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It started as a game, but they are both playing to win.

Tina meets Shaun at a gaming weekend, a monthly meeting of eccentric game players in a British manor house. Shaun is a loner, highly competitive, and devastatingly sexy. When he challenges Tina to a sexual relationship, she can't resist.

The atmosphere of competition extends into their more intimate moments, as they pursue a fiery affair. It starts as a game, but both players soon realise they have to play their way carefully, to win the real prize. In a relationship brimming with challenge and conflict, how will the players get their opponent to reveal their true hand?

Hot, hot excerpt!

He reached out and grabbed her wrist, drawing her back. “No.” His tone was controlling. “You’re not going anywhere. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

She tried to tug her hand from his grasp, but he held tight.

She gave a dismissive laugh. “And who are you to decide?”

She let him hold her hand aloft though. There was something immensely satisfying about the way he held her wrist so tightly.

His eyes were alight with desire, she could see it plainly now and the knowledge of it led a dark thrill through her entire body. He didn’t reply to her question, but traced his free hand up the line of her arm, to rest on her shoulder.

Her breathing was constricted. His sharp masculine scent was already chasing itself inside her body, seducing her senses.

“We’re going to drive each other up the wall,” he whispered, low and suddenly soft. “You know it’s true.”

His eyes rested on her breasts, knowingly.

She could feel her nipples tugging on the silk of her shirt, and knew that he could see it too. “What makes you think that?”

His eyes glittered in the faint landing light. “Because you want me.”

His knowing look annoyed her, and she reacted. She pulled free, then pushed him back against the wall, swiftly, her hands locked around his upper arms.

“And I want you too,” he murmured.

His remark shocked at the core, melting her there. She was so startled that she lost her grip on him. He took his chance and had her back in his control instantly. He backed her up against the opposite wall, their bodies ricocheting together. Before she knew what was happening, they were kissing. She had wanted to hit the arrogant beast for his attitude, and yet there she was, kissing him.

“Your room or mine,” he asked, while they caught their breath.

Footsteps sounded on the stairs behind them, forcing the issue.

The door to her room was right there. She wanted more, and that need overruled any objection that logical thought might have put forth in that moment. She swung the door to her room open and stepped inside. She wanted him, oh yes. There was no denying it now.

He closed the door quietly and carefully, and walked over to where she stood between the door and the exotically dressed bed.

Her heart beat fast, her body pounding with need. She tilted her head back, giving him a provocative glance. “So...give me a challenge, if you think that’s what I need.”

He grabbed her into his arms and kissed her, his tongue probing inside her mouth, demandingly.

She slid one hand up to his neck, the other pressed flat against his chest. Her hips moved against him, pressing into his body. Her fingernails plucked at the back of his neck. She gasped for air, her fingers entwined in his hair. There was that lean smile of his again. God it made her cream for him.

In silent agreement, they moved together, across the room and towards the bed. Her hands were already clawing at his belt and hips.

“I knew you’d be like this.” He gave a sly chuckle.

She raked her nails over the surface of his chest, drawing a gasp from him. “Shut up or I’ll slap you,” she replied, but she couldn’t help smiling. He had offered her a challenge, but she was going to make him prove himself, too. She pulled open his belt, whipped it out from its place and threw it across the room.

His glance flickered over to the place where his belt had hit the floor, his eyes narrowing as if he wanted to take back that move, and replay it. Male power poured out of him, power that she wanted to experience, physically. For some reason, the way he looked—so intense, so male—sent a shiver of arousal down her spine. She tugged on his buttons until she freed his cock from his jeans.

Book one in the Cattle Valley Series

When a three man partnership becomes too much for their small Texas town, Ryan Blackfeather knows it’s time to head for greener pastures. With a new job awaiting him in Cattle Valley, Wyoming, he convinces his men, Nate and Rio to make the move.

