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Yesterday we asked you to tell us which two books were released this week from total-e-bound? Well the answer is on today's blog, and the winner for 'Lucy's books' competition for a book of her choice from the Total-e-bound back-catalogue is Sue Ahn So, Sue, if you'd like to email me at competitions @ (no spaces) and say which book you'd like, we'll wiz it over to you! Congratulations! Okay, we're giving away another book today in our week long blog launch.'s prize giveaway question is: Which Total-e-bound anthology is due to be released in November, is dedicated to soldiers and is for charity? (find the answer at TEB) Send your answer to competitions @ (no spaces) with 'Dee's books' in the header. Good luck!!

This week's releases:

For twins, Ryker and Ranger Good, life has never been easy. Kicked out of the house when they were barely eighteen, the brothers started a new life, together. Now in their thirties they are ready to make a commitment, not only to each other but to the woman they’ve waited to claim for four years. Lilly Bevin has been in love with the Good twin’s for years, only to be treated like a child by them. Now twenty-one, Lilly’s ready to spread her wings. Working in the town bar is just one of the ways she’s declaring her independence, dating is the other. When the twin’s find out the woman they want is dating a smarmy hustler they try to talk some sense into her, only to be told to butt out. Now it’s up to them to tame their wildcat and bring her into the fold of their love. A wildcat, however, has claws and Lilly isn’t shy about using hers to her advantage.

HOT and very ADULT excerpt!

The closer they got to the house, the more Ryker wanted to play. He stole brief kisses and rode with his arm stretched behind Lilly, buried in the depths of Ranger’s black curls. “Will you stay the night?” he finally asked Lilly.

“Yes,” she replied, giving him a kiss.

Ryker could tell she was nervous. Smoothing his palm down her cheek, he kissed her again. “We’ll take it slow. If nothing else it would be heaven just to hold you between us while we sleep.”

“We’ll see how things go. I’ve waited so long nothing seems real.” Lilly worried her lip which Ryker was becoming accustomed to.

He licked the poor offended lip and ran his hand up under her skirt to rest on her thigh. Ryker looked up and caught Ranger watching his every move. He couldn’t tell by the look on Ranger’s face whether he was getting horny or something else. “Sweetheart, I think Ranger’s feeling left out.”

“Oh, we can’t have that,” Lilly said as she turned to kiss Ranger’s jaw. He turned his head slightly and tried to kiss her while keeping his eyes on the road. Ryker smiled when Ranger released a soft moan as they broke the kiss. Knowing Ranger was just as nervous as Lilly was somehow very endearing.

With the mood in the truck shifting into playful, Ryker moved his hand higher under Lilly’s skirt as he began kissing her neck. He smiled against her soft skin as she shifted enough to let him know his actions were welcome. Running his fingers over the lace of her panties he could already feel moisture soaking his fingers. “Mmm,” he moaned.

Ryker looked into her green eyes seeking permission to go even further. Her answer was to open completely for him, hooking one leg over Ranger’s thigh and one leg over his. Ryker rewarded her faith with a deep thrusting kiss as his fingers slipped under the leg of her panties to drag across her slit.

Lilly broke the kiss and tilted her head back as the first of his fingers worked its way inside the creamy depths of her pussy. “Oh God.”

He watched as Ranger fidgeted in his seat as he tried to keep his eyes on the smooth blacktop. “Come on,” he said to Ranger, “you can drive one handed, I know you can.”

With a sideways glance, Ranger removed one hand from the wheel. As soon as Ryker felt Ranger’s fingers slide in beside his, he withdrew and sucked one digit into his mouth. “Holy fuck, you taste good.” He held the other finger in front of Ranger’s mouth.

Ranger opened, seemingly eager for his first taste of Lilly. Ranger sucked his finger like he wanted to take the skin off. “Hey, I didn’t expect to draw back a stub,” Ryker joked.

“Sorry,” Ranger mumbled, releasing Ryker. Ranger looked down at the speedometer, “Ten more miles,” he said, pressing a little harder on the gas.

Whatever Ranger was doing with his hidden hand, seemed to be doing the trick for Lilly as she began to squirm in her seat, panting. Ranger looked over at Ryker. “Rub her clit.”

Unbuckling his seat belt, Ryker grinned. “I can do better than that.” He flipped Lilly’s skirt up as he buried his face against her partially exposed pussy. Running his tongue over the small triangle of closely cropped hair about her slit, he inhaled. “You smell good, sweetheart.”

Lilly answered by reaching down and trying to pull her panties off. Her actions were so frantic and mindless she wasn’t getting anywhere. “Off,” she cried.

Chuckling, Ryker slid her wet panties down her legs and off. He handed the garment to Ranger. “Smell.”

As Ranger inhaled the scent of Lilly’s desire, Ryker went back to her pussy. With his tongue poised at her channel, he thrust deeply into her core.

“Uhh,” Lilly stiffened and grabbed Ryker’s hair.

With his nose pressed against her clit, Ryker began torturing her pussy with his tongue, lapping every ounce of cream her body produced. When her grip tightened even more he slid his tongue up and covered her clit with his lips, sucking and biting down gently.

“Ryker,” she screamed as she came.

