. Being quite adventurous, I like to experiment, and over the years our little collection has grown quite considerably. And when the toys come out to play, we have some of the best sex. So, I would totally recommend building up a little stash of goodies to bring out to play with. Toys can really spice up your sex life. Now, it depends on what stage your relationship is at: new and experimenting, been together a few years and want to introduce something exciting and fun, had the kids and forgotten what sex is like! LOL It happens to all of us, we get into a rut, and life can become 'run of the mill'. So, come on ladies what ever stage your relationship is at, take control and do something to spice it up!

Toys, toys and more toyssssss :)

Yes, we thought we’d start the fun ‘n’ frolicks with a juicy and fun topic, talking about sex toys! *rubs hands together*. If you want to win some naughty prizes in our Blog Party competition, we want some honesty here ladies. No prim and proper “What’s a flogger?” Spill it! We want to know what you have in your bedside drawers—or if you are as naughty as me, your bedside chest. We want the juicy details and we want stories please. Nooooo I’m not asking for how you use the toys (TMI could be a bit ick), I’m asking for you to tell us what goodies you keep tucked away from prying eyes and to tell us funny or embarrassing moments that we can all take a little bit of evil delight in. The winners will win some fabulous toys from the wonderful people at You’ve got a whole week (until Wednesday 17th) to post your entries on today’s blog in our 'Tales from the Toy Box' Competition and we’ll be posting the winning entries next Thursday. Pop 'Dee's Toys' in the message when replying.

Drum role... TA-DA!! You can win:

Animal Magic Rabbit Rouser

Double Bunny vibrator

Bow Nipple Clips

The art of the Quickie

I’m going to give you some lovely links here too. Of course, it’s going to depend on where on the planet you reside, and what you’re into between the sheets, but I have a few fave sites that if I’m honest, I haven’t visited for personal purchases for quite some time, but nevertheless offer some lovely additions when the mood takes me.

Now I’m recommending them because I have shopped with them myself and bought great toys and had good customer service, so I know you can’t go too far wrong with them. If you’re looking for toys to add to your toy box, or would just like to start your own collection, you can find something quite easily from SexShop365.
They are the UK’s largest online sexshop with over 5000 items in stock (choices, choices! I spent hours browsing through this site when I went looking for what goodies to give to you guys!) Their toys can also be viewed using 3d animations and streaming videos – which are soooo cool. Check these pages out: 3D Zone & Video Zone.

The lovely peeps at SexShop365 have kindly donated the toys in our competition this week for the launch party, so dig in and take a look at what else they have to offer.

If you prefer the ‘dark side’ and are totally into fetishes, or just fancy spending some pennies on something in rubber or latex, there are a few shops that stock some excellent selections. I’m quite partial to a few select purchases here and there from The Fetish Factory which is based in the US, and Honour, a UK fetish shop.
If your tastes run to more sensual and you're looking for exquisite, pure silk lingerie there are some wonderful places to shop like Agent Provocateur or Coco-de-mer. Just delightful!

Okay, so what’s cool in the world of sex toys?
Check these out:

Who doesn’t have an iPod these days? Well, mine stopped working a few months ago and I haven’t had the chance to replace it yet—but I’m off on a tangent there—the point is, how cool is this? It's a vibrator for your iPod and you've gotta love the name - 'Oh my bod iPod vibrator'. So, now you can attach accessories to the ipod, and diddle yourself while you're listening to your favourite tracks! Could come in handy. Check out the accessories.

I'm loving the idea of the swing - it just has to be said.Your DH got a bad back? Well, there’s no excuse now is there?! Fantastic! My only worry would be: where would you put the frame? Stick it in the garden and pretend to the kids that its for their garden swing? It's a bit big to put it in the bedroom. Another alternative would be to get one of those attachments that bolts into the ceiling. But I'd be worried that our weight would bring the roof crashing down!! LOL

Love Honey in the UK, sell a wicked little strap which allows your man full control, so instead of grabbing onto your love handles he grabs onto the straps and apparently he can control position and thusts much better. You can see this smashing little strap at Love Honey – got to go and buy one of those beauties!! Wouldn’t complain if the man came with it either ;) Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

But if you’ve never really been to a sex shop before or bought any toys because it’s embarrassing, the internet is a great and wondrous place. So, you want to know how to choose a vibrator? Where other than the internet could you find answers to questions like: What do you want to use it for? Do you want to use it on your clitoris? Do you want to put it in your vagina or anus? How strong do you want your vibration to be? How big do you want it to be? Well Babeland tells all. What really makes me laugh is that they even give step by step instructions on ‘how to use your vibrator’. Take a look at this:

