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The Things I Love

Writing a blog turned out to be a lot harder than I had imagined! After reading the previous blogs, not only was I struggling for a topic, but also intimidated! TEB has highlighted some of the very best writers in the business and here I am – with my very first novella to be released later this month – trying to “play with the big dogs!” Still, everyone here has shown nothing but welcoming encouragement to each other, so I’m willing to give it a shot. First, I’d like to thank Claire for allowing me to participate – hopefully on the 8th of every month – in this blog. Second, I really struggled for a topic – tossing around various ideas until finally, I settled on something a bit personal, but hopefully not too boring. So, if you’re still with me after all that babbling, I hope you enjoy the blog.

Every now and then I have trouble falling asleep. When I was a little girl, my father would tell me to count sheep, but being a city girl, this confused me. I had never actually seen a sheep. Truthfully, I was a little bit afraid of them. They seemed docile, but so did the neighbor’s cat – until it jumped on my back and my big brother had to remove its claws from my skin. All of these thoughts would roll around in my mind until not only was I wide awake, but also terrified! Then, I heard a wonderful song which suggested “counting your blessings.” I liked this idea much better. As a child, I was blessed with much – fabulous, though strict parents, a big brother who adored and picked on me, doting grandparents, more stuffed animals and dolls than I could count, two bookcases full of books.

As an adult, I’ve taken the whole blessing thing a step further – I count the things I love. My family, naturally. I have two incredible teenage boys, a tall, dark, handsome husband. Some very close and special friends. A beautiful, sweet-natured (although my husband and youngest son might disagree) Shih Tzu.

Damn! Still Awake – okay – let me think a bit more and expand the list. What do I love? I love Chocolate! Dark, smooth chocolate that coats my tongue in a sweet, silken blanket as it melts in my mouth. Like many things, too much will make me sick, but just the right amount adds pleasure and comfort to my life.

Corset! I might be wearing a conservative business suit, but beneath that my skin is embraced in a tight silken hug. Better yet, pairing up my favorite black lace-up corset with an old beat-up pair of blue jeans and some high heels – the perfect outfit for a bit of bar hopping on a Friday night. Sexy yet comfortable – a delicate balance that I try to find in my life as well as my writing. *** yawn**** Good – starting to get a bit sleepy.

Bubbles! Watching tiny bubbles rise to the surface and explode while I hold a fluted glass up to the light. Reclining in a hot lavender scented bubble bath and reading a smutty romance novel. Okay, now I’m beginning to get sleepy.

Whiskey! The Irish gold splashing into a heavy glass. Ice? No, not this time of year! I don’t need anything else to cook me down – Had to put gas in the car this morning when it was a frigid 8 degrees Fahrenheit! On a cold January evening, I prefer just the beautiful heavy liquor reflecting the flames from the fireplace – feeling the warm, thick beverage coating my throat. I close my eyes as I imagine the warmth invaded my tense, cold muscles. Slowly now, I feel myself relax and snuggle deeper beneath the heavy quilts.

I could go on – after all, I do have a big heart. There’s a lot to love in this life. But having begun my list with chocolate and ending it with Irish Whiskey, I’ll leave the rest to the imagination. Now that I’m an erotic romance writer, reflecting on all the love in my life not only relaxes, but also inspires me. Besides, I need to leave something to think about the next time I have insomnia!

Sweet Dreams Everyone,



Lyn Cash said...

Hey, girl - best of luck on your first venture with TEB - you'll do great!

Speaking of Irish whiskey - I love learning things. (Your post reminded me of the movie "PS I love you", by the way - Irish hero *sigh*)...

Back to what I learned earlier this week. I didn't know for instance that it's "whisky" in Scotland and "whiskey" everywhere else! (A Scotsman was the one delivering this news on tv - lol.)

The link below has more on the subject. Guess that Scotsman wasn't as *special* as he'd thought, considering the Canuks spell the word the same way. *grin*

Again, best of luck!

Ashley Ladd said...

I loved reading about what you like and your blessings.

I, too, have been blessed.

I am blessed to have my husband of 28 years, my 5 children, my daughter-in-law, and my two grandchildren. My two dogs and 5 cats, my many friends, my wonderful boss and employer at the day job, my wonderful publishers and editors...

I love cats (sorry if it brings back bad memories), but I've always been a cat person. I love to cuddle with them, to look at them, and to be with them.

I love Chinese food - I'm eating it right now. But I also love Cincinnati/Skyline chili.

I love Cincinnati, my home town. I'm really homesick and I miss my dad and family, but also the town itself.

I love to write and to read. I love to soak in the tub and read romances or to hook up my DVD player and watch a movie.

I love Star Wars and Star Trek, especially the original Star Trek.

I love to play scrabble and scrabulous online - and waste too much time doing so.

Good luck with your coming book.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Marie, darlin',

Your blog entry is perfect! Blogs are supposed to reveal a bit of who you are, and after reading about what you love, I feel as though I know you.

And we have a lot in common... what with the corsets and the champagne!

Wishing you lots of luck with your new release, and many exciting entries here on Hitting the Hot Spot!