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"Day three in the big brother..." no, it's the third day of our blog party! and today we're talking about laughter during sex. Do you do it? And if you do, how does the other half take it?

I guess the answer depends on whether you’re laughing with him or at him. Well if it’s the latter, he’s going to get a huge complex – because men just do when they feel ridiculed (especially when it comes to their sexual prowess), and besides that, it’s just not very nice. If you’re laughing with your partner, well that’s a whole different story and can really bring you closer together, break down barriers and create an even stronger loving bond.

According to The Laughing Sex Institute the most common things to set off a bout of laughter during sex are:

SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS: The bed breaks under your weight - or you fall out of bed - The unexpectedness makes funny sex

SEX IN UNUSUAL PLACES: The funny feeling, "We're doing this here?" Laughter from doing something very private somewhere that may not be.

NOISY SEX: People exagerating the sound of their lovemaking to make it more fun. Like Speaking in French Accents by people who don't speak French - Just the accent because they think it sounds funny and makes them laugh!

So, apart from the actual action of laughing during sex, has anyone heard of laughing orgasms? And if you have, have you tried it?

  • The most potent male at one of the leading sex institutes was able to achieve seventeen orgasms in an hour – while the top female experienced a hundred and thirty-four orgasms in a single hour. YOWZA! Lady, you must have been going some. And what the hell were they doing to her to wring that many out of her?! LOL
  • In both sexes orgasm is usually a matter of muscular contractions and a feeling of pleasure first focused in the genitals that spreads throughout the body
  • Men’s orgasms are usually under ten seconds. Women’s orgasms are usually between twenty and twenty five seconds – although some women have orgasms lasting several minutes *Waves hands in the air* Go girls, go girls, go girls!!
  • While male ejaculating sperm has a clear physiological purpose, many scientists have puzzled over the mystery of why women have orgasms. Like the clitoris, female orgasms have no known function but to give pleasure. How much are you betting that the scientists puzzling over this particular mystery were men?! LOL
  • Most women need continuous stimulation right through orgasm. If the stimulation stops, her orgasm stops. Jeez, and how many men have you met in your life that just don’t get that?
  • Men, on the other hand, become extremely sensitive at the point of what Masters and Johnson called “Ejaculatory Inevitability” – they’re over the falls. Their canoe can capsize in cold water and they’ll still ejaculate.
  • Explore these differences in how you and your partner experience orgasm. You may be surprised – and laugh.
Laughter – like orgasm – is another form of tension release.
• Think of this as Comic Tantra.
• Smiling and laughing during sex can spread the pleasure from your genitals to the rest of your being, and relaxes sexual tension moving too quickly to orgasm.

• Because many people reading this are Prelaughing Orgasmic, you can use the same techniques that have been used to bring preorgasmic women to orgasm over the last twenty years. You can discover how this works by trying a do-it-yourself Laughing Orgasm when you masturbate.

• Just as the orgasmic contractions begin in women, or "Ejaculatory Inevitability" occurs in men, crack-up and you’ll go to a different place.
• Serious Laughing Sex Researchers describe the experience as a more “Full-hearted” feeling – that there’s a greater sense of love.

• Because most men experience "Ejaculatory Incevitability" many couples work out singles that mean, "Be still and I'll last longer," right when you're on the edge look your partner in the eye and tell them, "Don't laugh or I'll come!"

• Multiple orgasms in men with no recovery time have been experienced with funnyboners.
• Techniques for men to learn how to become multiorgasmic are described in Any Man Can, by sex researchers William Hartman, M.D. and Marilyn Fithian.
• The “Squeeze Technique” is for men to masturbate to the brink of orgasm, then firmly squeeze the penis to prevent ejaculation, and in this way learn better orgasm control.
• Using this technique, men have learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation and become multiorgasmic.
Multiple orgasms in women can increase in intensity as they continue.

