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By SL Majors

Yippee! I was so excited to have an opportunity to do something for a great cause, one that's near and dear to my heart. Thanks, Total-e-Bound, for putting together the Camouflaged Hearts anthology for charity. When I heard what Claire and the gang was putting together, I all but begged to be included, as long as I could also donate my proceeds to the Forces Benevolent Funds.

About three years ago, my young daughter fell in love with a soldier. You know the kind of love I'm talking about, the oh-my-god, head-over-heels, I'm-going-to-die-without-him breathless passion. (Dizzying for those of us watching from the sidelines, let me tell you.)

When CJ deployed to Baghdad, part of her world screeched to a halt. Her crocodile tears spilled onto my shoulder. Well, that was during the times that she wasn't curled on her bed, a pillow clutched desperately to her chest as she sobbed.

She forced herself to function and she learned to cope with him being gone. We made endless trips to the post office to mail cards. She checked email a hundred times a day and slept with a cell phone so she'd never miss a phone call from him. And we took dozens of pictures to send to him.

Then, as time went on, there was another realisation. She was going to be a mommy!

We had to take even more pictures, chronicling her pregnancy. And we recorded the baby's heartbeat so he could hear it later.

And then, when CJ came home safely, they had a fairytale wedding in a local park.

It wasn't too much longer until I was the one sobbing crocodile tears, when I had to wave good-bye to my daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandbaby as they moved to Texas. (Texas?? Say what?)

We're all learning what it means to be a military family, the moves, the uncertainty, the risk, the hope. And we know what it's like to watch the days of the calendar rush past as the date for the next deployment approaches.

I see the sacrifices Whit and CJ and my grandson make on a daily basis.

And I was tickled to have a chance to make a contribution to those who make our lives safer.

What could be better than two men who fall in love with you, especially if you get to have both of them?? Double delicious!

I hope you enjoy Double Time, a sizzlingly sexy ménage, and the other three fabulous stories in Camouflaged Hearts. How often do you get to have so much fun while doing something so fantastic for the troops?


Camouflaged Hearts: Double Time by SL Majors

Well, it is for a good cause, Micah Collins tells herself. Queen and Country and all that, even if her suggestion is a bit over the top…

Micah offers big money for the local military fundraiser if she can purchase the services of two of England's finest soldiers.

And who could be better than devilishly handsome captain Trent Williams and sexy-as-sin captain Clayton Blackwell to help her get rid of the pesky problem of her virginity?

Since it's just for the weekend, Clayton and Trent, mates since university, agree to the unknown woman's odd request, not realising they'll all get a lot more than they bargained for…


For the first time in her life, she was wearing a garter belt, stockings and a sexy thong. They were all black and lacy, and it was all a smart match with her bra.

She’d splurged on shoes, too. They were higher than she usually wore, and they had a spiky heel. The shoes made her calves actually look like they had a nice shape. No wonder so many women dropped a mint at the shops.

“Take off the bra,” Clayton said.

Coming from him, the command was even more potent. She shrugged it off and let it pool to the floor.

Then she was mostly naked in front of two men, self-conscious and nervous.

“Beautiful,” said Clayton. He moved in closer and cupped her breasts in his large palms, supporting their weight.

Capturing her gaze, he drew his thumbs across her nipples, teasing them until they became hardened, erect nubs. His touch was exquisitely wonderful, and her eyes shut, as if she could enjoy the sensations more that way.

She was aware on some level of Trent picking up his own whiskey glass and tossing back the amber liquid in a single swallow.

Her eyes opened again when Clayton brushed her lips with his.

“I’m afraid my mate will flatten me if I don’t share.”

It’d be more than fine with her if Clayton just swept her up the stairs and took her. For her first, she couldn’t think of a more perfect man. But she had bought them both.

“Move behind her,” Trent said.

Command dominated his tone. This was a man accustomed to being obeyed without hesitation. Nothing in his voice soothed; rather, it insisted.

“Take off your knickers,” Trent told her.

He overwhelmed her senses.

Still, while Clayton moved away, she did. In for a penny…

Moments later, all she wore was a garter belt and stockings, along with her fabulous shoes. She resisted the impulse to strategically place her hands across her lower body.

Clayton got behind her. Reaching around, he cupped her breasts and started to play with her nipples again.

“Open your legs for me, Micah,” Trent instructed. This time, he wasn’t bossy. It sounded more like a request.

Again, she complied. Her throat was so dry, she could hardly swallow. Wine. A glass of wine would be great.

Clayton gently bit the tender flesh between her neck and shoulder while Trent got onto his knees.

She was captivated.

Trent licked a finger, then drew it across her clit.

Her knees threatened to buckle. Clayton, however, wasn’t letting her go anywhere. He held her, supported her, kissing the side of her neck and keeping her overwhelmed.

Trent looked up at her and increased the pressure against her clit. He alternated pressure with long, sweeping strokes. She moistened. And as he dipped a finger into her vagina, she became totally wet.

He parted her labia and pressed on her clit.

“Ahhhh…” The man touched her exactly the way she liked, the same way she touched herself when she used her vibrator. “Just…” It would only take a few more minutes for her to come, especially with the way Clayton was tormenting her nipples.

This was all she had hoped for when she’d had a glass of wine and told Jaynie her wildest dreams. But never had she imagined it would be so exquisite. Two handsome, sexy men who were totally focused on her. Did life get any better?

Her hips jerked forward. “I’m—“

“Don’t hold back,” Clayton whispered in her ear. Then he nipped at her lobe.

His hands gripping her thighs, Trent moved in closer and licked her clit.

“Oh. Oh my… God!” This hot, hot man had his head between her legs!

“Come,” Clayton told her.

Shaking convulsively, she did.

Trent didn’t stop, even though she’d climaxed. He kept up the pressure, and then intensified it. It was a total assault. Her whole body felt as if it were on fire with desire. Nerve endings she didn’t know she had were vibrating.

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Carol Lynne said...

What a beautiful story, SL. I'm so glad your new son-in-law made it home safely. Many blessings to them.

Congrats to TEB and the authors for this anthology.

total-e-bound said...

thanks SL for sharing your daughters journey with us, and for being invovled in the anthology.