1. First, set the mood. Give yourself a block of time to play with your new toy, put in some relaxing music. You might feel more comfortable using a vibrator alone for the first time, so you can get used to your body's response without having to think about a partner at the same time.
2. Run it along your body. No need to rush to the clitoris with that new vibe. Get used to the feeling first by running it over your body—try it on your nipples, thighs and or anywhere you're inspired to explore.
3. Add the clit. When you're feeling turned on, try holding the vibrator against your clit. Some women find the vibrations intense the first few times; if this is true for you place a towel between you and your toy or use it over your underwear.
4. Experiment with your sex toy. Vary the pressure, the speed, or the position of the vibrator to discover what feels the best to you. The clitoris has about a jillion nerve endings (okay, more like 4,000), and is often most responsive to vibration. Any vibrator, even those long skinny ones that look great for penetration, can be used on the clit. You might find that as you get more warmed up, you like more intense stimulation. But by all means, try that toy anywhere that feels good.

Well thank you for that ladies. I would NEVER have figured it out on my own. A ‘how to…manual’ LMAO! I mean puleez.

And if you want to find out all of the latest reviews on all of the latest buys Orgasm Army is the place to go.

So, once you’ve decided on the vibrator of choice and made your purchase, you want to take it all a step further and find out what else you can do with your new vibrator, you can go to the G-spot centre where they’ll be more than happy to inform you.

Now, I’m not being funny, but I just don’t get this next one. It’s apparently the latest craze—for who? That’s what I want to know—3D sex and sex games. Well personally I prefer the real thing! But I went over and checked it out (purely for research of course) and all I could do was laugh. Let me know what you think. VirtuallyJenna, Virtual Hottie 2,

Designer and programmer Dave Taylor said in SAN FRANCISCO at the first annual Sex in Video Games Conference

"There's a whole demographic out there who's tired of the magazines and the photo galleries and the passive DVD experience," said xStream3D president Brad Abram. "We're giving them what they want." XStream3D Multimedia's VirtuallyJenna (NSFW) takes a single-player approach to arousal. Much like porn, VirtuallyJenna focuses heavily on visuals but with the added bonus of interactivity. Users can prod and play with a simulated Jenna to their hearts' content. Where's the fun in that? "People love playing with the sex toys, posing the girls, trying out the different dildos and butt plugs," said Abram. "That's the number one thing." Abram said players rarely use the game's first-person mode. "People want a voyeuristic point of view," he said. You can see the whole write-up on this at Wired.

And then there’s the video games ‘revolution’ apparently. ‘Games That Get Your Groove On’. Really? The SeXBox looks just like your garden-variety Xbox -- except for the large blue dildo they have attached to the controller. Machulis (the creator) spices up the gameplay by using signals that are sent to the controller's two vibration motors to fire up the dildo as well. The dildo vibrates in unison with the controller, which "means that any game that makes the controller vibrate is now an environment for sexual exploration," said Machulis.
So, is this the next generation of sex toys? I don’t think something like this will appeal to me. The visual stimuli just isn’t enough. Is that a woman thing do you think? If this is going to appeal to anyone, I’d
say it would appeal to men because visual is where it’s at for them. I mean, if you put on a leather mini skirt and some thigh high boots, and flashed your thong to your man what would he do? LOL I know what my man would do, because he loves the visual stimulation. But I’m not convinced that it’s the same for women. A lot of the sexual game is in the build up for a woman, or it certainly is for me anyway (obviously I can’t speak for you ALL). AND, I can’t see this kind of toy working to stimulate couples together either. So, who’s it for? Your average inexperienced teenage boy, or sad middle aged blokes who can’t get a real shag? Hmmmm.

This on the other hand, I’d be more than willing to give a go, although I think the wires could get in the way just a tad…

Stimulation Systems' Slightest Touch is a $200 battery-powered device that electrically stimulates sexual nerve pathways in a woman's pelvis.
and apparently it does this: "... and had the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a very long time. It was really awesome. The second one was very much the same. It’s an incredible feeling to experience."
Applied 10 to 20 minutes before sex, the company says the device's gentle, pulsating current brings its wearer to a state of sexual readiness, where the "slightest touch" can trigger an orgasm.
Another enthusiastic user, Mia Poehlmann, 29, of Dallas, said, "I had multiple multiples. (My boyfriend) finally said, 'You've got to take that thing off.'"

