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Love sure can be crazy

I think I was destined to write romance stories. I’ve had a crush on boys ever since I was in kindergarten. I sure thought I would marry George. In fact, he was the only boy I ever invited to my birthday parties, and I always made him kiss me in front of all my friends.
Love makes you do crazy things.
In fact, I’ll never forget my high school crush. Talk about crazy!

Running Down a Dream
By Ann Cory
Copyright 2008

There he stood, shapely calves all tan and muscular. Craig was captain of the soccer team. Popular, unattainable, and most importantly, my biggest crush.

As he bent down to drink from the fountain, my heart fluttered and my pulse raced. He was so close. I could easily bump into him, apologize, and hope he looked at me with his sexy green eyes while Barry White sang in the background as he whisked me up in his arms. Of course it was all a dream, but it’s good to have dreams.

Realizing I lacked the bravery to attempt the fantasy scenario, I turned and hurried to my next class. I lived for the moments we passed by one another in the hallway and time stopped. You know – where magic dust floats down, people and faces faded, and we were the only two who existed in the school.

I knew I didn’t exist in his eyes, and I can look back now and see that was part of the attraction. The empowerment came from holding all the cards, because essentially I was the only one with the feelings. Had he shown the slightest bit of interest in me, I don’t think it would have been quite as much fun.

One particular day, what I now refer to as blue Wednesday, my friends and I sat in the hallway in front of our lockers, joking around and laughing about failed attempts to win the hearts of the boys we pined for. This was our daily after lunch ritual and gave us something to look forward to. It was then my friend Kim nudged me hard.

“There he is,” she whispered, “there’s Craig, coming down the hallway this very minute.”

I looked. No way was I able to contain my excitement. I wore my emotions on my face like a Cheshire cat. Between the rows of lockers he was walking by, and our bank of lockers, there was a split with a connecting hallway where water fountains and bathrooms were lined. I was feeling somewhat bold, especially since I had on my new denim skirt and sleek red flats.

Without so much as a glance, he turned down the hallway and my heart raced.

“What are you waiting for. Dare you to talk to him,” egged on my friend Kami. She was the only one of us who was practically “married” as far as we were concerned. Of course it was easy for her to make a ridiculous statement like that.

I planned to come back with a smart comment when a surge of courage rushed through my veins, and I accepted her challenge.

“You’re on,” I hissed defiantly.

There wasn’t sufficient time to make an actual plan or decide my tactics, it was all or nothing, and I had an audience of my nearest and dearest friends. Oh joy. I sprinted after him and gained some speed just as Craig and his friends went into the bathroom. I didn’t have much warning. I tried to stop myself, but my new shoes with the slippery soles had a mind of their own.

Smash, I went into the door and slid into the boys’ bathroom, landing on my ass with my skirt hiked up far enough to show I was wearing blue underwear stating it was “Wednesday”.

Craig turned first and I’m sure enjoyed both the proclamation of the titled underwear and the scarlet red hue of my face. I didn’t stick around long enough to hear their comments or snickering, I bolted out and back to the hallway where I hid my head in my locker. Could that have gone any worse?

My most supportive friends were rolling on the floor in hysterics, having witnessed my full-blown collision with the door. I fought back the tears and laughed along, trying to hide my embarrassment. If I couldn’t laugh at myself, then I was taking things much too seriously. Plus I didn’t figure my parents would consider moving to another country by the next morning.

From that day on, Craig winked at me as we passed each other in the hallway. And I think once or twice I’d hear him whisper “blue Wednesday” which of course made my entire face turn red.

I’d like to think I’m fortunate that I made a fool of myself many more times after that with many different guys. Even now being married, I still seem to have a knack of doing crazy things out of love. I hope I never stop. It certainly keeps the muse busy.

~Ann Cory


Anonymous said...

LOL! OMG Ann, you just brought all those years of highschool angst rushing back. Thank you for sharing ;)


Lisabet Sarai said...

When I was in third grade, the playground was at the top of a hill whose slopes were littered with treacherous boulders. I had a crush on Joseph Felton, tallest and handsomest boy in the class. He was a "ball monitor"; when we lost control of the rubber balls we used for dodge or other games and they disappeared over the edge, fearless Joseph would go and fetch them.

I'd let the ball slip away deliberately, just to watch him go loping down the among the rocks to fetch it for me...

Fifty years of life and twenty odd years of marriage later, I haven't changed. I'm still a sucker for romance.

Thanks for sharing your own story!

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Lyn :) This experience has been the fuel for much of my humor in my contemporaries, lol.

I'll never look at blue underwear without remembering that day :)


Ann Cory said...

Aww, now that's a sweet story too - Joseph the ball monitor :) We've gotta hang onto those early years :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!

~Ann Cory :)

Booksrforever123 said...

I was never very good at romance in school as I was overweight and had a bad case of acne. It seemed the boys all stayed away from me purposely. I do remember making a really big fool of myself during middle school. I had a fight with a friend and as I was leaving my classroom fuming to myself, a tall, really cute boy put his arm around me and calmed me down as we walked to our lockers. Before this time, I don't think I ever noticed him, but after that day, I made sure I knew who he was and followed him around and such. I made a total nucience out of myself and he couldn't stand me because of it.

Ann Cory said...

Awww, that was sweet that he walked you to your locker and calmed you down. Thanks for sharing your story!

~Ann :)

Ashley Ladd said...

I love men, too. Always have. I always had at least one crush while in school, actually before I ever started school. That was Gary S. Then in kindergarten, there was Timmy D. His other girlfriend, Joyce and I used to sit with Timmy in the back seat of the school bus, with Timmy in the middle and we'd kiss him all the ride home. I wasn't jealous of Joyce. I'm not that generous anymore. LOL. I wasn't too unhappy, however, when Gary kissed me on the playground one day in kindergarten. I guess I still liked him, too.

Then in first grade there was Chris W. In second grade there was Perry M. The crush on Perry stayed with me for years.

Around sixth grade, I got a crush on Jeff M., the guard at the skating rink. That crush lasted many years, too.

I had another crush in high school on Tim C. Also on Denver. Then Dave. Then in the Air Force there was another Gary.

I admit it. I love men. :)

Ann Cory said...

Whew Ashley - sounds like you had your hands full - love it!!! :)

I remember in first grade I had a crush on two boys who were best friends. One invited me to their house to run through the sprinkler, and then the other one passed by and got upset.

They were actually verbally fighting over me - and I loved it, LOL. Such a lush *bats lashes*

Thanks for sharing!!! Memories are fantastic :)


Cathy said...

What a great story, Ann. I can still remember feeling light headed when that special boy I lusted after from afar, actually noticed me enough to say hi. And then he asked me to dance??!! Even after 40 years, it's still a favorite memory.

Kate R said...

This makes me laugh out loud. I love the post. That's all!

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Cathy - those were the good ol' days - everything was so innocent and fun :)


Ann Cory said...

Thanks so much Kate!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) *tossing confetti*