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3 Chipmunks & A Sperm Donor

The conversation went something like this...

Me: I want us to do an anthology.

Kate: GREAT! What'll we write about?

Me: A sperm bank - one particular sperm donor, and how he fathers all of these children whose mothers want to find him for whatever reason.

Lex: I can't - I own a motel, remember? I work 15-16 hour days.

Me: (steam-rolling them) Then Kate will go first.

Kate: *blink* Why me?

Me: Because you're funny and the best one to lead us into this.

Kate: But I don't know anything about sperm donors.

Me: Then you should be the one to research for us, give us all the information that will tie it all together.
Kate: (still puzzled) Lex is in Australia. Where is the sperm bank?
Me: You can figure that out and let us know. After all...sperm, swimmers...get it? They'll make it to Oz somehow. *snort*

Lex: (still protesting her time constraints) Sunny...

Me: (still in steamroller mode) Lex can write the middle story, and I'll bring up the rear.

Kate: Because you're the ass?

Me: Because the sperm donor comes last.

Kate: *grumbling* Actually, he came first.

Me: ALVIN!!!!!!!

Kate: Oh, alright - damn.

Conversation mid-way...

Lex: Where did you come up with this idea, anyway?

Me: My mother.

Kate: I thought your mother didn't read erotic romance.

Me: She doesn't. She thinks ER is science fiction.

Lex: Why would she think that?

Me: Because she doesn't read science fiction, and because I never want her to pick up one of my books.

The results...

A FUNNY opening story, by Summer Devon, an equally impressive novella that ties them all together by Alexis Fleming, and a heart-warming tale by Lyn Cash that brings the story full circle.

The dedication...

When we received our copies of the book, we all discovered that we'd dedicated our stories to one another...without having discussed it among ourselves. *MAJOR GRINS* from all sides. We love one another - we love writing - and we love this continuing story we're offering you.

Book Information
TITLE : Who’s Your Daddy
Anthology with Lyn Cash, Alexis Fleming, Summer Devon

Publisher: Total-e-bound Publishing

ISBN : 978-1-906328-67-2

Release Date: 7th January 2008
cover art: by the marvelous ANNE CAIN!!!!!!!!

Excerpt from Direct Deposit by Summer Devon

“Fuck.” That was the right word. “Fuck this.” Zack relished the way the words filled his empty apartment. He stared at his laptop’s screen and marvelled at how the simple arrangement of letters could create the sensation of a kick in the gut.

He shouldn’t have been surprised to find Colleen Madison’s name on the list of the fertility clinic’s clients who were willing to be contacted for an interview. Well, well, so the Madisons had eventually gone to professional donors.

Good to see outside confirmation that his own donation to Colleen and Tyler’s breeding efforts hadn’t taken. Thank God for little blessings—or lack of them.

Zack clicked from the page to a blank screen. He’d email a pitch to everyone on the list except the Madisons, and he began typing a bland note requesting an interview. The feature assignment struck him as pure fluff, not his favourite sort of story, but he needed the money and this magazine paid well.

Dear Parent, he began, then sat back in his chair and stared at nothing—and saw the gorgeous Colleen.

When he’d met her, all three of them had been in college and she’d been Tyler’s girlfriend. Zack had been taking British Literature that semester and had decided her quiet beauty belonged in another century.

She wasn’t like other women. Even the way she’d pulled up her brown hair and attached it to the back of her head with a complex arrangement of pins was different, old fashioned. The pile of hair looked right with her pale skin, small rosebud mouth, and delicate features. Apparently he had some desire to bang a Victorian because back then he’d get hard just thinking about her graceful throat.

Ha. Maybe if he hadn’t lusted after her for years the whole stupid incident wouldn’t still bug him.
He hit backspace and tried again.

Hello, My name is Zack Reese and I am writing a piece about the offspring of sperm donor number sixty-nine. I hope I can talk to you about your child.

“Lame.” Backspace, delete.

He returned to the email with the list of names. Her phone number was local. Funny, he’d thought they’d moved. Maybe he should just see what they’d say…No, he was not interested in calling.

He pushed back the chair and went into the kitchen. Rummaging around the fridge, he found a bottle of seltzer. He flipped the cap into the trash and gulped down half the bottle thinking about his one foray into a marriage bed. The best that could be said of the bizarre adventure was that it wasn’t his marriage or his bed.

It had started without a hint of weirdness. Lonely in the new town, he’d run into Tyler at the gym. Tyler had never been Zack’s favourite human—they had been on the college hockey team together—but he’d been glad to see a familiar face and they’d talked as they’d worked out.

After that, the three of them had gone out for dinner occasionally. Wolfing down pizza, Zack and Tyler had talked a lot about nothing in particular, sports, cars, sports cars, the usual entertaining but insignificant shit. Colleen had contributed the occasional quiet, dead-on remark.