Moving back down, Ryker scooped cum from her body with his tongue as he unzipped his jeans. Taking his throbbing cock in hand it only took two strokes for his own orgasm to overtake him.

“Fuck,” Ranger howled.

Ryker looked up in time to see Ranger’s cock empty its seed onto the steering wheel with Lilly’s hand wrapped firmly around it. The smell of sex was so strong inside the truck cab, Ryker’s cock continued to twitch in his fist.

Wow, who turned the heat up?! Loving the hot, hot, hot excerpt. Good-time Boys: Twin Temptations by Carol Lynne is available now from Total-e-bound.

Shy and serious by day – insatiable by night. Betrayed and abandoned by her first lover, shy and studious Miranda Cahill freezes in response to any sexual attention from someone she knows and likes. During the day, she works diligently on her doctoral thesis. At night, though, she finds herself drawn into increasingly extreme sexual encounters with strangers. Her anonymous secret life begins to take over when she discovers that the masked seducer she meets in a sex club and the charismatic young professor courting her are the same man.

HOT and very ADULT excerpt!

The disco music blared. She shook her head, sending her long hair flying, trying to rid herself of the painful memories. She didn’t want to think about it any more. But her heart was pounding again, and her sex was swollen with remembered passion.

She felt damp and dishevelled. She made her way through the dark corridor that led to the ladies room. There, the light was bright enough to make her blink. A bevy of young women sparkled around her in tight dresses and spike heels, preening and perfecting their beauty like bright birds. Miranda gazed at herself in the mirror. A stranger gazed back, long limbs and ripe curves, creamy skin flushed with excitement.

I should go home, Miranda thought, as she reapplied her lipstick and adjusted her clinging garments. Enough is enough.

She stepped into the shadowed hallway, seeing nothing but the flash of the strobe at the opposite end. Suddenly, from behind her, she felt a hand firmly grasp her wrist. “What...?” she began, then there was a finger at her lips, urging her to silence. She was pulled backward, against someone’s body, a man’s body; the evidence bulged against her, pushing into the small of her back. The finger at her lips brushed her cheek and then flicked at her right nipple.

I should scream, she thought abstractly, but meanwhile there were hands in the dark, silent and skilful. There was no force here, only invitation, temptation. She did not resist as her unknown companion guided her through some curtains, into a place of deeper darkness where the beat of the rock and roll was muffled and distant. There was a metallic sound of coat hangers disturbed by their entrance.

He did not speak, but Miranda could hear him breathing heavily as he cradled her breasts in his palms. Was it her partner from the dance floor, she wondered, sniffing for his cologne but catching only the scent of male sweat, and her own arousal.

A wave of lust washed over her. Miranda groped behind her, seeking that hard ridge of flesh she knew was there. Blind, she brushed against it. Then one of her breasts was released and she heard a zipper tearing open. Now his cock was naked in her hand, pulsing hot, steel encased in velvet. It was strange and thrilling to have him slide back and forth in her palm, to sense his excitement in the hardening and the swelling.

The hand on her breast tugged suddenly, pulling her top down to her waist. Then it resumed its caresses on her bare flesh, tightening thumb and forefinger on her nipple until she almost cried out. Heat flowed through her; she felt herself melting from the inside out, dampening, softening, opening like some tropical flower.

Her partner used both hands to raise her skirt. She leaned her hands against a wall and arched her back, forcing her bottom out toward him, inviting him on. He stroked and fondled her buttocks. Each touch made her hungrier, more greedy for him to bury his huge, unseen cock within her.

She moaned softly as he reached between her legs to cup her pubis on his palm. “Shh,” he whispered. She did not recognise the voice. Impatient, unbearably eager for him, Miranda grabbed her brief bikini panties and pulled them down to her knees. They were soaked, she dimly realised, struggling to remove them entirely.

Her partner took hold of the garment; there was the sound of rending fabric as he tore them off her. Yes, thought Miranda, crazed with desire. Please. She spread her legs wide and rubbed her hind cheeks against the hardness springing from his groin.

She felt his fingers groping in the dark, seeking the entrance among the folds. They slipped into her. She pushed, trying to force them deeper. Now she felt the head of his prick beside the fingers, the fingers guiding, and finally, at last, the whole wonderful length of him sliding into her.

She bit her lip, struggling to maintain their tacit vow of silence. He worked her, plunging deep and hard, sensing her needs without words. The shrouded beat of the music, the beat of her heart, the synchronised rhythm of their breathing, it was another dance, and Miranda poured herself into it.

OMG, this is gooood! Bring it on Lisabet! Incognito by Lisabet Sarai is also available right now from Total-e-bound.

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Congrats on the new releases ladies!!! Can't wait to pick up Lisbet's book and Carol...that book is HOT! Well done.

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Congrats on the new releases...I have to go and get these 2 titles they sound almost TOO HOT to Touch...

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Congrats on the new releases! They sound great!

Carol Lynne said...

Thanks, everyone. I'll admit, writing this book was a little worrisome. Taboo subjects are always risky, but I thought Ranger and Ryker's story needed to be told.

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Smokin' excerpts!

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awesome excerpts!
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