Laughing Orgasm stories:

“I had just begun a wonderful new relationship with a woman who has one of the most charismatically beautiful and sexy smiles I have ever seen. We had just had sex once, were in a profound state of lust for each other and after not seeing each other for a couple weeks reunited at the beach in Venice, California.
I have a classic yellow 1962 VW "Love Bug" convertible, and as we drove around a while catching up, but actually in an acute state of lust...we finally found a parking lot and drove to the most deserted corner. It was not long after I turned off the engine she jumped into my lap...not an easy thing to do in such a small car! What made this so deliciously pleasurable was the steering wheel against her butt was pushing her against me. That felt so good! Then she started laughing! I pulled down her blouse so her nipples were just peeking over the top of her blouse in my face...she kept laughing, looking around the parking lot with the funniest aroused look... we're doing this here? We were wonderfully and totally swept away. I just wanted to be inside her!!! She lifted her skirt and eased herself down on me - cracking up laughing at what we were doing! Her nipples peeking over the top of her blouse in my face...the steering wheel pushing her womaness firmly against me...her laughter...laughing so hard with my penis inside her squeezing me... I had one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever known! I knew - with her love - I had received one of the greatest gifts of love in my life! To this day, she remains one of my closest soulmates.”

I just love that man! LOL

“We were making love in what we thought was a dark, private corner of the waterfront in Monterey. After we both orgasmed, a polite policeman stepped out of the shadows and asked us to "move along". We realised he must have been waiting for us to finish before he spoke, and we laughed about it all the way home. Many years later, I still laugh remembering that night.”

Fantastic! A voyeuristic bobby! LOL. Wonder what he was doing in the dark, whilst watching, where no-one could see him!

It would be difficult for me to tell you when you should laugh during sex because that is subjective, but, here’s a list of times when you shouldn’t laugh during sex, provided by the very ‘right' Gracie from Adult Backwash.

The Basic Rule - If you can only remember one thing, this is it: Unless a person is into humiliation, no one likes to be laughed at for ‘first time’ anythings. Nor do they like it when you laugh at their attempts to arouse you. This includes changing their look, bringing new toys into the action, trying some new position or technique, & even making new or different pleasure noises.

1. Never, ever, laugh the first time you see a person naked. If it’s your first time, you are not yet intimate enough for visual humour. I can guarantee you that there is no way to be sharing this laugh. It is only making fun of another, and worse yet, it is when they are at their most vulnerable.

2. Never, ever, laugh as a reaction to another’s fantasy or sexual request. This, again, is not a shared laugh, it is mocking. The person is telling you something for the first time, so this reverts back to rule number 1.

How to deal with nervous giggling. I know, I know, sometimes your anxiety over finally achieving permission to do the nasty can make you feel like you’ll start a laughing fit that will never end. Or maybe you have been partying a bit too much, and everything is funny. Or perhaps you are nervous to be seen in that new leather teddy or try that new oral trick.
The best thing you can do is distract yourself: pinch your nipples, give yourself a long, strong stroke, something that will take your focus elsewhere... It sounds ‘too simple to be true,’ but it works.

Other bloopers & blunders: Sex is damn funny. We all make funny faces, noises, and sometimes smells... If this is your first time with someone, it is not, in general, okay to laugh. Step One, don’t even try to look in a nearby mirror (see ’nervous giggling’). Step Two, if someone breaks wind, from any opening, ignore it. Unless the person who made the error laughs, don’t you dare (also above).

Women who have vaginal farting are exempt from worry: A) because this is completely non-controllable (you take it up the ass & then we’ll have something to compare it to!), B) this often occurs with a woman who is trying to give you more pleasure by gripping you, thank her, don’t laugh at her, C) this is often caused by a semi-flacid dick attempting to pound a woman—do you really want that mentioned? & D) women in general are completely phobic of the issue anyway, and anything they could do, they would do... but then there is that A), so we covered that.

Oh, and one more thing: If you do find yourself breaking out into a laugh, make it clear you are including them in the laughter, not laughing at them. A simple look into their eyes, with a soft caress, will tell them you are ‘with them’ not ‘against them’.

Silence in the bedroom

There is an argument that sex should be quiet, that it’s more soulful that way. Some couples that I know are actually embarrassed by the idea of being vocal during sex. I remember female friends saying to me that they were put off by the idea of a man moaning and talking during sex. Personally, I love it when a man moans and talks during sex – especially if he’s talking dirty to me! LOL It’s a thrill, and quite frankly I couldn’t think of anything more boring than staying silent. In fact, I don’t think I could do it! LOL

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that there are times that you can’t let rip – like when you’ve got visitors or you’re staying with the in-laws (or outlaws as I like to call them). Times when ya just can’t be loud.
If you live in flats/apartments or a house with thin walls and neighbours packed in closely, no-one wants to be woken up at two in the morning to your cries of, 'Oh yeah, baby! Give me more…harder!” and neither do they want to feel like a nasty little voyeur (unless they are into that of course!! *g*) every time they go outside to smoke a cigarette. I get that part of it.

