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When Ben Hawkins arrives in Tyler, Texas, he expects to put on a live show for his hometown and leave unscathed. As lead guitarist of the ever-popular band, Darkfever, he had everything that fame and fortune offered, but no one to share it with. Marah Spencer, however, was once the girl he longed for both in his life and in his bed. In leaving her behind to pursue his dreams, Ben found it to be one of the hardest things he ever had to do, but something completely unavoidable.

Marah knew the circumstances of Ben’s retreat, though the information didn’t ease her broken heart. And now he’s back in town. Her father specifically requested that she interview the Darkfever band for an article in the newspaper, but being close to Ben, she gains another taste of what she can’t have. In one homecoming of a weekend, both will face their desires and risk having their hearts shattered a second time around.

HOT and very ADULT excerpt!

Ben froze, staring straight ahead as his heart skipped a beat at the sound of Marah’s voice. It was the voice he could listen to all day and still be hypnotised by it. “Isn’t it taboo to be seen with me?”

“Not in my mind.” She came up beside him. “You could at least look at me, you know? I mean, I may not be the prettiest groupie, but I don’t think I’m all that hideous, either.”

He turned his head, seeing the woman he’d left behind for the first time since that night he’d gotten on the bus. She still had the same angelic face from her youth, yet she seemed more like a woman. Her baby blue eyes sparkled with mischief. What once was blonde hair, was now auburn, falling in soft waves around her face. Her breasts were fuller, giving her the body of a woman instead of the girl he’d known. And she still wore her favourite clothing—T-shirt and a denim skirt—which accentuated the long, lean legs he remembered so well.

“You look surprised,” she said with a smile. “I know my hair’s different. I grew bored with blonde and decided to try red.” She shrugged, looking down at herself. “I’ve grown maybe an inch. Probably look like hell from the long ride, but nevertheless I’m still the same.”

“Midas said you wanted to do an interview with Darkfever,” he said, hoping to end her nervous chattering.

“If you don’t mind. My father hired me as a journalist, and I planned on coming to see my mom on my way to Dallas for a job interview. He wants me to catch the concert, go to Dallas and have the article ready for print by Tuesday when the issue goes out. It’ll be hard, but I think I can do it.” She shrugged looking back through the window. “Are you staying with Midas’s family?”

Ben scoffed. “Nope. David forgot to make reservations, so we’re hotel-less.”

“Mom’s got extra room. I’m sure she won’t mind.” She stared at the men before them laughing with the people inside the diner. “So how’s life been treating you?”

Clever of her to avoid his eyes. “We don’t have to do this.”

“Do what? I’m making polite conversation on the sidewalk with an old friend.” She turned to face him. “Or are we not friends? I think the least you could tell me is how your life has been since you walked away ten years ago and never came back.”

Ben had known this was coming. Her hot-headed stubbornness came out with the temper of a fighting bulldog. He’d expected her anger and hurt. How the hell could he blame her?

“Marah…” He shoved his hands in his pockets not knowing what else to say. He watched her stare at their friends, seemingly unaffected by their conversation.

“Don’t, Ben,” she whispered. “Just answer my question.”

“Life’s been good.” He tried to keep regret from his voice. “I’ve been busy so it’s been a hassle, but a good hassle.”

“Good for you,” she mumbled. “I’m glad your dreams finally came true.”

She met his eyes, awkward silence surrounding them. Tension filled the air between them, thick and heavy as the past assaulted them. He saw the hurt on her face, the hurt he’d put there. Marah was tough, but Ben knew he’d broken her heart.

“Well, I won’t keep you from your friends.” The sound of her heels clicked against the concrete sidewalk as she walked away.

“I’m sorry, Marah.” He swallowed visibly, looking for words. “I would take back the hurt and pain I’ve caused you if I could, but we both know I had to leave. It was inevitable.”

She turned. “You leaving isn’t what pisses me off the most, Ben.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “You could have called. I mean, I know famous people have representatives to do all their talking, but there are telephones in hotel rooms. It wouldn’t have killed you to pick up the receiver from time to time just to let me know you were okay.”

She had a point, but he made an excuse. “I’ve been busy, Marah.”

“Don’t you dare give me that bullshit.” She narrowed her eyes. “Midas called home every single weekend the first three years.”

People stared at their little reunion as they passed. He deserved everything she gave him and then some. But it didn’t have to be in public. Huffing with frustration, he grabbed her arm and pulled her down the narrow alley next to the diner, virtually out of everyone’s sight.

“Maybe I thought it was pointless, Marah. Nobody wanted me here. You hated me.”