At the gym, Tyler had soon become chummier. He’d creeped Zack out with all the questions about his sex life and health—until Zack had demanded to know why the hell Tyler wanted to know about his last AIDS test.

That’s when the man had let it spill.

Copyright © 2007 Summer Devon. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from Strategic Withdrawal by Alexis Fleming


He brushed against her. Not much, just enough that she’d feel his cock. “Make you a deal.” He pressed a little harder. “If I prove I can turn you on, will you at least think about it?”

Breath held, he waited for her reply. As an added incentive, he bent his legs a fraction so the hard ridge of his erection aligned perfectly with the apex of her thighs. Then he tilted his hips and rubbed against her pussy. Heat flooded his system and he struggled to keep his breathing even.

“You game?” he managed to mutter.

“You reckon you’re man enough?”

She flicked him her superior smart-bitch-lawyer look and for a moment, he wanted to retaliate. Until he spotted the rapid rise and fall of her breasts and the hand clenched at her side. Hah, she wasn’t as calm as she tried to make out.

He pushed himself against her again. “Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Travis rubbed the hard length of his cock against her pussy and need spiralled through Mandy. She let out a shaky gasp and closed her eyes a moment. Hunger raged through her blood as sensation bombarded her. He’d pushed her skirt up to her hips and the only thing between them was his dark trousers and the silky fabric of her panties. Panties that were now damp from the moisture flooding her core. The warm air of a Sydney summer brushed against her exposed legs, adding to the sensations overwhelming her.

“Oh God, we ca-can’t do this,” she stuttered. The scourge of the law courts and she could hardly string together a sentence.

“Woman, you all but dared me to prove my manhood. You think I’d walk away from that?” He straightened, pulling her closer, one long leg sliding between her thighs.

At the added pressure, her clit gave an insistent throb. A groan feathered across her lips. When he shifted his leg a fraction, a shudder rippled down her spine, the breath caught in her throat. God help her, he’d hardly touched her and she was about to combust.

She dared a look at his face, expecting to see a smug grin. Instead, his eyes were hooded, his smile appealing in a little-boy-lost way. Where was the arrogance he normally heaped on her head?

“Let yourself go. What have you got to lose?” he whispered, lowering his head to brush his lips against hers.

Only her self-esteem if he turned her on and then laughed at his victory.

*If* he turned her on?

Shit, he’d already done that and with very little effort. There was only one way to handle this. Turn the tables on him. Make *him* the one who walked away with wobbly-leg syndrome.

With that thought in mind, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself further up his leg until the hard bulge of his engorged cock nested against her pussy. Rocking her hips, she applied pressure, gratified when he groaned. She grinned. *Oh yeah, he was well on the way.*

“You’re playing with fire there, Ms. Lawyer,” he growled. “You’re about to get burned, lady.”

He swooped and caught her mouth in a drugging kiss. When his tongue probed at her lower lip, she opened to him, gasping when he slid inside, twining his tongue with hers. She wanted to scream when he withdrew. Dammit, she hadn’t finished tasting yet. But then, it appeared, neither had he.

First he drew her lower lip between his teeth, nipping lightly. When she moaned, the sound soft and needy, he swept the tip of his tongue across the tingling curve before plunging deep again, imitating the movement of her hips. His hands clasped her ass, kneading the full cheeks as he supported her weight.

For a moment, the thought that someone might see them nagged at Mandy, but as Travis tilted his hips and thrust forward, the thought slipped away. She gave herself up to the feelings clamouring for release.

Heat spiralled through her as she ground her clit against his cock, rubbing until the friction was where she wanted it. Her breathing accelerated and tension coiled tight in her belly. Hands trembling, she pulled herself closer until her breasts rubbed against his chest. It did nothing to ease the throbbing of her nipples.

Travis braced her against the side of the car and freed one hand. Without a break in the pumping of his hips, he palmed her breast, tweaking the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. The sensation bordered on pain, quickly morphing into white-hot heat that surged through her bloodstream until it centred in her pussy. Mandy’s movements grew more frenzied, jerky and uncoordinated.

“Are you turned on yet?” Travis whispered in her ear before he caught the soft lobe between his teeth…

Copyright © 2007 Alexis Fleming. All Rights Reserved.

Alexis Fleming

Excerpt from Playing the Ace by Lyn Cash

He offered her his hand to help her to her feet, and she took it, careful not to look away until her head was directly beneath his chin. She was certain he was studying her head to see if the naturally blonde roots were fake, and it gave her no small measure of pleasure to see his chest swell beneath her gaze. So. She affected him in much the same way he affected her. Good.

The plane was large, an airship thrumming with power. She hadn’t a clue where Ace was leading her, but she figured it couldn’t hurt to go with him. Maybe he wanted to talk to her over drinks. Would they discover the airline’s stash of individualised rum or scotch, share a toast and laugh at how they’d first noticed one another? If so, maybe she could introduce herself, tell him her purpose in wanting to meet him. He might even forgive her once he realised her cause was altruistic.

