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You really don't believe you?

My first erotic short story was well accepted in the online community where I posted it. I used a pen name, so it was a pretty safe way for me to test out my writing chops. When I felt brave enough, I showed the story to my best girlfriend. I still remember her reaction. "Wow, things at your house sure are a lot better than they are at mine!"

Excuse me? I sat there for a moment, in shock. Was she suggesting that the hot escapades I'd written for a fictional couple came straight from my bedroom? I tried not to chuckle as I denied her suggestion—but not too vehemently. Things are fine in that department, thank you, but my husband and I are private people, and we don’t discuss our finances or our sex life with friends.

I later discovered the exchange with my friend was a common one among erotic authors. It seems lots of folks think we're writing from our own personal experience. Of course, some of it is—has to be—but that doesn't mean everything I've written I've done.

I haven't had male/male sex (nor witnessed it- just clearing that up for the nice people, honey!) I have researched it and written about it. I haven't had sex with a vampire, but I've written that, too. Same goes for the werewolf (though that one guy in college was pretty hairy.)

How many times have I heard, "Heh heh heh, must be tough doing that research!" It's actually pretty mundane, done mostly sitting in front of a computer. Yes, some weird ads pop up when you visit the sex toy store, but hey, the things we do for the love of our craft.

In March I'll have two releases with TEB, a hot Lust Bite short called Convincing Cate, and the first novella in my Unexpected Love trilogy, Nothing to Lose. Next month I'll share some excerpts, and let you see how hot it is in those people's worlds! Until then, stay happy and stay warm!

~ Jamie Hill


Lisabet Sarai said...

I've had the same reactions. If you write erotica, people love to think that you're some lust-crazed nymphomaniac who has tried every position, every possible combination of genders, in every conceivable setting...

I just smile and keep mum. That's why I use the glamor photo that I do, even though it's twenty years old. Let my readers build my myth for me. I'll never tell...!

Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

This is a throw back to school when the English composition teacher said: Write what you know. Those who don't continue to write hang onto this belief, perhaps.
I carry a fake "license" The Danish Delight 'orgy co-ordinator'. That'll either stop a conversation dead in its tracks or get me a free drink!

Dakota Rebel said...

Hear hear! I remember the first book I wrote "Sweet Dreams" was read aloud around a campfire one night while camping. There was much praise for the story (my friends are really sweet). But I will never forget at the end of a particular scene one of our friends (male) sighed and said "Man, you guys F* like rock stars!"

We just laughed and let the comment pass. It is funny to hear peoples reactions when they first read your work, then after a while it just dies off to "congrats on the new one."

Great post!


Jude Mason said...

Hey Jamie,

I think I sat nodding my head all the way through your post. Yup, been there done it and still chuckle at what regular people think of us. Write what you know...well, we do, sort of. LOL

Great post, and congratulations on the upcoming releases!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Then there's your partner wanting to know if you want him to do all those things you write about.

Jamie Hill said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone! Lisbet, I wouldn't tell another soul that picture is twenty years old! You look fab!

Ellen, Why am I not surprised you have a fake license like that? LOL

Dakota, glad you can share your writing with your friends at all. I can't with most.

Jude, thanks for dropping by. You and I think alike most of the time, gf!

Lyn, you're so right about the significant other. The things men think of! LOL

Hugs to everyone.