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Halloween Releases

This week we are dedicating to Halloween. So, we'll kick off by telling you all about our three releases this week:

Book one in the Club Immortality Series

In Club Immortality everything is not as it seems. Unlocking your inhibitions and being yourself is what the club is all about. In this tale we explore the beginning of Syn and Micah the owners of Club Immortality. They have a lot to tell and have invited you to take a look inside this sensual haven. Remember nothing is off limits and all you have to do is be open to the adventures. Open the doors and step inside Club Immortality...

Very HOT, very ADULT excerpt!

Syn’s heart sped up as he spoke, and her pussy dampened in preparation for his taking. Her voice was hoarse as she replied, “I want your word that if you ever want out you’ll make sure to hide so I’ll never be able to find you. I don’t know what I’d be capable of if you left me and I found you.”

His look went soft then his voice echoed in the room. “I can’t promise you such a thing, Syn. It will take you time to realise the only thing that will take me from your side is death. But you will realise. Even in death, I would come back and find you.”

She opened her mouth to speak.

He cut her off. “Shhh… I’ll give you this vow. If you ever leave me I’ll hunt the ends of the earth for you. When I find you, I will lay you down and take you until you can’t walk, talk or even imagine ever leaving me again.” He raised a hand extending it to her. “Come lay with me Syn.”

Am I ready for this?
She wondered looking at him. If she took him up on what he was asking, it would be giving over a part of herself she had never given. Not even with Jackson. The one part of herself she kept deep inside that no one touched. Watching his impassive face, Syn went with the call of her body. She walked, step over step, swaying her hips until she was right up against him. Reaching him, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. Her hands sank into his hair and she pulled him to her.

His kiss was wild and untamed. Moaning, Syn tangled her tongue with his. It was succulent, hot and delicious.

With a mere thought, she stripped them bare. She moaned at the feel of his heated skin against her own. His cock rested against her wet open mound.

With an agile twist, Micah turned and laid her on the edge of the bed. Sliding backward, Syn watched as Micah moved up between her spread legs. Reaching the pillows, she stopped. A gasp ripped from her as he covered her body and sank deep into her aching slit. He pumped fast and strong, hitting all of her secret places with devastating accuracy.

Although slick from her arousal, Syn felt pleasantly stretched as he continued to stroke. It was an overwhelming sensation. She threw her head back, her eyes slamming closed as she grabbed his sweat-drenched back. Her nails sank into him as he stroked within her. His hot breath burned her face. Micah kissed along her neck and face then finally settled into her mouth. His tongue mated with hers in time with his strokes. Digging deeper, she met him on each one

Micahhhh!” Syn cried as he raised her legs up, hitching them higher around his hips.

He sank even deeper, the tip of his cock scraping her womb. It was pleasurable pain. His plunges became frenzied as he pumped harder and faster. Tightening her pussy muscles around him, she shuddered at the way his hardness filled her.

Suddenly, he stilled. Syn whimpered and tried to get him to move.

“Syn!” he cried. The urgency in his velvet voice made her open her eyes to look at him. His lavender eyes dripped with intensity. He started to move. Not fast. Slow and deep. Ripples of pleasure filled her. Her body was burning.

“Yes, oh God, Micah. Please.”

Micah continued to fill her with his slow maddening thrusts. She screamed at the intensity of it. His dark smile only added to the fire. Raising her legs higher on his back, she rotated her hips to counter his motion.

For Rebecca, Halloween has always been special, an opportunity for her to cast off her sensible, ordinary self and assume a new look and a new identity: someone extraordinary, sensual and seductive. When Halloween night finds her stranded by a breakdown in a seedy motel nearly a hundred miles from her friend's annual party, she's terribly frustrated and disappointed. Then she discovers that her room is haunted by the invisible but unquestionably virile ghost of a rake who seduced local women nearly half a century earlier. Gradually, the ghost unmasks Rebecca's secret desires, fulfilling every one. By the time midnight tolls, Rebecca has come face to face with more magic than she had ever imagined.

Very HOT, very ADULT excerpt!

