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“On a sultry southern night, beneath the full moon, the Demon Wind blows.”

It is said that on the night of a Demon Wind, Southern belles who don't stay inside will find themselves compromised, or even pregnant, with little memory of how they got to be in that state.

Jayden’s beloved, yet overly superstitious grandmother hit her with that one about the time she reached puberty. As a result, Jayden wasn’t at all surprised when she received a call from her grandmother warning to stay inside because the night was ripe for the Demon Wind to blow.

The Demon Wind was nothing more than an obscure local legend, and Jayden Parrish was rooted securely in reason and logic. She didn’t believe in superstitions...

...until she awoke the following morning to find sand in her bed. Sand, and the memory of the most erotic dream she’d ever experienced. A dream in which she had made uninhibited, passionate love on the beach with a man who had come to her from the sea.

Was it a dream? A figment of her imagination? Or was it something else?

Hot, hot excerpt!

He walked from the moonlit surf like the god Poseidon come to earth in human form. At first she thought he was nude, then she realised that he was wearing brief, flesh-coloured, swim trunks.

Her body refused to obey her brain’s command that she turn and run back to the safety of her cottage. Instead, she stood there waiting…for him.

Just as she’d felt when she first woke up, Jayden was overcome with the sensation of being disconnected. She was there, yet not there.

Standing before her, bathed in the glow from the full moon, Jayden thought no mortal man could possibly be so irresistibly compelling, so beautiful. Yet his features were strong, finely etched for the most erotic effect. Once again, she likened him to the god Poseidon. His deeply tanned body actually resembled the bronze sculpture she’d once seen of the mythical god. The well defined muscles of his nearly nude, powerful physique could easily have been sculpted by the loving hands of a sexually frustrated female artist intent upon creating her fantasy lover.

He opened his arms for her. Jayden walked into them without hesitation. He held her close for a moment as if savouring the closeness to someone long lost and deeply cherished. Her cheek and ear resting against the hard contours of his chest, she could hear his erratic heartbeats echoing the tempo of her own.

With a reluctant sigh he relaxed his hold on her and took a marginal step back, a small distance which gave his intensely blue eyes free reign to explore all the delicate curves of Jayden’s petite body. His hungry gaze felt like the blue flame from a torch, setting her flesh on fire. Barely recognising her own voice, Jayden was shocked by the impassioned whimper that escaped her parted lips…a sound which acted as a catalyst to banish all inhibition and uncertainty.

Sliding one hand to her hip and the other to the small of her back, he once again moulded her to him, making her befuddled thoughts forget where he ended and she began. Lowering his head, he touched his lips to hers, not tentative as she expected, but with the purposeful expertise of a man confident of the response he’d receive. Jayden didn’t disappoint him.

Accepting that her body refused to respond to the dictates of her mind, Jayden gave up and relinquished what little control she had left. In truth, she’d been lost the moment he walked from the surf toward her. She could smell the intoxicating scent of the sea on his flesh, taste the salt on his lips, and feel the heat and hardness of his body. And dear God, was he ever hard. The rigid length of the erection branding itself into her abdomen was unmistakable.

The damnable cool wind continued to inflict a strange, almost electrical sensation against her flesh, like she was holding onto a shorted-out light switch and was unable to let go. Was it the wind, or her reaction to the man whose lips continued to demand, then tease, whose teeth nipped her lower lip then soothed with the tip of his tongue? Did it matter? Her body felt as if she were coming apart. Her flesh tingled, every muscle in her body had grown taut. Her blood flowed hot and furious through her veins, and every sensation flowed unerringly downward, pooling into a nearly unbearable ache between her legs.

This time when he gently nipped at her lower lip she was ready for him. When his tongue snaked out to soothe the spot, she closed her lips on his tongue and gently sucked.

He went rigid and groaned. Jayden didn’t know whether he was surprised or pleased. She soon found out. He forced his tongue more deeply into her mouth to mate with hers and when he withdrew, like lovers holding hands, her tongue followed where his led. His lips clamped down and he began to suck gently, just as she’d done with his, creating a corresponding tugging sensation between her legs.

The hand on her hip moved up her side and around until his fingers closed around her breast. He gently massaged the firm mound before he latched onto her hard nipple. He rolled it between his fingers then tugged until pleasure became near unbearable. The hand at the small of her back slid to her waist, his strong forearm supporting her as he leaned forward, an act which made her lean back and forced her to wrap her arms around his neck for balance. Jayden was unable to resist a moan of protest as his lips left hers to kiss along her jaw-line, down the side of her neck, and as he’d done with her lips, he kissed, nipped, then soothed with his tongue, continuing down her chest until…

Book two in the Goddess Grind Series

Zipporah Scott is due to spend the weekend camping with her niece. Zipporah hates camping. The only thing that could make it worse is the gorgeous guy who has been following her. He is a ghost. So he says. And apparently she is the only one that can help him. Uh huh. Why is it that the sexiest men are always the craziest? And how can one cranky working goddess change fate?

