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Alexis Fleming interview


The Sensible Questions:

1. What made you start writing erotic romance?
Um, I have a dirty mind? Seriously, I guess I've always had trouble closing the bedroom door on my characters. I see having sex/making love as part and parcel of the whole romance relationship so I include it. What can I say? I love sex! Hey, it works for me.

2. What inspired you to write your first book?
I had written children's books when my kids were small, but I didn't start writing romance until 1995. And what got me started? I'm going to sound like a total loser when I admit this, but the real reason is my family were sick of me whining. LOL It's true. I was recovering from serious spinal surgery and whining because I was stuck in bed flat on my back. My daughter found an ad in a national magazine over here for an unpublished manuscript. She stuck it under my nose and told me to get busy. It fired up my love of the genre again and got me going. Oh, and I stopped being bored and whiny.

3. What's your process for writing a book?
Once I have an idea in my head, I let it stew for a while until the characters start to introduce themselves. I tend to be partial plotter and partial fly by the seat of my pants. I'll have a broad outline of what I want to happen in the story, then I start writing and let the characters tell me what they plan on doing. I like to get the story down first before I start any editing so I just write straight through to the end, although that has changed a little now I'm published and can often submit on a partial. Then it's necessary to go back and polish those first three chapters before I go write the rest.

4. What do you enjoy about writing?
I love creating, love the magic of romance, whether erotic or not. But most of all, I love it when the characters take over and almost write the story for me. That's special. You never know what's going to happen. They do manage to surprise me at times.

5. What really p's you off about writing?
Oh, that one is easy. Interruptions. Lol When I really get into a scene, I don't like to stop until I've finished it. I always worry I'll leave out something vital that the characters are telling me. And given I have a great call on my time because I help run a busy motel, interruptions are a fact of life. But that doesn't mean to say I have to like it, right?

6. Who would you count as your biggest supporters?
Ahh, another easy one. My number one greatest supporter would have to be my daughter, author Kelly Ethan, closely followed by my hubby. It's kewl having a daughter who is a writer as well. She's one of my critique partners as well as my best friend. Should see the look on both husbands' faces when we talk sex scenes on the phone. It's priceless. Hubby's stocks in our little town have gone up no end since it became know his wife is an erotic romance author, although he does ask on occasion where I'm getting my ideas from. Lol And I'd definitely have to include my other critique partners in this group. They keep me on track, kicking my butt when I need it. And one other special lady, reader Sue Seeley. She is one of my greatest supporters and friends and I'm very grateful.

7. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?
Crack open a bottle of wine and race hubby off to bed. I'm fooling…a little…maybe? But hey, I write hot. Why not bask in the heat for a while? Seriously though, I usually have so many ideas in my head, I just jump right in and start the next one, but I do usually take a day off from writing before I start playing with my new characters.

8. Describe your writing space.
I'm spoilt. I've converted one of the bedrooms in the residence here at the motel into my office so I have a massive space to spread. Half of it is taken up with bookshelves and what books don't fit on the shelves are packed into baskets under the shelves. My large desk with computer and printer, plus filing cabinets etc, occupy the other end of the room, with a little nook for my jewelry making supplies. Then I have two comfy lounge chairs parked strategically in front of the door that leads onto the balcony so hubby and I can sit there and look out over the fabulous Jervis Bay and watch the dolphins play in the ocean. What more could a writer ask for?

The Naughty Questions:

1 How many toys do you have in your toy-box? (and we don't mean Barbie dolls!)
Can I just say we buy a massive amount of batteries here at the motel and they don't all go out into the rooms for television and air conditioner remotes? I decided earlier on if I was going to write erotic stories I had to get educated. With that in mind, I had a sex party here at the motel. One of those party plans where you can buy sex toys…um, excuse me, educational toys. I invited all the staff and then the guests got wind of it and all started to join us. And let me tell you, it wasn't the young ones buying the toys either!

2 What or who does your ideal man look like?
Good looking, sexy, big capacity for lovin', big pecs, big_ Hmm, sorry, what were we talking about? I suddenly got caught up in a daydream here. Seriously, looks aren't of prime importance to me, but I looveee sexy. A man who oozes sex appeal and has a woman just dreaming about what she'd love to do with and to him. I don't like overblown muscles, but I do like a bit. Enough that a woman can feel her man can protect her. Yeah, yeah, I know, not politically correct, but I love being a woman and I love the little niceties that come along with that. So who says I have to tell him I can open the car door for myself? Particularly when he manages to leave a hot caress behind while he's doing it.

3 Top or bottom?
Hmm, depends how I'm feeling. There's something to be said for both positions. If I want to feel cosseted, overwhelmed with love, bottom will do it. But there are times when top is the only thing that works. Those times when I want to be in control, the aggressor instead of being submissive, then top is the answer. Nothing like variety.

4 Short shorts or short skirts?
Oh, ease and tease all the way. Flirty short shirts, yeah, baby! Hubby still waxes lyrically about the little blue skirt I was wearing when I first met him. It still does it for him, so why alter a good thing?

5 How would you describe you sex life?
Definitely interesting! Where do you think I do my research to find out if a certain scene is going to work? Him inside has decided that being married to an erotic romance writer has its moments. This is one of the perks. LOL

6 Have any of your toys accidentally gone "public"? Tell us all about it. (We won't tell)
Too funny! No, I'm very careful with my "toys" But I did get some interesting looks when I took penis-shaped lipsticks over to America for a conference giveaway. In fact, the Customs boys were very interested in what else might be in my suitcase. LOL I ended up there for ages while they chatted about my books, and I even sold one of my print books to one guy, along with a handful of penis lipsticks to the female officers. Should have seen the looks on the guys' faces when the women officers started trailing these mini penises along their lips in a very erotic way. Priceless!


LynTaylor said...

Hey Alexis! Been great learning a little more about you ;) Oh, and that view from your office - gorgeous! Lucky, lucky lady :D

Might just have to make a trip to Jervis Bay next holidays, eh?

littlelamblst said...

It was fun to read your interview. Must say that I really enjoyed the bit about the customs officers!

Chantal said...

Hehe, great interview. Alexis, you sound like a lot of fun to hang out with.

Alexis said...

Chuckling here.My hubby just thinks I'm a dirty old woman. And he loves it!