Perhaps they would simply continue staring at one another, waiting for the other to crack a smile, verbalise something. She hoped so—the suspense of longing to hear his voice or just see him smile was killing her.

One of the stewardesses smiled as they passed, giving Katya a nominal glance at best, her gaze lingering, however, on the runner’s build beneath Ace’s expensive shirt and slacks.

Katya slowed as they came to the end of the plane. She looked about but saw no other stewardesses, certainly not a cash bar. She opened her lips to speak and felt his body press into hers as he reached around her. Too late, she saw where he’d planted his hands…on the door to one of the bathroom stalls. She whirled to speak, her throat suddenly tight with tension, her pussy wet with desire at the thought of what he obviously had in mind.

“I can’t—we have to go back—oh, what if someone’s watching?” She managed to eke out a few words before his lips closed over hers and his tongue slipped deliciously between her teeth.
Weak-kneed, she collapsed against him as he lifted her ass and settled her on the cold, narrow sink. She felt and heard more than saw him close the door and slide the lock into place, as surely as he worked her skirt up to her waist and slid his fingers inside her panties.

“Wet and wild.” His breath mingling with hers was a seductive whisper.

Liquid heat pooled between Katya’s thighs when she heard Ace’s voice for the first time. She was torn between wishing he sounded like Pee Wee Herman and Barry White. If he sounded like the garish comedian instead of the seductive singer, it’d be a helluva lot easier to dismiss the sexual fantasy that had plagued her ever since she’d laid eyes on him.

Ace wet his lips. “I’ll bet you taste like honey and vanilla.”

Katya’s head lolled back, and she drew the deepest breath possible considering her circumstances. “What makes you say that?”

“Because anything as creamy and succulent looking as you just has to taste sweet.” He continued licking the inside of her mouth as he finger-fucked her. “I want you!”

She clung to his shoulders, unable to stop his hands from their exploration even if she had access. “So fuck me!” She arched her back as he lifted her once more, this time sliding her forward and onto his cock. He was huge!

She may have been wet and wild, but he was satin and steel, his cock smooth and warm, hard as sheet metal against her throbbing clit as he teased her entrance.

“You any good at this?” He handed her a foil packet.

She took it and ripped it open with her teeth, stifling a fit of giggles. She couldn’t believe she was about to have sex in a latrine with the very man she’d been following for weeks.

Copyright © 2007 Lyn Cash. All Rights Reserved.
major thanks to...
our editor: Michele Paulin
our publisher: Claire Siemaszkiewicz
our artist: Anne Cain (had to mention her again)
our friend & Critique Partner: Christine Zubko - for coming up with the idea for the cover


Dakota Rebel said...

This sounds hilarious. I cannot wait to read them all.

Great excerpts and great idea.


Lyn Cash said...

Thanks, Dakota! I thank you, my CPs thank you, my mother thanks you (she just doesn't know it - lol).

Hugs. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your footprints. You already know that I like YOUR writing! :)

Kate R said...

There really is nothing more fun than writing an anthology with pals. It's like hanging out at a bar for hours only with no tab to pick up or hangover the next day.

Alexis said...

Writing this anthology was great. Hopefully the first of many for the three of us.

But I wanna know something. How come I sound like the dumb blond one among us? Mwhahahahaha I keep telling you. The blond streaks are only there 'cause someone told me blonds have more fun.

Seriously, I'm happy to be coupled with Lyn and Summer. Fantastic effort, ladies!

Lyn Cash said...

Well,*I* had fun. You two are simply amazing.

Ashley Ladd said...

Whew! Hot!

This is hilarious. I can't wait to read it.

Were you all pals before coming to TEB or you met there?


Lyn Cash said...

You? BLONDE, Alex???? HARDLY.

HI, ASHLEY! We started out pals over on eharlequin's boards - then we became critique partners in The Belfry Collective. When the Collective was formed, 2 out of what grew to 16 were published (no, none of us were those two - lol).

Then we bonded - met at conferences - became fast friends. Alex was the first of us to sign with TEB - then she told us we needed to sub to Claire...we did. And the rest is...magic.

Thank you for your words. Appreciate them and you today. :)

Sam said...

Oh, this sounds like a fun book!

Lyn - your mom doesn't read your science fiction books? *blinks innocently*

Lyn Cash said...

you're so ornery, Sam - lol...

Lisabet Sarai said...

What amazes me is how this e-World we live in can bridge distances! Who would have thought that you could become so close to folks that you've never met... Okay, so you three have met, but you were friends before that...

Anyway - wonderfully creative idea, outrageous blog, and **HOT** excerpts! Thanks!

Ann Cory said...

Too funny!!! It's great fun to write with friends :) Keep 'em coming!!!