I’d tell him to bugger off if it was that good!! LOL
You can check out the rest of the write-up at Wired.

Anyway, to finish the picture off nicely, and get you really thinking about more games with your partner, lets take the toys we’ve just decided to buy and add to them a bit more naughtiness.

Games in or out of the bedroom aren’t just down to toys are they? Who gets dressed up to spice up their sex lives?
*waves hands* "Me!" We’re talking anything from stockings and suzzies to collars and nipple clamps here. We aren’t going in to the detail of Bondage & BDSM on this particular session (we can save that juicy subject for another blog sesh), but we can touch on the clothes that people like to wear to go along with their toy play, can’t we?

So, clothes. Well I must confess I do like to be a bit alternative. You can’t beat the feel of leather, rubber or PVC,
even if it’s not the most comfortable to wear when you’re getting down and dirty, it is still very erotic, and the sheer fact that it makes you hot and sweaty is part of the attraction for me, in a weird way. And I do have a few naughty little rubber and PVC ensembles in my bag of tricks. I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. I do also like to dress up in a bit of lace and silk too every now and then. Silk just feels so sensuous doesn't it?

“Is this you Dee?” I hear you ask. Well, maybe ten years ago it could have been. LOL I still have the sexy outfits, but whether or not I’d fit into them right now is another matter!! (But that's a whole other conversation) So, what do you wear to get you and your man in the mood? And do you make him dress up too? What turns you on more – knowing your man is turned on by what you are wearing, or seeing him get dressed up for you? For me it’s knowing that he’s all hot and hard seeing me in my sexy outfit – or lack of it.

And last but definitely not least, our second competition of the day:
We’ve got some books to give away from the TEB back catalogue – every day this week to celebrate the blog launch, so if you’d like to enter, tell me which two BDSM titles are released in October at Total-e-bound. You’ll find the answer at the TEB site. Email to competitions @ (no spaces), and pop ‘Dee's Books’ in the message and a winner will be picked each day – starting today – GO!

Well, now that I’ve got myself all worked up I’m off to find my man! *huge grin* Do join in the fun and see if you can win a prize. Go know you want to.

Thanks for dropping by to chat with me today. It's been fun!
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Dee Lishuz


Lyn Cash said...

I can't believe that I'm the only weirdo up at this hour - lol (been up a couple hours longer, truth be known), but...

HAD to say WHOO HOO that the TEB Hot Spot blog is up and running and that I am sooooooo looking forward to working with TEB. Hope we have a ton of folks dropping by today!


Amarinda Jones said...

No Lyn, you are not the only weirdo...I'm here with you mate. As for the toys...yikes, some of them look like they could put your eye out. Hint - don't put them near your eyes. I think they're supposed to go somewhere else...hmmmm

Portia Da Costa said...

Nothing weird about being up and around at this time if you live in the UK. ;)

Congratulations to Hitting the Hot Spot! I'm sure it's going to be a huge success!

Carol Lynne said...

Wow, I've never seen hardware like that. Around here, if it doesn't chop wood or fix a tractor, you can't find it. Maybe I need to take a trip into town. "Bye honey, going to the hardware store." LOL

-Carol Lynne

Alexis Fleming said...

Hey, everyone, great to see the Hot-Spot up and running. And a great article. lol I've gotta get me more educated.


charlotte Featherstone said...

Ah, this is so unfair to have all these great links to surf through when I've got to go to bed!

Well, I'll spill. I'm a toy newbie. I have this little silver vibrating deal that I won a party. I think it's called the silver bullet or something just as a lame. Anyhoo, one night hubby and I were a wee bit tipsy, we got fooling around with it and it fell out of his hand and landed beneath the blankets, making this horrible noise. Scared the dog s*%tless and we decided is was so much fun scaring the bejesus out of the dog with it, that we didn't even use it.
Yeah...lame, I know.
so, I'm totally up for a spending spree and some research and getting my very own toy box.

Charlotte, who suddenly feels very white bread vanilla pudding-ish!

Dee Lishuz said...

Thanks for the first tale of the day Charlotte! And thanks to everyone else for stopping by :) Well, I dunno about everyone else, but I'd be happy to win the toys ;) And yes, there is some very interesting hardware available.

charlotte Featherstone said...