“I loved you, Ben.” Tears rimmed her eyes. “If you couldn’t see it then, you were either blind or a damn fool.”

“I saw it, sweetheart, but I’m a damn fool for letting you go.” He pinned her body against the cool brick building and covered her mouth with his in a hard kiss. Lightening crashed through his veins, the homecoming skyrocketing his desire to high degrees.

Marah stiffened and pressed her lips tightly together and then finally surrendered to his coaxing tongue. The chill of the night did little to cool his temperature or hinder his thoughts. His mind, body and soul wanted only one thing. Marah.

He nibbled her lower lip, pulling it between his teeth. She tasted like strawberries, sweet delicious strawberries. Her small hands roamed his body finally settling on his hips. He needed inside her. He needed to feel the only thing that was ever real to him.

“Ben,” Marah moaned. She gripped his shirt, pulling him closer instead of pushing him away.

He opened his mouth on her neck, streaming wet kisses across her skin. He had to feel her. “Marah, I want you, now.”

His hand grazed her bare thigh, sliding underneath the short skirt. He waited a second for her protest but when none came continued moving his hand toward her pussy. Her bare pussy, he noticed when his fingers touched her hot wet flesh. He groaned against her neck at his discovery wondering when his sweet Marah turned into such a bad girl.

He teased her clit, rolling the hard nub with the tip of his finger while his other hand found her breast. Lightly, he kissed and nibbled along her face and neck. Marah’s head ground against the wall. Her eyes squeezed shut while her fists clenched his sides. Her mouth dropped open in a slight gasp and then she came.

A small cry tore from her throat into the silence of the night. Her pussy contracted around his fingers, clenching and sucking as he deftly inserted two into her. The next time she came, he decided, would be around his cock.

He kissed her swollen lips one last time before pulling his hand from her body. Slick from her juices, he wiped it on his jeans before meeting her eyes. “I’m sorry I hurt you, Marah.”

Someone cleared their throat behind them, ending the conversation. When Ben turned, all four men stood behind him, smirking.

“Hey, Marah,” Midas said. “It’s good seeing you, babe.”

“Yeah. You too,” she squeaked. With her eyes wide, she pulled away from Ben, blushing. “I should probably get home. Mom’s leaving tomorrow so I’d like to see her while I’m in town.” She glanced over at Midas. “Can I get an interview with Darkfever sometime this weekend?”

“Sure. Anytime you want.” Midas narrowed his eyes at Ben.

“Great.” She bit her bottom lip, affording one last look at Ben. “If you’ll excuse me.”

Today, tomorrow and yesterday, it's always the same. Submissive seeking her Master's voice. Dominant searching for the perfect sub. Whether in office suites or enchanted isl
es, they all succumb to Sensual Mastery.

Tara Drake is a recently divorced advertising executive whose strong persona in the workplace is counteracted by her need to be disciplined off-hours. She meets Mr. Leo every Th
ursday and happily pays him to discipline, spank and subdue her.

The problem? The contract she signed with the hot dom was very clear on one point: no se
x. While Tara gets off on her sessions in a big way, she can't help but imagine what being trapped beneath the stud's hard body would feel like.

Leo Hanson is a professional top whose soft voice belies his urge to dominate and control. He's
good at the job he's been doing since college, but makes it a point to never get worked up by his clients—no matter how extreme the scene or circumstance. Until Tara Drake.

When this unlikely pair's evening of bondage and discipline becomes overtly sexual, Tara quickly realises she's not the only one who's 'whipped'.

HOT and very ADULT excerpt!

“On your hands and knees, Tara. Now!”

Wow. He’d barked that order. She scrambled into position.

The belt tapped her ass lightly. She moaned.

“What?” he demanded.

Gasping for air, she arched her back. Turning to find him in the darkness, she begged for what she wanted. “More. Please. Do it more.”

When the belt connected again, her teeth chattered.

Smack. Whack. Tap. Slap.

Her muscles clenched. An orgasm called to her with every slash of the belt. The sound of her own cries touched her ears. Subordinate banshee. Willing target.

Hands gripped her hips. Tara felt her skirt being hiked up.

No. What’s he doing?

Yes. He’s pulling up my skirt!


Yes. Yes. Yes!

Mr. Leo was all over her. He wrenched down her panties. She squealed and rotated her hips. Hard masculine flesh fused to her skin. A large finger probed her cunt. She contracted her muscles and held on, drawing it deep inside her wet passage.

“See what you made me do?” Mr. Leo whispered. “See what you’ve started?”