A community built on tolerance, Cattle Valley’s one of the few places in the country where the residents won’t bat an eyelash at the threesomes relationship. Nate, Rio and Ryan fit right in. However, with Ryan busy in his new job as town Sheriff, Rio and Nate are left to wonder how they’re supposed to make a living. What use are a highly trained mercenary and a private detective in a peaceful community the size of Cattle Valley?

Hot, hot excerpt!

Digging for the key card, Ryan grunted. “I swear, if the two of you come without me, I’m gonna kick some ass.” Ryan opened the door and pulled them both inside.

Rio carried him over to the big king-sized bed and fell down on top of him, never breaking their lip lock. “Shit,” Nate heard Ryan say. He felt someone taking off his shoes and socks before hands felt their way up his cock to the snap of his jeans.

Ryan’s hands tried to unfasten his pants, but with Rio grinding and humping against him, it didn’t leave Ryan enough room. “Okay, stop, just fucking let me get the two of you naked.”

Finally breaking apart, Rio fell to the side of Nate. He was breathing heavily as he tried to take off his clothes. Ryan, Nate noticed was already naked as he attacked the rest of Nate’s clothes. By the time he was naked, Rio was too and the three of them moved as one to the centre of the bed.

“Wait, I need the condoms out of my front pocket.”

Rio retrieved Nate’s jeans and pulled out the strip of rubbers. He looked at them and then at Nate. “I don’t even want to think about the reason these are in here.” He tossed the condoms onto the bed and pulled Nate into his arms.

“You don’t need those. From now on, it’s just the three of us, no more cruising the clubs.” He punctuated his statement with a bite mark to Nate’s pierced nipple.

Nate looked at the two men. “You mean it? This isn’t just a one off?”

Ryan shook his head, flicking the other nipple ring. “That’s why we didn’t approach you before. I knew Rio’s feelings went deep, but until mine matched his, I wasn’t willing to risk my relationship with him.”

Swallowing, Nate arched his back as Rio continued to lick and suck his already sensitive nubs. “And do they? Go deep I mean?”

Leaning over, Ryan kissed him. His first taste of the heavily tattooed stud sent Nate’s libido into overdrive. Reaching for the strip of condoms he held them up. “Please, someone make love to me.”

“We’re clean. We don’t need those between us.” Ryan tried to take the condoms out of Nate’s hand but he shook his head.

“No, I’ve always worn protection, but I haven’t been tested in almost a year, and until I can get to a clinic, we use these.”

Ryan looked into his eyes and finally nodded his consent. Taking the strip, Nate tore off one of the rubbers and passed it to him. “Lube?” Ryan asked.

“Suitcase, side pocket,” Nate replied, flipping over onto his stomach. Rio scrambled for the lube and Ryan ran his hands over Nate’s ass.

“I don’t want to make love to you this way the first time. I wanna look into your eyes when I make you come.”

Nate froze. In all the years he’d been a businessman’s bottom-boy, not once had anyone asked to make love to him face to face. Nate closed his eyes and said a quick prayer of thanks.

“Hey,” Rio said, turning him over. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never made love in this position. It just kinda threw me for a second.” He could feel a blush creep up his face and turned his head away.

“Oh, baby,” Ryan said, turning Nate’s head. “Evidently, no ones ever made love to you. A fast fuck’s fine when the time is right, but there’s nothing like being made love to.”

Ryan handed the lube to Rio, who slicked his fingers and touched Nate’s rosette. He felt himself tense at the intimacy of the moment. He felt like a damn virgin which was funnier than hell, but he sure didn’t feel like laughing.

Spreading his legs, he allowed Rio’s fingers to work their magic on his body. Ryan took the opportunity to map every ridge and hollow of his lean frame. “So sexy,” Ryan whispered against his throat. He moved down Nate’s torso licking and kissing. Nate was going out of his mind with want, trying to reach enough of his men’s skin to stroke and pet.

Rio shook his head, “Tonight’s all about you, relax and enjoy.”

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