I'm liking the nipple pasties, myself. the DH loves those DD's!

Jaycee said...

OK hmm In my locked toy box (yes locked cause of the kids) I have KY of course, Alot of my goodies came from an Athena's party my friend hosted so the names may differ BTW, OK Strawberry Nipple Nibblers (yum makes the nips all hard an tiggly), Cleopatra's Clit Cream (hyper sensitizes the clit an makes that sucker pop you all so need to try this or a similar product), AA Baterries of course, Some great Naught flicks, a Chubby G Viberator (named cause it hits that special Yowza spot), my fave a Rabbit Vib (mind you my 3d cause those suckers burn our easy lol),Anal EZ, a Blinfod and Purple leopard fuzzy cuffs. Ok so now that you all think I am a nympho Im done lol

Alexis Fleming said...

If you want to see something funny, have a sex party in a motel. lol Totally freaked my hubby out.

I set up one of those party plan things, inviting frinds and my girls who work for me. When I say girls, I mean ages from 27 to about 50. The demonstrator brought out this big box of toys for us to play with. The "oldies" among us got right into it, much to the embarassment of the younger staff members. But it was when the guests started wandering into the conference room where we were holding it that the fun really started. Before long all the guests were visiting and buying toys. One seventy year old woman hauled her hubby in and spent a fortune before racing him up to their room. In the morning, I found one of the vibrators she'd bought, sealed in a plastic bag, with a note asking me to return it to the demonstrator because hubby didn't find the vibrations strong enough. ROFL Makes me wonder what he was doing with it.

It was a high old time in the motel that night, methinks.

Sam said...

What a fun start to the blog!
That I-pod toy is a Hoot!!!
Talk about fun!
Music and bliss all in one.
& I was over at Eve's Garden the other day - there are some fun toys to check out. (check out the fun astrology line for vibrators, lol)

Carol Lynne said...

The only funny story I have is when I saw my daughter at the top of the stairs with an odd, but guilty look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she confessed that she snuck a piece of her daddy's chewing gum but it tasted yucky so she threw it away. Knowing my husband didn't chew gum, I asked her to show me what she'd gotten into. She took me to the bathroom and held up an empty gold foil condom wrapper. It was one of those "lucky coins" you get. Needless to say, Daddy no longer keeps his "gum" where the kids can find them.

Alexis Fleming said...

It's coming up 11.30pm here in Oz. I'm going to have to hit the sack. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone. lol I'll pop back in in the morning.

Dee Lishuz said...

My funny story also involves kids being where they shouldn't be. Well, daughter. I used to keep a vibrator in my bedside drawer (easy access), instead of where it should have been (toy chest) and my daughter came into the living room one day and asked why we had a baby's leg in the drawer. DH was mortified and I had to explain it away, whilst trying my hardest not to p myself laughing. Not that I'm a size queen of course! ;)

Jennah said...

OMG, I'm so naive! I have um...a vibrator. That's it! Is that sad? *off to re-read the post*

Carol Lynne said...

Not sad at all, Jennah. The closest thing I have to a vibrator is my washing machine. My husband can't figure out why I enjoy laundry so much that I do several loads every day.

Dee Lishuz said...

Jennah, you are definitely not alone, many women I know have one or two vibrators. But there's a whole host of fun to be had with toys too. ;)
And Carol...LMAO!! How funny, I might just have to give that a try some time.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Okay, I'll admit that I personally prefer more "impromptu" toys. You know, ordinary stuff that gets pressed into service (so to speak!) when someone gets a particularly naughty idea. For instance, once upon a time, a lover unscrewed the bedpost in our hotel room, and used it as a dildo... it was wild, let me tell you (and I'll give away a free book to any reader who can tell me the book in which I used that real world incident...!!)

Brynn Paulin said...

In addition to the toys listed here, I have, have, havfta recommend the music from There's nothing like it - mood music with the sound of sex added.

And I certainly have my fair share of toys...they run the gamut from vibes to light BDSM goodies. There's nothing like a nice pair of cuffs to really enhance the mood.

Dee Lishuz said...

Oooo, Brynn, I'm with you all the way on the BDSM toys. And Lisabet, they say writing often comes from experiences, but damn girl!! ;) LOL

Lisabet Sarai said...