Hearing him say those words was all it took for her to completely lose herself in the moment. No more shame. No more hiding what she really wanted.

leaned forward on her elbows and spread her thighs apart as far as she could. His thick insistent digit fucked deeper into her pussy, and she moaned like a woman possessed. Unable to stop herself any longer, she yelled her most fervent desire. “Fuck me. Please. Fuck me!”

Mr. Leo didn’t like to be told what to do.

He pulled his finger out of her pussy. “Pull up your panties.”

Disappointment washed over her as she followed the order. But knowing she’d messed up didn’t make her ache go away. Tears of frustration streamed down her face. She wanted him. No. She needed him. She felt empty inside.

Fill me up!
Why did he do it?

Why did he stop?

It felt good.

wondered if Mr. Leo felt as confused as she did. No. He couldn’t. He was the Dom. In charge… But he’d broken the contract. Why? Not that she minded one little bit. Trouble was, she hated being teased.

She wanted to jump up and read him the riot act. She wanted to bully him into finishing what he’d started. But he wasn’t one of her subordinates. In this strange empty office, she was the sub.

remained on her hands and knees and awaited instruction.

She strained to hear his movements. His footsteps echoed at her back, retreating into the darkness. Fear gripped her when she heard a door open.

Would he leave her the way he had the day she passed her final exam?

Suddenly, the footsteps cycled back. There were only two doors he could have opened. The one leading to the hall. The other was the closet.

Did he retrieve something from the closet? And if so, what?

Relief steadied her heartbeat. He wasn’t leaving. Perhaps this was the beginning of something good.

Do something with me. To me,
she thought.

“I need a moment to think,
Tara.” His voice sounded odd.

“Yes. Okay.”

“Stand up and come to me.”

She got up and turned around. Squinting in the dark, she followed the sound of his voice.

“Good girl. I know you can’t see me too well, so I’m going to tell you what I have in my hands. I’m holding three silk scarves. ”


“I’ll use one to bind your hands. Another will blindfold you. I’ll put the last one over your mouth.”

She was glad he couldn’t see her expression. She’d felt her eyes bulge like something out of a cartoon. “But—”

His voice cracked a whip across her nerve endings. “Your session isn’t over yet. I need a few moments to think.”

Sullen. Bratty. Spoiled. She felt like those things because her first reaction had been to throw a tantrum. She wanted to stomp her feet. She wanted to cry foul.

But arguing wasn’t allowed.

He moved behind her. She trembled when his breath fanned across her neck. He slipped the scarf over her cheek. She moaned.

“Open your mouth.”

She parted her lips. He placed his arms in front of her and pulled the scarf until it became taut. Slipping it between her lips, he tied it against the back of her neck. He covered her eyes next, securing the fabric at the back of her head. The world became blacker than it had been before. He tugged at a lock of her hair and positioned it under the fabric. Tara waited patiently to feel his hands touch hers.

“You okay?”

His voice sounded strange. Like he was guilty of something.

She nodded.

When he pulled her arms back and locked them together, she lost her balance, falling against him. The raw strength of his body held her up. The gag in her mouth stopped her from gasping at the need that raced through her. And though Mr. Leo seemed keen on pretending this was a normal session, she knew he needed something, too. His breathing sounded rushed. Every time he touched her, his hand lingered a bit too long—caressing her skin. She leaned against him and was thrilled to feel evidence of his arousal.

He’s turned on!

rubbed her ass against him and grinned when his cock stirred.

“Stop it,” he commanded.

Ignoring him, she rotated her ass across his thickening penis.

He smacked her ass. Hard. A jolt of electric heat shot through her rear. She screamed in pleasure, but the gag muffled the sound.

He handled her roughly, binding her wrists using at least three knots. “You’re already out of control. I can tell.”

Whimpering through the scarf, she shook her head violently.

“Yes, you are,” he whispered. “You’re back-talking me. You’re defying me, Tara. I’m putting you in the corner. Just like the bad girl you are. You need to think about what you’ve done. I need to think about what I’ve done.”

Wow. I’m getting to him.

She swooned when he ran his hand over her ass and caressed the spot he’d smacked so roughly. Tugging gently on a lock of her hair, he led her across the room and settled her on the floor.

Feeling torn as he set her aside like an object, she wondered what her next move should be. Despite the power she gave to him, Tara knew her position as client meant she remained in control. She could stop this madness anytime she wanted.

But I don’t want to stop.

Positioning her body against the wall, she relaxed and waited for his next instructions.


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I reviewed Whipped for recently. Super hot! This book was fantastic and you should all read it. It was beautifully written with scalding hot scenes. I loved this story!!

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