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Why Paranormal?

Why write paranormal? Because I believe.

The house where I grew up is old by Canadian standards. It was on the map in 1843. My family moved in one hundred and ten years later. By then it was haunted. Now even more so.

Growing up, my brother and I witnessed odd things~ men talking in the parlour when no one was there, footsteps on the stairs, a presence standing at bedsides, sound of a ghostly rocking chair creaking, a gutted clock ticking in the attic, notes being played on the piano in the dead of night~ but neither spoke of these things to the other. Who would believe us?

I have happy family memories~ the decades living there were not overshadowed by the unexplained. But as the years progressed my family dwindled. Finally there was only my Mother, and in 1999 my husband and I moved next door so I could care for her in her old age.

I started writing that year. Years of fascination in the paranormal bubbled up. Stories poured out, sometimes beyond my own understanding. A cast of characters pushed through, pleading to be heard. Then suddenly, my fiction was touched with reality.

My husband lost his job. He left Nova Scotia for the job rich province of Alberta. I stayed behind so that I could get our affairs in order. My mother was unable to live unassisted in the old house. I had to get her into a Nursing Home. My heart was broken. I had to leave her, and the old house would, for the first time since 1953, be empty.

They knew. The house exploded into activity. Voices. Lights on and off. Hazy figure. Static on the phone. And then, June 2006, one figure appeared, pushing through from the other side. Not to me, but a stranger. I was told an elderly lady came to answer the door to say I was out and please come back later. Elderly lady? I had been out but my mom was with me. The elderly lady was described, right down to the white flowers on her blue summer dress. It was my great grandmother. She died in 1963.

My brother and I were stunned, but at least we finally knew who was there. And we believe she had stayed, watching over her grand daughter, my mother. Since I was leaving we suspect she wanted us to know she had been the guardian spirit and that her felt presence was meant in love.
Then the house fell silent. My mom was in care and I was finally packed to move. I stood in the empty kitchen, a place where the happy memories flooded over me. Tears streamed down my face as I thanked the "ghosts" of the past for being there.
Yet Eric and I are keeping the house- it is locked, boarded up- filled with mementoes and memories. He checks to make sure everything is okay once in awhile. And he says he has heard the old clock start ticking, he has seen a willowy figure watching him, and last month- well, there on the kitchen table was that day’s newspaper. I am the only other person with a key...

My brother and I have witnessed the unexplained. We believe. How can we not?
March 2008 Misery Loves Company~ Dark Paranormal Romance. Some ghosts have warm hands and they know how to use them.
Happy 2008!


Cassidy Ryan said...

Fascinating story, Ellen. I hope that one day the old house can be filled with the living again.

Ann Cory said...

What a fascinating story! It's definitely no wonder that you write paranormals :)

*tossing confetti*


Kay Wilde said...

Wonderful story Ellen. It's said that our past goes into making us what we are today. You being a voice of the paranormal in you writing makes perfect sense.

I suspect the voices from the past will still be there waiting for you when you return to the old house.

Here's to the best in the New Year to come.


Carol Lynne said...

Thanks, Ellen. I love stories like yours. I've always been a firm believer, but then, I grew up in hundred year old houses.

-Carol Lynne

Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

Thanks everyone. The house will stay in the family as long as my brother and I have any say in it!
The house- always my home- and I am truly blessed because of that.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I got goosebumps reading that. Freaky! I am a believer although I haven't had any experiences, myself. I wish I did but then at times I'm glad I haven't LOL!

Claire S said...

Ellen, what a wonderful post to start the New Year. I had shivers running down my spine whilst reading it. I am a believer too. My sister and I saw similar when we were children, although I don't believe they were coming to see me. It's my sister who has had the paranormal happen to her all through her life. She has many unusual gifts! :)

Jamie Hill said...

Very creepy, Ellen! I'm glad you don't feel scared by the events. I fear I would! Wonderful story!