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Perfect Sex Every Time

I’m going to ask you an “in your face” question. Do you masturbate? I mean do you take your fingers and play with your clit or your penis and dream up fantasies that will make the experience hot? If you do (Come on! Admit that you do!), how detailed are your fantasies?

I got to thinking about what I’d like to blog about and came up with several ideas. The first title went something like this: “Does the Chastity Belt Theory Really Work?” So off I go to research chastity belts. So a bunch of Crusader Knights are either locking up their wives in these contraptions or heck, did you here about the woman whose husband forced her to wear one on a vacation to Greece to prevent an extramarital affair? I’m not talking Crusades or 19th century. I’m saying four years ago! How did the world at large find out? Of course, the newspapers but the chastity belt triggered a security alarm at an airport in Athens.

Or how about the woman who married a man who gave her an expensive wedding gift of a pearl-encrusted gold chastity belt and she wore it at their wedding? What was going through her head as she walked up to the altar and said, “I do,” to her husband? Was she thinking the sex was going to be just the way she liked it? Methinks, I’d like to be that woman for a night or two.

So where was I? Oh yeah! Masturbation as a safe, non-threatening alternative to intercourse where your fantasies are absolutely true. I mean how many men and women dream about the perfect partner or the perfect sex during masturbation? Masturbation allows us (both males and females) to explore not only our fantasies but also our bodies, to become comfortable with ourselves. If we’re not comfortable with who we are, how can we be comfortable with our partners?

Sexual fantasies are:

1. about the kind of sex you normally have but with imaginary or celebrity partners;

2. about submission or dominance;

3. unconventional sexual practices or settings.

Sexual fantasies are a creative reflection of who you are. Write your own story any way you want it! And the wonderful thing about your story is that no one need ever know about what it is! You can be a damsel sailing the high seas and being ravished by a gorgeous pirate, or a male butler acting the dominant role over his mistress - anything goes! And the scenario can change every time you masturbate. Have fun!

I’m off to be that damsel on a sailing ship ravished by my dark, handsome pirate - the one with the eye patch even though the vivid blue eye underneath is perfect . . .

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Lisabet Sarai said...

I started to write erotica when I couldn't keep my fantasies in my head anymore...! But you know, it's much more difficult to put them on paper. You don't realize how many details you leave out in the "private screenings". All you need is a few key elements that push your buttons. To share with other readers, though, you have to fill in the blanks. You have to make it clear why and how the fantasy arouses you.