And there can also be a bit of thrill to silent sex if you’re doing it where you shouldn’t be – you know, like in public, or in someone else’s house or a club or…you get the idea. That kind of naughty silence could be thrilling. But the other type? Nah, not for me.

Recently I was asked what I thought of silent sex. My response was uncensored, as I was a bit puzzled by why anyone would want silent sex. “You’re joking!” with a burst of belly laughter. So, then it was explained to me that sex without ‘all that moaning and laughing’ enables couples to focus on the actual sex itself—*Snore* okay bored now! LOL—and therefore zone in and be present with each other.

Maybe silent sex works for some people, I don’t know, but my feeling is that it would make me want to go to sleep faster, not ‘be present with my partner’. And I can’t help but think about how many men and women want to get out of that trap.

Relationships and marriages that I truly admire are those where the couples feel comfortable enough with each other to be vocal, to laugh, to find humour and joy in each other. Far from silent! The couples that I know that are like this have great sex over the long term. The whole point is to find something worthwhile in their day to smile and laugh about, play and have fun together and be loud and proud!

I love the saying ‘Sex is my gown-up play time’. Because lets face it if you really enjoy sex, without the inhibitions that society throws at us, you can view it as a treat and genuinely have some adult fun—and some good ol’ proper belly laughs while you’re at it.

So, for me, laughter during sex is as simple as lightening up the atmosphere in your bedroom. If you took a fly on the wall look into some of the bedrooms of your average married couple of, say, of ten years, I bet you would find little or no talking; no variations on the tired sex routine; certainly no laughing; no toys, no games, no nothing. Silent sex.

Would this make you want to run to the bedroom and throw off your clothes? *Yawn*. Me neither.

Quite frankly, curling up with a favourite erotic romance book promises more stimulation!

So if you haven’t guessed already my take on it is that laughter and noise is gooooood. So, I think we should all give it a try, while we’re on the subject of enhancing our relationships. But I can honestly say that I have never tried laughing whilst having an orgasm. Not quite sure how that would work, but it’s got to be worth a go if it can make you multiple right?! So, watch out DH for our next sexathon, it’s going to be laughter all the way. ;)

Go on ladies…go and get those toys you played with after Wednesday’s blog, and grab a hold of your other half. Only this time add a little laughter.

But before you go, take some wisdom from a Laughing Yoga Master:

Today’s eBook Competition:
We want your laughing sex stories! Tell us about hilarious moments when you’ve been bonking away and give us a giggle too today. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you having sex? Put your posts up on the blog so that everyone can share in the fun, and email your answer to competitions @ with ‘Izzy’s books’ in the header. Good luck!!

Yesterday we asked 'Which Total-e-bound author is in the 'spotlight' this week in our new feature Author Spotlight?' Our winner for 'Lucy's books' competition for a book of her choice from the Total-e-bound back-catalogue is Rhonda Barnes. So, Rhonda, if you'd like to email me at competitions @ (no spaces) and say which book you'd like, we'll wiz it over to you! Congratulations!

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Izzy Cummin


Carol Lynne said...

Does it count if you start laughing because you can't stop yawning?


Brynn Paulin said...

I always start laughing when my husband goes all vampire on me... I have the most ticklish neck in the history of women and he knows it.

When we were first married, he used to tickle me until I screamed (literally) for mercy. Rotten jerk, lol. Thank goodness he doesn't do that anymore.

Laughter during sex... only that time when he made me wear my librarian glasses and book fines. God that was fun. Come to think of it, I think he has a few more over due books *g*

barbara huffert said...

I think all men should read this. I know many would learn a lot from it. Hm, maybe I'll print out a copy to hang in my living room and let any potential male's reaction determine if he gets invited into any other rooms. ;)

Dakota Rebel said...

My sweetie and I tend to laugh if we are trying to be quiet. Like if one of our parents is staying with us but we can't keep our hands off each other, we try to be really quiet so they won't hear... you know, anything. But the harder we try to stay silent, the louder we end up laughing about it. You would think that by now we would know to just wait until they leave, having sex when you know you shouldn't makes it even more exciting.