So - I own a riding crop. Purchased years ago, in an actual riding tack store in the Silicon Valley. It's buried in a trunk, I'll admit, since
my dear husband, sexy as he is,
has no interest in BDSM, but
still, it gives me a warm feeling
to know that it's there...! (Just
in case, you know...!)

blessedheart said...

Great links! You can definitely say this is the "Hot Spot" I have to say that toys can definitely enhance your sexual experiences. I've been happily married for 19 years and we've had our share of toys and fun experiences!

Rhonda :-)

Reducer said...

Finally! A wonderful, delicious site with lots of THE links I need. It is a shame but I have to admit it...I'm out of toys at the moment. sigh My hubby loves to use them on me more than I do...he says it drives me so crazy that I'm climbing the walls which makes for a huge turn-on for him...what can I say...sadly tho, what with going through menopause, I sure could use some new toys as having orgasms eases a lot of the symptoms of menopause...sooooo I need to win and have tons more orgasms as I cannot stand some of these symptoms!! LOL! I'll be spreading the word about this at my Bitch group and at the Reducers' group! I'm always recommending sex as exercise so I know a few Ladies that should be very interested!!
Oh, 'Dee's Toys' just for the mention!!
With a Smile, Linda-Reducer

Laura K said...

I have a feeling all of you are going to laugh at this over the pond. goes:

A while back (not going to tell you how long back)I had ordered a bunch (LOT) of sex toys for myself. Well...the box WAS addressed to me...I was living at MOM opened it up!!!!! OMG-OMG-OMG

When I came home, she told me I had a package. Thought nothing of it since I had ordered some other kinds of stuff. She then proceeded to tell me WHAT was inside the package. Imagine my surprise, huh?

I tried to pass it off as "I got it for a friend", etc...but she wasn't buying that explanation at all.

Funny thing about all of this: she NEVER opened another package addressed to me EVER!!!! She said she thought it was from home shopping! Yeah, Mom, in a kind-of round about way, it was home shopping!!!!

About two months after that...she tells me out of the blue- I wished I would have kept a couple of things out of that box to use with your father. UGH!!!!

Laura K said...

Guess I should have put "Dee's Toys" in my previous post!! I love the look of some of those toys- guess you can tell from my previous post, I have some of them already!!!

Lyn Cash said...

I'm not admitting to anything in here - lol - but I'll nark on a friend with a funny quickie. She bought a vibrator, couldn't get it to work, took it back to the store. Clerk stands back, hands in the air. My friend, frustrated and pissed says "Oh get over yourself - it hasn't been USED - it doesn't work!"

Come to find out, she'd placed the batteries in upside down. *snort*

Chantal said...

LOL, I love this post!
We do have several different adult toys, but I have no funny stories to share.

I do have a not so funny story though. One time I had gone into an adult store and at the time my youngest was a tiny babe in arms.
The woman at the cash stopped me and said that no one under 18 can enter the store, so I offered to show her my id. She pointed to my baby and said that she was talking about the child.
She gave me a hard time about it and I ended up leaving the store.

I ended up complaining to the manager. Telling her that I was offended that I would be asked to leave because of a sleeping infant.
She apologized for the staff member and promised me a discount the next time I go in. So it worked out.

Chantal said...

Oh, I want a sex swing.
I'll have to wait till the kids are all grown and moved out though.
If I had one now they would just try to play on it. Ick. LOL

Carol Lynne said...

LOL, Chantal. I'm sure in my house, I'd get more use out of a tire swing. My husband is waaayyy too traditional (boring) for any kind of toys. Probably why I'm thinking I need one of my very own.


Laura K said...

Girls, I must be a total techno-phobe. I am trying to find the email address for your book contest. Please help a fellow toy purv out....pretty please?

Aliyah Burke said...

I am loving all the stories and links that I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing them. I have a feeling my toy drawer is going to get larger now, my hubby is surfing some of the sites as I write this.

Very glad this blog is running as well. Thanks TEB.

Dee Lishuz said...

Laura, so sorry *blushes*, it wasn't on there! D'oh! You can email to competitions @ (no spaces).

Desiree Holt said...

Listen, the dh and I may be a little past our prime but not when it comes to fun. Try out some of those stimularting oils sometimes. you'll be hot for a week. My favorite toy of many is my little Pocket Rocket. But visualized this - one day when we were trying to chase the three cats out of the bedroom, it rolled onto the floor, one of the cats picked it up and two naked people chased her all over the hosue. Fun. Not!!!!

Barbara said...

Great way to start out the blog!

