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Cats, Witches and Vamps, Oh My!

By Karen Erickson

When I set out to write Witchy Woman, my first release with Total-e-Bound and my first witch/vampire story ever, I knew I wanted it to be about a witch, a very unhappy witch. Not only is she attractive but she can cast a spell on any man she wants and she’s got him. They all desire her, will do anything to please her because that’s what she wants. And this makes her miserable.

I knew it was risky but I opened the book with Tessa, my witch, having sex with two other men. Two complete strangers she put under a spell so they can bring her to the ultimate satisfaction. She thought she needed two men to bring her pleasure (since she was so bored with only one) but she realised she was wrong.

This is why I created Devon. In Devon, Tessa meets her match. Not only is he a vampire (vampires and witches just don’t mix in their world), but he’s also a vampire whose mother is a witch. That is a dangerous combination in Tessa’s eyes.

Dangerous because she can’t resist him, can’t put a spell on him, can’t control him as she controls all other men. Not even her cat Rufus can refuse him. This frustrates her to no end!

Of course, it’s not as frustrating when he touches her and she wants to melt. Yes, that cures her frustration rather quickly but still. She finds him too smug, too sure of himself, just too much.

Yet she can’t resist him.

*Sigh*. I love a good romance. I love reading them and I especially love writing them, and I only hope I do each and every one of my books justice in that department. There’s nothing better than reading about a couple who against all odds, finally find love and passion with each other. I have to admit, there’s nothing more fun than creating a story like that as well. I’m sure my fellow authors will agree with me.

If you’d like to read an excerpt from Witchy Woman, check out my website.

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Karen Erickson

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Ericka Scott said...

Love the idea behind this story!