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Christmas Releases from TEB...

With another man in the mix, what will it mean to never again have a normal marriage?

Greg and Sarah Perry have a solid marriage. They’re the envy of their friends. When Greg, a lawyer by day, suggests adding other partners to the mix, Sarah, a conservative teacher, is reluctant. However, she does find the thought intriguing. While at her sister’s Christmas wedding reception in the ballroom of a hotel, she lets her intrigue take charge.

It leads her straight to Peter Lawson, a sensual man well versed in the ménage lifestyle. Can she reconcile her feelings for Peter with her relationship to Greg? And what will it do to her marriage?


“So? What do you think?” he asked as if this wasn’t the first time it had been discussed. Sarah Perry was well aware of the fact that as a buttoned-up lawyer at work for the greater Massachusetts Municipal Governing body, Greg often let loose in the bedroom. She’d come to expect mind-blowing sex from him after a hard day. New ideas to rev up their playtime were sparking in his mind all the time. Still, she balked at the idea of adding more partners to the mix.

Sarah sighed, “I just don’t know, Greg. Can you let the idea sit with me for awhile?”

Her husband rolled her into his arms. She snuggled her face against his chest, her mind whirring. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t given hints or that she hadn’t thought about it herself secretly, but actually speaking of it out loud was an entirely different matter. She was a teacher. Were teachers supposed to think this way? Still, the idea was inviting.

“Sure hon. Remember, we both have to be sure. We won’t do it otherwise. We’ll wait until it’s right for both of us, if we try it at all.”

“I know,” she whispered. “I just have to think.”

He rubbed her arms and then down the length of her back. Sarah felt safe with the warmth of his solid chest against her cheek.

“We have a trust that’s not so common, Sarah. Don’t we? It would just be for fun, nothing else.”

She looked up at him. His dark, brown eyes sparkled when they looked at her. “Of course I trust you and I know it wouldn’t mean anything, but becoming swingers is a big step in our lives. I’m just asking for a little time for the idea to congeal in my thoughts.”

Quite honestly, the idea excited her. The thought of having another man stimulated her, aroused her, but the thought of Greg with another woman was disturbing to say the least.

In Sarah’s mind, ten years of marriage solidified them as a couple stronger than most. She’d married Greg young, in her early twenties, and then watched as their friends married, had children, divorced, found another. It seemed a never-ending cycle for some of them. Sarah cherished the foundation she had with Greg that everyone else strived for.

They didn’t have children, but not for lack of trying. Jaded by two miscarriages, Sarah wasn’t willing to go through that again. It would be some time before she felt ready to try another time. Endlessly patient and sympathetic, Greg put no pressure on her.

The thought of sharing their love for each other with another couple or another person was intriguing. Despite that, there were still issues to work through.

“C’mon Greg.” She patted his chest the dark curls dusting his muscular chest. “We have to get up.”

“The wedding’s not for another hour,” he groaned, flopping onto his back. “Who gets married in the winter anyway?”

“Well, that’s about how long it’s going to take me to get ready so I’m getting up. And lots of people do.”

Sarah slipped from their bed. Once out from under the duvet and away from Greg’s warmth, she shivered. Reaching for her pink robe hanging on the brass hook behind the door, she glanced at Greg. He propped himself up on his elbow, watching her intently, his lips curved into a grin.

“Sa—rah,” he taunted. “Sa—rah. It’s warm in here, Sarah.” He patted the mattress beside him.

She turned to face him, drawing the tie of her robe tightly around her waist. She sighed loudly. “I don’t have time, Greg.”

He looked so enticing, despite the fact that he’d just satisfied her. Sarah found it hard to imagine being attracted to anyone as much as she was to her husband.

The ivory sheet settled around his waist. Dark chest hair followed the ridges of his muscles before it tapered beneath his sternum and disappeared below the sheet. Following the trail of hair with her gaze, she came to the bulge beneath the sheet. He was always ready for her, no matter the time of day or the fact that they’d already done it. He could make her come as many times as she wanted.

Greg grinned wickedly. Sarah loved his arrogance that came with his knowing she couldn’t resist him. He folded back the duvet, welcoming her back to bed. His shaft rose from between his thighs, swelling in her sight.