I have 2 words for you, ladies...Rock Chick. It's the perfect toy for writers/readers because it's hands free.

Crystal R said...

I really don't have any stories presay. The only thing really embrassing that has happened to me was when we were using one of those rubber penis covers that have the little spikes on them. Well, when it was all over we realized it had come off in me. So we had to go fishing. Unfortunely I have little short fingers so he had to go fishing. That was the last time we used one of them. As far as toys we have never experienced them in the bedroom together or alone. I have always been too embrassed to try. But here lately my husband and I have gotten into a rut and I can't figure out how to get out of it. So I may have to invest in some kind of toy.

Bronwyn Green said...

The men in my family have a saying, "You can always use a good piece of rope."

Unfortunately, this phrase came to mind one night while in the midst of an interlude with hubby. Needless to say, I started giggling maniacally. It was even worse than the one time I had an Animaniacs song stuck in my head during sex. Yeah...more giggling like a lunatic.

Hubby just looked at me and said, "You're lucky I have a healthy ego."

He was pretty amused when I explained. I think we're both pretty lucky.

Jane said...

Hard to keep up with all the new products coming out.

LynTaylor said...

Woohoo!! Welcome to the world of blog TEB.

Well ... *clears throat* I have a nice bright pink vibrator in my bedside draw. I'm surprised the kids haven't found it yet. But I guess it's only a matter of time. I really must move it, but it's just so handy there ;)

Dee Lishuz said...

Whew! Who haven't I said hello to yet? LOL Blessedheart, Reducer, Chantal, Aliyah, Desiree, Barbara, Crystal, Bronwyn, Jane, Lyn. Thanks for joining us, and thanks for your comments, stories and for 'fessing up to what's in your toy drawer. Keep 'em comin' guys!

Ashley Ladd said...

I'm a bad bad romantica writer. I haven't tried any toys. I'll have to and soon. Some of those look like they'd be good to help a hot time. As hubby has a bad back, we'll have to get that swing. I never heard of it before. But where to put it... Will my kids think it's just a real "swing"?

Daun Ann said...

"Dee's Toys". The site is off to a great start. I went to the blog at work and needless to say, had to leave ASAP. Thank you for all the links. I've been needing info on how to do things.

I only have a purple dildo in my bedside table and I got it about a year ago. My new husband wasn't offended at all about it when I asked if I can get one. He hasn't used it on me, but I have used it on myself. He's not much into anything (it may also be the case that we are living in my parent's basement). When I've talked to him about trying a couple things, bondage and spanking, he said he'll give it a try when we get our own place. He doesn't like me touching him, he's not a boob man and a little on the short side, so don't know if doggie style will even work. Oh well, he's still a sweetie and has gone into the stores with me. I'd like to get into other things.

My ex, now if I had mentioned getting a dildo, he would have been offended by it.

Taige Crenshaw said...

Ummm I cannot say anything in case it will incriminate me later. LOL.


Booksrforever123 said...

I'm almost a toy virgin. Last year in my secret santa gift box, one of my friends in the smut slut group I belong too got me one of those silver bullet thingys. Well one day as I was really getting into the feelings the dang gone thing just stopped vibrating. I was left hanging on the edge and had to resort to the old hand to finish. What a let down. I've been told that they do that frequently, so I've since bought myself a 6" real life like vibrating dick that I sometimes use when the mood strikes. I've totally lost interest in my hubby so maybe a shopping spree is just what we need to spice up our nonexistant sex life.

Linda H said...

OMG! I really did enjoy reading this post. I am a toy virgin *Sighs* I know it's ashame lol. I been wanting to try them but haven't found one that I think would be good well to me not sure since I am a toy virgin LoL. I would love to win these amazing prizes :) Goodluck everyone. Checking out the links ;)


Anonymous said...

OMG, I loved this post :)) I'll definitely be coming back ;)
This is definitely a great start to the party.

Crystal R said...

I forgot to put "Dee's Toys" in my comment...

Gina, Book Dragon said...

The stories I read are NOT vanilla but in real life? hmmmm, well there's the blindfold and the velcro straps (we've got eyebolts screwed into the bed for those). We've got some long/short/thin/thick type toys that I love - one is really thick with a suction cup base - M bought it for me for when he's out of town. I use it on the door jamb. Then there are the feathers and a lovely silky/feathery fabric...

Oh, almost forgot the paddle. the plug and the strap on. I haven't gotten used to the nipple clamps...