Rian Carmichael is a man that is trapped between worlds. Only Zipporah can see him. What he sees of Zipporah he instantly likes. That he is a ghost does not bother her. That he craves the taste of her does. Rian needs to convince her that only by her love can he live again. However the lady herself is not so sure and it’s going to take a lot of hot persuasion to make her think otherwise.

Despite the uncertainty of their situation, Zipporah wants to believe that she can have a future with Rian. The touch and taste of him is real enough but can he break through the barrier between worlds and be with her forever or are they doomed to be parted?

Hot, hot excerpt!

Zipporah gulped. She knew she should be horrified that this complete stranger was coming on to her in such a way but she wasn’t. She was horny as hell. She could not think of anything but the hot, hard, male body against hers.

“I’m special?” Or maybe I’m just desperate and nuts. She was turned on by a ghost for God sake.

“Yeah you are,” Rian said as his hands slid to her waist and pulled her close. “I want to kiss you.”

Oh boy. Those lips against mine? Yes, please. Rationality and sanity are overrated anyway.

“Can a ghost do that?” As freaked out as Zipporah was, she wanted to taste that mouth.

“Can you feel me?” Rian whispered a breath away from her mouth.

“Yeah but…” Zipporah licked her lips in open invitation.


“I don’t know…” And before she could say another word his mouth was on hers and nothing else mattered. Ghost or not, this kiss was the softest, sweetest and most earth shattering she had ever tasted. Zipporah opened her mouth willingly under his as her hands slid up his chest to rest on Rian’s broad shoulders. “Oh Rian…” she gasped breathlessly as his mouth left hers. This was as wrong as it was right and for the life of her she knew she should run away screaming but she did not want to.

“I know baby, I feel it too.” Rian’s hands slid down to cup the cheeks of her arse.

The feel of his hard cock against her was only too obvious. This was no ghost…but then what was he? This was a man only she could see. A man that a car had driven through. Was any of this real? As Rian’s hands pulled her skirt up and touched the flesh beneath, Zipporah’s knees wobbled and she knew this was very real.

“I, ah, don’t think we should do this.” That sounded half-arsed to Zipporah’s own ears. She was wet and ready after one kiss.

“Baby, I have a feeling neither of us can stop this.” Rian’s hand slid in and under the front of her knickers. His eyes locked with hers. “You are so beautifully wet.”

Zipporah whimpered as his fingers slid up the cleft of her pussy and found her clit.

“Someone will see us…I mean …” What am I doing contemplating sex with a stranger? Zipporah felt hot just thinking about the fantasy of it. But it was everything girls were warned not to do. However she was a woman and therein lay the difference. She had the life experience to make dumb mistakes on her own. “Fuck I don’t know what I mean.” This was sweet madness.

“Do you want me, baby?” Rian’s voice was low and husky.

“Well…uh, yeah…” If it was indeed true that no one could see him and the evidence certainly pointed that way, how crazy would it look with her thrashing in passion against a wall all by herself? Though at that moment, truth to tell, Zipporah did not particularly care as his fingers massaged her clit slowly and with the intent to thrill and satisfy. Did she go for the orgasm or worry about how people perceived her? Didn’t a working goddess deserve a moment or two of pleasure? It had been so long since any man had made her feel so hot and needy. With those fingers working their magic there was only one logical answer—orgasm.

“There is only you and me and no one else matters.” Rian kept one hand on her arse and the other inside her knickers. “Undo your blouse.”

The low, husky way he said it sent a thrill through her body. A stranger, and certainly one stranger than most, was asking her to give herself to him and the only response she had was to reach down and hurriedly pull at the buttons. Did she care if someone saw? No. It actually excited her, ghost or no ghost. Time to be a bad girl.

Rian dropped his head down and licked the exposed cleavage.

“Unsnap your bra. I need to taste you.”

Oh how she wanted to be tasted. The feel of his tongue on her flesh and his fingers on her clit was enough incentive to make her want to rip all her clothes off. She reached behind and undid her bra, pushing the fabric of her blouse from her full breasts.

“You are beautiful,” Rian murmured just before he licked one pink nipple.

“Oh…” Zipporah moaned as the lick became a hard, possessive suck and she clasped his head to her breast. She did not care what he was, only that he was Rian and she wanted him. Between the sucking and the massage of her clit she wanted to come then and there but she needed the hot, hard fullness of a cock inside her to make it perfect. “I need you now.”

“Baby, you can have me.” Rian quickly pulled her knickers down and reached for his zipper.

Zipporah kicked the knickers away to free her ankles. She wanted to wrap herself around this man and feel every inch of his body against hers. She looked down as his large, hard cock jumped free of his trousers. Oh this man is so not dead. Zipporah licked her lips and looked into his eyes.

“I will look after you,” he murmured in promise against her lips as he slid his hands under her arse and lifted her up against the wall.

Thoughts of her white shirt getting dirty against the bricks or someone seeing her with her skirt up around her waist all disappeared as Rian eased his cock slowly inside her body.

Zipporah sucked in her breath at the full, stretched, hot feeling of his shaft as it plunged into her. She grabbed on tight to him not wanting him to leave her for a second. From stranger to lover in one brief glorious moment. He held her still as they grew accustomed to the feel of each other.

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