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An interview with Keegan Fallon

Interview with Keegan McFallon, the ghostly hero of Bobbie Russell’s first book with TEB,

The Twelfth of Never

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself, Keegan, and how you wound up as a ghost.

I was once a mighty Knight and leader of clan McFallon in Ireland. I had a liaison with Fiona, whom most thought an herb woman, but she was really a sorceress. When I told her I could not marry her, for I had to marry to enhance my lands and forge alliances to help my people prosper, she cast a spell on me – to wander in the spirit world until I had an orgasm on the twelfth of never!

  1. How about the other characters with whom you share this story? Bobbie Russell obviously has a dark side if she’s created you! Anything in particular about the others that you’d care to mention?

Bobbie didn’t create me; she helped Zoe find me. Without the two of them working together to solve the riddle, I am doomed to wander that realm between life and death forever. While Bobbie is a wonderful story spinner, it is Zoe who is in my world. Zoe whom I can caress and bring to a fever pitch of orgasm. It is Zoe who is most determined to help me.

  1. What do you think of the women who put you into this predicament—the sorceress and author?

The sorceress, Fiona, was beautiful, until she got greedy. She received her just reward, to be sure. I may just possibly owe my life to the wonderful, sensuous author, Bobbie Russell, for in telling my story, perhaps I can once again claim the land of my birth.

  1. What was most interesting about collaborating with Bobbie?

I delighted in the way she portrayed me and in her openness about my behavior. I will admit it – I love sex – and Bobbie wasn’t afraid of telling about it. In addition, I am not vain, yet it is nice to know that fair lady finds me sexy and handsome.

  1. Would you share a passage from the book with me? Maybe something that lets me see how you interact with the love of your life?

She spun at the sound of his voice, a deep Irish brogue that raised goose bumps on her skin. He stood on the other side of her bed, a tall man with golden hair that reached his shoulders. Shoulders that were massive, and bare. Her gaze swept downward. He had the most magnificent hard on, his cock jutting out of a nest of darker blonde hair like a sword. Muscles rippled across his chest and arms. His thighs were sprinkled with darker hair, their muscles cording the length of his legs.

“I am Keegan McFallon, knight and lord. You are the one come to save me.”

“Why me?”

“You haven’t run away.”

“I have nowhere to go. Besides, who in their right mind would run after being given multiple orgasms every night?”

“Would you like another?” A sexy grin cut across his features, softening the hard planes of his face…

His hand came up and covered her breast, the rough palm abrading her nipple until it peaked, hard and aching. His fingers squeezed lightly and she suddenly knew.

“It has been you.” Although she had never seen him before in her life, and she hadn’t known who he was, she still knew him. His touch had made her come in glorious spasms of orgasm. And tonight he was here in the flesh.

  1. Now, tell me, from a ghost’s perspective…what scares you?

If you were not a friend of Bobbie’s, I would have your head for asking a knight and warrior such a question! In battle, I was always brave and strong, leading my knights rather than watching from the hill top. But alas, since becoming a spirit, ‘tis that which scares me most. That I shall always remain thus.

  1. How about Bobbie? *evil grin* What scares her?

She often wonders if she will have another story idea. However, since she remains so open to lost souls such as myself, I am sure she will have no trouble finding another character whose plight needs portrayed in the eloquent way she has with words.

  1. You’ll have some of the women reading this who’ll want to know more intimate details. What are you wearing right now? Are you drinking anything?

I do not wish to give Bobbie’s story away, however when Fiona cast her spell upon me, I had not yet pulled on my clothes after making love to her. So…I wander around quite naked. T’were I not a spirit, perhaps I could take a photograph for all your lovely readers. As a spirit, I have need for neither drink nor food.

  1. What, if anything, makes you eager to get up of a morning?

I am a creature of the night – you will not perceive me in attendance during the day. But tis Zoe who keeps me eager for the coming night. I long to caress her and watch her come to completion, even if I can not always follow her into that sublime sphere.

  1. How about Bobbie? Does she have any special interests that charge her emotional and physical batteries?

From what she has told me, writing stories such as mine help her tremendously. She loves the unlimited physical portrayals that Total-e-Bound allows her, so she does not have to “talk nice”.

  1. Thank you, Keegan, for letting me get to know you better. To wrap this up, is there anything else you’d like your audience to know about you or your creator before we say goodnight?

‘Tis hoped that your readers can help solve the riddle and return me to mortal form. Bobbie has told me she asks the question “When Is the Twelfth of Never?” on her website. Look to the contest page. But please hurry – there is little time left!!

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