You know? That may be TMI but I don't feel too vanilla anymore :)

Phyllis said...

"Dee's Toys" What a fantastic blog - I'm putting this link in my favorites. I love the topic - what a way to start things rolling. I've made note of the links for new toys - I appreciate those. I have never actually purchased a toy, but I have several that I've won in contests. But I have been looking since I wore out my "glow-in-the-dark" egg. I just loved it, but sadly it died. I also have a vibrator, a butt plug (still in the package, LOL) and various lotions, creams, etc.

Good luck with the blog. I know it will be a tremendous success.

Phyllis said...

I forgot to add I would love to win the prizes and good luck to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to add "Dee's Toys" too, lol ;)

acdaisy95 said...

'Dee's Toys'

WOW! There is sure alot of "sex" goodies!

Laura K said...

"Dee's Toys" Here's my personal favorite- the Fun Factory Sinflut Phantasy! URRRRRRRRRRRRR

It doesn't need batteries- you charge it with the power recepticle- one charge lasts a long, long, time, ladies. It has (get this) nine different speeds/pulses. Satisfaction guaranteed. I just love Fun Factory's stuff. They are a German company that used medical silicone in the toys. I give their merchandise as personal shower gifts for both the bride and groom's pleasures!! I highly recommend visiting their site sometime today!!

Chantal said...

"Dee's Toys" I forgot, too. Oops.

@Lyntaylor, my first vibe was a bright pink one speed vibrator as well. lol

@ Laura K, that story is funny! lol. omg,

Lynn Crain said...

I'm loving 'The Art of the Quickie' myself. I just never knew it was an art. But then I suppose it is.

This subject is certainly interesting. I knew that there were other people like me, I just didn't realize so many of us were gathering in one place!

These things are certainly an eye opener and they make me think wicked thoughts. LOL!

I'm having a contest where I'm giving away toys. But most of my things can't hold a candle to these! This is just great to read and share.

Amy S. said...

"Dee's Toys". Great post! Those toys look very interesting. lol. I have a silver bullet and a keychain flogger. I did win some anal beads in a contest, but haven't used them yet. I've seen the vibe for the ipod before, must get one of those. lol

Linda H said...

My mind is going wacky I forgot to put 'Dee's Toys' when I posted that I am a toy virgin LoL


Jane said...

Dee's Toys! Can't go wrong with a pocket rocket. They're discreet.

Maria V said...

"Dee's Toys" Here's my embarrasing toy story- I bought a pair of Ben Wah balls thinking I could be multi-orgasmic. I walked around, did other stuff for several hours, and felt nothing.

Well...I had an urge to pee...went to the I went, the balls fell out into the toilet tank!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!! I had to fish them out so they wouldn't ruin the plumbing.

I guess you could say I learned my lesson. Now I rely on my husband and a small plastic vibrator. After reading this article, I dare say, I must become adventurous again!!!

Dee Lishuz said...

Ahhhh, ladies, thanks for posting and for telling us your wonderful and embarrassing 'tales from the toy box'! Keep 'em comin'.

bamabelle said...

Mostly my hubby and I have the standard stuff. I would really love to try some new things. We do have a Silver Bullet, which is where my funny story comes in. Once upon a time we kept our goodies in the bedside drawer. One day my son, who was about 4 at the time, came into the room with the Silver Bullet turned on and vibrating. He said "How are you supposed to play with this toy mommy? I turned it on, but it just shakes. It doesn't have wheels or anything." My hubby and I keep our playthings up high now lol. I need a locked chest, I think. :)

Menina said...

Well, my collection is pretty simple just a variety of different vibrators. Different sizes and such. ^__^

Great links btw. ^_~

littlelamblst said...

I am a newbie but like a few others have the standard fare that buzzes. The only story I can think of that doesn't have to do with too many details...

A friend and I were over at her place. It was a mothers needing a break with a cup of tea and a chat kind of get together. Her son walked in waving a longish toy and making buzzing sounds with it. She quickly scooped him and item up and made a dash out of the room. I was near to choking on my tea. We didn't mention it when she returned (beet red). Her son was asked to play with his Lego set in the room with us for the rest of my visit.

After said visit, I made sure that any items I didn't want made public were placed where little hands would never reach them.

littlelamblst said...

Oops! Forgot Dee's Toys in my previous post. And the buzzers that I mention are a silver bullet and a slim but lengthy multi speed vibe.