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The Lure of the Vamp

What is it about Vampires that heats me up and gets me all flushed and worked up? Now, on the whole I don’t watch horror movies - I'm far too much of a pussy cat. They scare the crap out of me, so I tend to steer clear. If I am forced to watch one, I spend most of the time hiding behind a cushion, staring at the patterns. Utterly pointless!

But give me a Vamp movie and ah…well now…that’s another thing all together. Probably because of the romantic element that I associate with Vampires. I adore reading Vamp books too. There is something about the idea of being bitten to orgasm! LOL Something about the raw power that Vampires have that is very alluring and sexy. Possibly it’s the control element - or lack of it. What ever it is, it works for me! Yum!

So, I’ve pulled some of my fave Vamp hero’s out of the closet to ‘trick or treat’ you to some juicy pictures of Halloween hotties.

Who out there remembers the 80’s? And of course, the 80’s wouldn’t be complete without the Lost Boys now would it? Yes, one of my fave Vamp movies from way back when… Keifer Sutherland at his best!

Two of my all time favourite actors, from the movie Interview with a Vampire. Who could possibly resist the lure of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise?! I would certainly not complain if either of them wanted to bite me! LOL

Wynona!! You lucky, lucky girl! Gary Oldman from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Some of my favourite Vamp & Were’s books:

In print:

Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward
The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole
The Demon Princess Chronicles by Sunny
Angela Knight's Master series: Master of the Night, the Moon, Wolves, Swords.
Susan Sizemore’s Primes Series

In eBook:

Lunewolf series by Lori O'Clare
Shelly Laurenston - Go Fetch, Pack Challenge, Here Kitty, Kitty well, any of her were books actually
Were Watching series by Susie Charles
Hunters Series by Shiloh Walker
Horde Wars by Sherri L King
Fallen Star & Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke - kind of vampire, but not - but still incredible reads. I could read these over and over.
Warriors of Darkness series or Gwyneth Stevens Series by Mandy M Roth - any of her series’ released through NCP actually. Very good.
Wolf Breeds series, Feline Breeds series by Lora Leigh
Ancient Blood Series by Kate Hill
Hunger of the wolf by Madelaine Montague

Please feel free to share your faves with us too.

Me on a bad day!


Amarinda Jones said...

yep, there is something about a vampire...

Brynn Paulin said...

Love Vampires!! I'm very fond of Lynsay Sands Argeneau Series. Great vampires.

Chantal said...

I love Vamp books. I love the whole paranormal genre.

Amarinda Jones said...

Yeah, and the whole lure of dark, forbidden sex...

LynTaylor said...

I always wondered what it was that drew me to Vampires. I mean let's be honest, if I bumped into a REAL Vampire I'd die of heart failure or would find myself breaking the land speed record! So why do I fantasize about them? Is it the control thing? Gee .. never thought I was that way inclined ;)

Amarinda Jones said...

I think it's the mystery and unknown...and who's to say all vamps are bad or heart attack inducing? I have two vamp books coming out Feb and March and neither of them are evil unless pushed