Ah, the liquor. I must be more drunk than I thought. I turned back to the mirror, searching my face for signs of intoxication, and yelped as something, someone, pinched my nipples.

“Hey! That hurts.” Indignation overwhelmed fear.

“It does, at first. But afterwards, it changes, doesn't it? Afterwards, it feels quite delicious.” I stared at my image, mouth hanging stupidly open, as invisible hands caressed my breasts. Strong hands, gentle hands, hands that seemed to know exactly how to make me shiver with delight. “That's what most people don't understand about pain. It's the gateway to the most exquisite pleasure.”

The voice was a melodious baritone, rich, deep, almost hypnotic. “You fear the pain, but that's foolish. You must surrender to the pain. Let it move through you. Let it wash away your doubts and your inhibitions. Let it open you to ecstasy.”

Firm, unseen lips nibbled at my neck. A warm, wet tongue traced the curve from below my ear to my exposed shoulder, then down to the hollow at my throat. With each touch, extravagant new species of pleasure bloomed in my sex. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, savouring the delicate caresses and the amazing sensations that they triggered in my cunt.

Then suddenly, something sharp pierced the rounded flesh of my shoulder. I screamed, surprise heightening the agony that gripped me, and tore myself away from the grasp of the unseen intruder.

My reflection made me gasp in horror and wonder. Droplets of blood oozed from several wounds on my shoulder, wounds arranged in the distinctive semi-circular shape of a bite.

I felt an arm around my waist, pulling me backwards against the unmistakable bulk of a male body. I struggled against his seemingly supernatural strength.

“Let me go!” There were fingers at my back, unlacing and loosening the bodice, working their way into my top.

“Is that really what you want?” A hand snaked into the opening I had left in the voluminous skirts—a slight modification I had made to the pattern. After all, what was the point of wearing a sexy costume if it made you inaccessible?

Cool fingertips wandered up the inside of my thigh, smearing the damp of my secretions into my bare skin. My clit ached in anticipation. A fresh flow of lubrication made my thighs damper still. “I think that you actually want something else.” He found his way into my folds and began massaging the swollen bud at my centre.

I moaned and arched backward, my body taking over while my mind whirled in confusion and disbelief.

“Who—what —are you?” He slid two fingers deep into my sopping cunt, making me writhe.

“Does it matter?” Now his thumb beat rapidly against my clit, while his fingers stroked my depths. His other hand pumped my breast in the same rhythm. I felt the first shimmers of orgasm, far away like heat lightning on the prairie horizon.

“I am who I am, and I know what you want. What you need.” He captured one swollen nipple and squeezed, waking echoes of his previous assault. I yelped and twisted, trying to get away but succeeding only in impaling myself more completely on the hand in my cunt. “Let yourself go, Rebecca,” he murmured close to my ear. Lost in a fog of arousal and terror, I hardly wondered that he should know my name.

I couldn't fight him. I realised that I didn't want to. I opened my legs wide and ground myself against his invading fingers. There was nothing in the world except his hand working my cunt. I relaxed and he added another finger, filling me, waking new pleasures that welled up and spilled over, drowning me in sensation. “Good girl,” he whispered. “What a good little slut you are.”

Author Zoe Shepard races away from an unfaithful lover in the States only to fall into the arms of a spirit in Ireland. While she has no intention of allowing another faithless male in her life, she doesn’t mind this particular man because he demands nothing and night after night he gives her incredible climaxes. It isn’t until the full moon that Zoë actually meets Keegan McFallon, knight and lord of clan McFallon, in human form. Because of a sorceress’s spell, he’s doomed to remain in the spirit world, except on the nights of new and full moons, until he has an orgasm on the Twelfth of Never. Unfortunately, that is a riddle he cannot seem to solve. Keegan, with his long blond hair, broad shoulders, and constant hard-on, is so much better in the flesh than in spirit form that Zoë sets about trying to discover how to release him from the sorceress’s spell. In the meantime, she decides to write his story, but… Who’s going to believe a story about a five hundred year old spirit who has to orgasm on the Twelfth of Never to return to mortal form?

Very HOT, very ADULT excerpt!