Chantal said...

Queefs! I think thats what they are called, right? Those embarrassing vaginal farts. I remember one time when I was on top, then moved off to change position, and the queefs started happening. I started laughing, and the more I laughed the more they happened.
Thats so embarrassing. I can't believe I'm about to hit the submit button.

nicola harris said...

There was this one time, before we got married, my husband-to-be and I were staying at my parent's house and he'd sneaked into my bedroom. We were feeling like truly naughty kids and giggling quietly until my husband developed the most awful cramp in his hamstring muscle and I couldn't stop laughing. Poor bloke was in agony, but I thought it was hilarious.

Bless him. I DID kiss him better...

Izzy Cummin said...

ooo, great stories ladies - keep them coming, we want more!!! And remember if you're entering the ebook competition to email TEB

Lyn Cash said...

Chantal, you just made my day - I'm glad you didn't hit that delete button - lol.

Amarinda Jones said...

His foot got caught up in the sheets, in his rush to untangle said foot, he tore the sheet, his foot flew out, connected with the hotel lamp and smashed the half empty wine bottle which then emptied all over his mobile phone...never laughed so much. We hid the sheet and kept the phone as a reminder.

Amarinda Jones said...

BTW - I loved the freaky-arsed laughing yoga master

danetteb said...

Lol....There was this one time during a good romp that I asked him to tell me about his day and he starts going on about some dorky things that he and his coworker during woork and I just started cracking up on the spot.(It was hella funny,but we didn't finish that day) :D

Izzy Cummin said...

Amarinda, thank God someone else has the same sens of humour as me! LOL I thought freaky laughing yoga master was hilarious. Every time I watch it I crack up.

Amarinda Jones said...

...that's not to say I'd want him anywhere near me while having sex though...

LynTaylor said...

LOL! Amarinda .. I'm with you on that one. Go the feaky yoga teacher. Actually he reminded me of Peter Moon the Aussie comedian.

Aww .. gee. I think the last time DH and I laughed whilst 'doing the deed' was when we were trying to conceive DD LOL! We felt like kids playing grown-ups. And no, the experience wasn't enjoyable. Neither was pumping that kid out 9 months later.

Amarinda Jones said...

you are right! He does look like Peter Moon and your descriptive 'pumping' comment made me laugh.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I like the little threatening, mocking chuckle he gives when he's talking about doing something particularly nasty and exciting to my body. Then that tends to bring out the nervous giggle in me...!

Alexis Fleming said...

One funny incident I remember happened before hubby and I were married. We'd gone on a South Pacific cruise with a group of friends. The girls shared one cabin and the boys another, which meant there was so place we could get cozy. There was always one of the others around.

By now, hubby to be is getting desperate and steers me into the men's bathroom. And I do mean bathroom, not toilet. lol There's this little slatted seat beside the bathtub to put your clothes on. So there we are, me on the bottom, head hanging over the bath. The shower above the bath started leaking and it's drip, drip, drip, on my head. Talk about Chinese torture.

We started cracking up it was so funny. And I have to admit laughter does definitely make the sex more fun. Should have seen the looks on the faces of the men lined up to use the bathroom when we came out. lol We weren't exactly quiet.

And I had slat marks on my butt for hours after. lol

Sam said...

I love romantic comedies - laughter and love go together like, well, love and laughter, lol.

littlelamblst said...

My hubby and I were in Italy. We would drive around and sightsee by day and find a place to stay in the afternoon.

On one occasion, we lucked out with an Italian mansion that had been converted into a bed and breakfast. It was beautiful with antique furniture, wall sconces, etc and the price was great since it was the off season. We had a lovely meal, a couple of glasses of vino and took a tipple upstairs where things took a very amorous turn. We were on the bed doing the deed when we found out that the wrought iron bedframe which looked so charming came complete with the loudest,rustiest sounding, squeeking springs ever to be found on the face of the Earth. Hubby tried to push on, so to speak but we both started laughing ourselves silly. We ended up on the floor where we were blessed with relative silence to our satisfaction...and only with intermittent giggling.

Steve said...

We believe with all our hearts if more people were laughing and loving, it would be a better world!

Thank you for passing on the love!

Laughing Sex Institute

Penny said...

We believe with all our hearts if more people were laughing and loving, it would be a better world!

Thank you for passing on the love!

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