Monica’s friend Jules, author of bestselling 'Telling Lust from Love', sends her a Christmas gift from Fantasies Unlimited—a menu of treats to be followed by a Fantasy Man, Nick, to perform them. When she answers a knock at the door to find the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, she assumes it's him even though he wears a tool belt and carries a toolbox. He looks like he’s just stepped off the page of a Playgirl calendar and it never occurs to her that he might really be a carpenter.

Rick knows it's wrong not to set her straight, but since she's set to do who-knows-what with a stranger, why not him? He hasn’t had any sexual desire since he found his fiancée in bed with his best friend, and this is the perfect chance to see if he can perform.

He certainly can, and Monica and her Fantasy Man enjoy incredible sex until she learns the truth.

But can they get past the deception and turn lust into love?


Monica fingered the long red envelope she’d received in the mail. The silver return address label said Fantasies Unlimited. Smiling, she edged her fingernail under the heart-shaped seal that held the flap. This had to be the doing of her unpredictable friend, Julie. The colour of the envelope might indicate it was a Christmas card but it was obviously more than that—perhaps a gift certificate or some kind of present. Julie sent the most outrageous and delightful surprises imaginable, and Monica couldn’t wait to see this one.

Since writing a bestselling guidebook for singles, Telling Love From Lust, Julie loved spending her new wealth on gifts for her former college roommate and other close friends.

Extracting a hot pink card with black hearts and silver lettering, Monica sank down on her new living room couch and fanned herself with it, half-afraid to see what it was and yet twitching with anticipation.

Taking a deep breath, she took a good look and saw that it was a menu—of treats you could request from your…Fantasy Man…when he arrived at your home soon.

An unknown man was coming to grant her fantasies? Unbelievable. Unreal. Back in college she and Jules, as Julie preferred to be called, often talked about their sexual fantasies and having a stranger make love to her was Monica’s favourite. She didn’t want to know the guy’s name and didn’t want to be on a date. She wanted someone strong and handsome that she’d never met to just walk in and possess her. He’d kiss and lick his way from her head to her toes. Lingering on her breasts, he’d suck her nipples until they hardened and she cried out. Moving on to tongue-fuck her naval and start her hot juices flowing, he’d lick his way slowly to her vagina where he’d dip and suck until she’d think she was going crazy. She’d bury her hands in his hair and beg him to ‘take her’ until he sent her hurtling over the edge. In mad ecstasy she’d cling to him as he made her come. Then he’d slide his hard cock into her slippery passage and pinning her arms over her head he’d shove deep inside her. As he ravaged her body by shooting his hot semen into her welcoming pussy he’d mark her as his own. Afterward she’d lie there feeling completely sated and yet waiting for this stranger to take her again.

Leave it to her former college roomie to actually find someone who did that kind of thing.

Startled by the sudden tingling between her legs, Monica savoured the feeling of anticipation and desire that she’d been without for too long. Her breath quickened, her pulse raced and she grew hot and moist with wanting. Where had all her fantasies gone and why hadn’t they materialised?

In the years since they’d graduated life hadn’t offered up any real excitement, and though she still sometimes fantasised about hot, steamy, no-holds-barred sex, none she’d had shot off the charts. Maybe that was why she was still single. She’d like to find love. The kind that lasted. But she wanted the sex to be mind-blowing, toe-curling ecstasy.

Obviously no company could commercialise love. So Fantasies Unlimited offered something tangible like sex play. She glanced toward the door, her heart thumping inside her chest like a wild bird trying to break out. Sex play with a stranger? She fanned herself again. Soon? How soon? Surely not today. She was wearing her favourite hanging-out clothes—jeans and a grey souvenir sweatshirt with a pink flamingo she bought on last year’s vacation to Florida with Jules.

In her fantasies Monica wore something seductive which the stranger soon ripped off and left her standing there in… Monica gasped. Her bra and bikinis didn’t match. She was fanatic about matching undies but Saturday was laundry day and after washing her flowered, polka dot and pastel panties on the delicate cycle, she’d hung them in the bathroom to dry, unwilling to trust such expensive, lacy items to an electric dryer.

Steadying her shaking hands and crossing her fingers she’d be forewarned when to expect him, Monica looked back at the card and skimming the print saw that this guy Nick—the name was filled in on the blank—would do anything you wanted except have sex if you were married. She was safe there. Not even a boyfriend. Sex with a stranger? She grew wetter just thinking about a strange man lying next to her. His hard body touching her supple one. His breath coming fast as he explored her curves and crevices. Her nipples pebbling at his touch and her pussy dripping as she longed for the hardness of his cock. And then…raw sex, panting like wild animals as he rammed his rod inside her throbbing hole. Shuddering as if she’d just experienced her fantasy, Monica shook her head to clear it. She was hoping for too much.