Líoch. You are beautiful.”

She spun at the sound of his voice, a deep Irish brogue that raised goose bumps on her skin. He stood on the other side of her bed, a tall man with golden hair that reached his shoulders. Shoulders that were massive, and bare. Her gaze swept downward. He had the most magnificent hard on, his cock jutting out of a nest of darker blond hair like a sword. Muscles rippled across his chest and arms. His thighs were sprinkled with darker hair, their muscles cording the length of his legs.

“I am Keegan McFallon, knight and lord. You are the one come to save me.”

“Why me?”

“You haven’t run away.”

“I have nowhere to go. Besides, who in their right mind would run after being given multiple orgasms every night?”

“Would you like another?” A sexy grin cut across his features, softening the hard planes of his face.

She let her gaze travel over him again, noting the glistening drop of cum seeping from the eye of his cock at her perusal. He walked toward her and Zoë felt anticipation, not fear. The T-shirt she wore as a nightgown dropped from numb fingers. She thought she might be dreaming again because this was too good to be true! Was he the same one who had come to her the previous nights? And why was he here now, when she wasn’t dreaming?

His hand came up and covered her breast, the rough palm abrading her nipple until it peaked, hard and aching. His fingers squeezed lightly and she suddenly knew.

“It has been you.” Although she had never seen him before in her life, and she hadn’t known who he was, she still knew him. His touch had made her come in glorious spasms of orgasm. And tonight he was here in the flesh.

“I do not wish to spend my time talking. I have less than six hours before—”

She pulled him to the bed, pushing on his chest to get him to lie down. Whatever the reasons for his appearance in her bedroom, she wasn’t going to waste time analyzing it.

He gripped her upper arms and pulled her down with him, quickly rolling them both over so his hips settled in the vee of her thighs.

“You think to be the aggressor?” His tone mocked her puny attempts to control his movements.

She looked up at chiselled features. He was far too rugged to be considered handsome. At least not the suave, almost pretty way that Trevor had been handsome. His nose had a bump on the bridge, as though it had been broken more than once. His chin was square, his cheekbones high, and there wasn’t a hint of softness anywhere. But it was his eyes, tawny brown, that captured her attention. In them she saw weariness, loneliness; and desire.

“You’ve made me come so many times that just the thought of you has me dripping.” At her words, his hand slid between them, two blunt fingers pushing up inside her. She groaned.

“Aye, you’re wet for me.”

“But you haven’t come, have you?” Every morning Zoë had awakened stretched and tender, just as she had on previous occasions when she had made love all night. With one exception. There was no smell of sex; no sticky cum on her thighs.

At her question, his beautiful eyes narrowed. “A spirit can not feel the squeeze of your muscles; can not shoot his cum into your clutching receptacle.”

She lifted a hand to the side of his face. When she touched his cheek, rough with bristly whiskers, his eyes darkened with passion. “Then tonight let me make you come. Let me return the pleasure you have given me.”

This time when she pushed, he rolled to his back and Zoë took immediate advantage, trailing her hands over the hard planes of his chest as her lips went unerringly to his cock. She heard him groan when she took him into her mouth, laving the rigid length of him with her tongue as she sucked.

His hand caressed her ass, fingers sliding along her crack to her anus before pausing. Her muscles squeezed involuntarily as he fingered her opening, then slid further down, pushing into her wetness.

“Now!” he groaned, shoving another digit into her, his thumb pressing hard against her clit. She felt herself tense, her pussy muscles clutching and knew she was on the edge. She took him deeper, sucking harder, and he pulsed into her mouth, spewing hot and long. The taste of him made her climax, the sensations spiralling outward, making her legs shake as her passage gripped him tighter.

She fell back on the bed, gasping for breath, never before climaxing until she thought she would pass out. He immediately turned, pushing her thighs wider, grabbing her ankles and lifting her legs to his shoulders.

“Again?” She was too weak to protest, her head rolling from side to side. “I can’t,” she whimpered as his still hard cock rubbed against her sex.

“You will, again and again, until the moon sets.” He rammed into her, the pressure intense with her legs in the air and her ass tilted upward.


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