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The Sexy Pose

Sigh is there anything better than reading about people in lust ready to get down and dirty? Well, the only thing better for me is being able to write about lusty couples getting busy!

Seriously, there isn't a better job in the world and I love creating characters that fall in lust, get naked, get naked again (and again - and again!) and eventually fall in love.

Not only do I enjoy reading and writing about hot couples doing the wild thing, I also like sexy photographs! The Internet is a beautiful thing because you can find so many of these pictures, just the thing I need sometimes when I'm looking for a little inspiration.

Now isn't this inspiring? I think so!

I find some of the best photos on myspace of all places! Some that are downright naughty and I can't believe they weren't banned but the majority of them are sensual, sexy without being out and out porn.

There's something so sexy about a half naked, attractive couple in a hot clench. I know I certainly find it inspiring and right now I need all the inspiration I can get! I'm in such a writing slump these last couple of weeks I'm starting to get a little annoyed with myself (wait, not a little annoyed, a LOT annoyed).

I came across this photo though recently and I thought it was pretty damn hot. And inspiring. And hopefully when American Idol is over (blame my husband - I wasn't going to watch it but he turned it on!) I think I'm going to write.

Wouldn't you like to wake up like that in the morning?


danetteb said...

Those are some nice photos. :)

And heck ya, I'd love to wake up like that in the morning. My other half is too focused on work sometimes that he's out the room before I even wake up.

Karen Erickson said...

Aack, sounds like my other half. ;)