A sticky note in Jules’ flowing handwriting was attached to the back of the card and Monica pulled it loose. “Just what you’ve always wanted! And the sky’s the limit. Choose and enjoy anything and everything offered. I got to pick your Fantasy Man from pictures in a brochure and I think you’ll love him. I just hope I know you as well as I think I do. Merry Christmas. Love and Hugs, Jules.”

Monica, clutching her chest, read the main headings first…

Appealing Appeteasers

Erotica Entrees

Main Intercourses

Sweet Finishes.

Intercourses? Thirty degrees in Ohio with snow on the ground and more predicted—and Monica kept the thermostat low—but she was sweating inside her cosy home. Wow! They evidently did go that far.

She looked at the offerings under Appeteasers

Backrubs with warm scented oils

Champagne accompanied bubble baths

Pedicures plus foot and leg massage

She loved champagne and bubble baths and it sounded luxurious.

Her eyes jumped to Entrees.

‘Massages from head to toe’ was listed first and you could choose from ones that relaxed or energised. Relaxation was what she needed right now. The idea of a man she’d never met massaging her entire body was…thrilling and a bit scary. Wouldn’t that turn the guy on, and then what? Jump to the main course? A man that gave pedicures might be gay but if he turned her on, what then? Did she jump him?

Corporate mogul, Tom Powers, decides to play The Prince and the Pauper for two weeks before Christmas.

He exchanges places with Brian Bentley, who looks just like him, because he wants a chance to be an ordinary guy.

But while living Brian’s life and doing his job, he meets Jordan Scott, and the explosive sex they share has him forgetting who he really is. Will she forgive him when she finds out he’s the owner of the company and not the line supervisor she falls in love with?


Tom came across the information quite by accident in a company newsletter and sat there staring at the picture that, if not for the different name, would have been like staring in the mirror. Brian Bentley, line foreman, had recently gotten a safety award.

Funny how you could own a business and not know anything about the people who worked there. Well, that wasn’t really the case since Tom owned a dozen companies across the country and until last week, Blackstone Tool & Die hadn’t been in his portfolio. There was no reason he should know Brian.

He turned to look out the window of his suite, but the Pittsburgh night held no appeal. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back, rubbing his hands across his face. God, he was tired. Normally he ran his empire from corporate offices in New York. If Blackstone hadn’t been so closely tied to one of his other companies he wouldn’t have stepped in when he found out it was in financial trouble. It needed more than an infusion of cash, but Tom would have to spend time determining exactly what, so he planned on staying in Pittsburgh through December.

He had never really wanted the responsibility of keeping so many different companies operating in turbulent economic times, but it had gotten dumped in his lap when his father had unexpectedly died. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it; in fact he was very good at it. And now he couldn’t seem to shirk the growing responsibilities.

He watched it start to snow. Thousands, no, billions of huge flakes dropped past his window to become part of a landscape that all blended together. Wouldn’t it be great to just be one of the masses? Like a snowflake that wasn’t any different from the next one, unless you put it under a microscope. To be just one of the boys, drinking a beer on Friday night with friends or taking a girlfriend to a movie.

That made him think of Sarah, his current fling. He wouldn’t call her a girlfriend by any stretch of the imagination. He cringed, recalling her screeching voice when he called to tell her he wouldn’t be in town for all the holiday parties she loved to attend. He wouldn’t even continue to see her except she was a great—no, make that a super fuck. Their sex marathons were well worth the extravagant charges to his credit cards.

He should call and see if she wanted to come to Pittsburgh. His cock swelled just thinking about what she could do with her mouth. He snorted. Sex or not, there was no way Sarah would leave New York City for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, especially this time of year. And did he really want her here? Her tantrums had begun to wear. Perhaps this trip to check out Blackstone Tool & Die had been prophetic after all.

He stood and watched one snowflake all the way to the ground where it immediately got lost in the accumulating whiteness. He glanced over at the newsletter; Brian Bentley’s picture staring back at him as a plan formed. A totally irrational, utterly insane plan.

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