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Vampire Lovin'

4,502 – Number of results produced for a book search of “vampires.”
272 – Number of vampire movies released between 1909 and 2005.
17 - Number of copies of Bram Stoker’s Dracula owned by moi.

I love vampires. I love the mystery and legends surrounding them. And judging by the numbers above I am not alone. I love to read about them, watch movies about them, and more than anything I love to write about them. Taking the vampires mystique and making them my own is my passion, and it comes through in my stories. It always has and hopefully it always will.

When I was nine years old I wrote a vampire short story that won an award from my teacher. I knew then that this is what I was meant for. Sure I write other things, but give me pale skin, glowing eyes and pointy teeth any day and I will give you a story that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Why vampires? For me I think it is the danger, the bad boy image they tend to convey. With one small nick they can bring you immense pleasure, or just kill you on the spot. It depends on their mood at any given time.

The vamps I write about tend to be between 100 and 300 years old. This means they have been around the block a time or three. They know what they want, they know what my heroine wants, and most importantly they know how much she can take before they break her. With centuries of practice behind them they are well versed in the ways of games, pain, and love. The tri-fecta of romance/erotica plots. They are ready made heroes and/or villains. What is not to love?

Of course not all vampires are handsome, loveable men who happen to have sharper than normal eyeteeth. They are not all seeking love and romance. Some of them are down right bastards who only want to murder and binge. I love them too. Dark, sinister bastards just waiting to be slain by a cute, peppy vampire slayer. Yup, let me at ‘em.

So no matter what kind of man you fancy, there is a vampire out there for everyone. Take it from your resident vamp smut provider: Everyone needs a happily forever after…with a bite.

Veronica Duff is a vampire hunter with the U.S. Army and has hated vampires since a rogue pack of them killed her mother fourteen years ago. Now she's having erotic dreams about a sexy vampire who claims to be in love with her. She tries to convince herself he's not real and the dreams are harmless.

When a second vampire joins the dreams and threatens her life, she's forced to admit that they are both very real and very dangerous.

Now she must figure out how to get rid of both vampires, the one who craves her love and the one who wants her dead, before she loses her heart...or her life.

Sweet Dreams - Available February 4, 2008 from Total E Bound

Dakota Rebel


Ashley Ladd said...

Now I can't wait to go and read about your sexy, romantic vampires.

Amarinda Jones said...

Excellent! I'm glad you wrote about vamps

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I can't wait to read Sweet Dreams! I hate waiting...

Brynn Paulin said...

The other day, someone tried to tell me the vampire genre is dead. Lies I tell you! It's a live and well and better than ever.

I'm so glad to see your vampires entering the scene.

Dakota Rebel said...

The genre may be UNdead, but never gone. Women will always love the dark and mysterious pains in the ass that are vampire men.


Lisabet Sarai said...

I have an original 1976 edition of "Interview with the Vampire", so you're preaching to the choir. On the other hand, it's pretty difficult to offer anything new and original in the vampire genre. With your obvious passion for the blood-guzzling guys, I'm sure that you've succeeded. Looking forward to "Sweet Dreams"!

Barbara Sheridan said...

The vampire genre will never die--which is rather appropriate given the subject matter. ^_^

Some of them are down right bastards who only want to murder and binge.

For me those are the best kind. I'm especially drawn to finding a way to help them find true love too--as dark and twisted as that love may seem.

lyntaylor said...

Did I ever tell you my son is half vampire? Hmm .. must post a pic of his fangs on my blog LOL! Even my hubby agrees that I've read too many vampire books and that my dream vampire must have impregnated me LOL! Actually hubby is reading my JR Ward books atm. I really should interview him for my blog and see what a 'male' POV on these books are :D What fun!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!