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28 hours without the Internet...

…and I thought I was going to lose it. Yep - I paced, I yelled, I grumbled, I cussed, I even considered throwing the computer out the window. Why was the internet out? Good question — I have NO idea. Apparently it was a server issue *sigh* and only affected a few people *I’m so lucky* and it wasn’t considered a priority. Hmm.

Perhaps I’m the only one in this neighborhood who works from home. Maybe the server people were having a pizza party and didn’t want to be bothered. Don’t think I didn’t give them what-for and other such forceful words, because I sure did. But I have a feeling they really didn’t care. I pictured the one guy with his hand out portraying my mouthiness to all his fellow workers sitting in their cubicles. I did start out nice.

Now, it’s not like I haven’t been without the Internet. If it storms and we lose power, I grab a book and impatiently wait to get back to writing. If I’m moving, on vacation, or simply taking the day off I can totally go about my life and not freak out. The difference there is - I plan it. I make sure I have what I need done (with the power surge protector I get 10 minutes if power goes out before the computer shuts down), do a final email check, and well - basically prepare myself.

Unlike yesterday when I sat down to my computer to find my internet light was off. I rebooted, unplugged, and rechecked everything. Nothing. I waited. I did some laundry. I took a walk. Nothing. I forced myself to not grab something surgary or fattening *read emotionally eat* and had a banana. After a few hours I called tech support and they said “we’re sorry, servers are down in your area. please give 8 hours” blah blah blah.

I didn’t sleep well.

Woke up early. Tried computer. Nothing. Called again - server still down. No explanation. Whatever. Did my morning stuff, finished editing a story that I needed to submit before deadline, and started to work on another story. That’s when I needed the online thesaurus. Couldn’t connect. Then I needed to look up something. Couldn’t connect. I wondered what new movie releases were out. Couldn’t connect. Then I needed to check word count requirements, formatting, and due dates - COULDN’T CONNECT!

By now I’m livid. I have no outside contact with anyone because everyone is online. I called again and got someone who I’m sure noticed I’d called many times previous and he calmly walked me through a bunch of nonsense to get my mind off things. Didn’t work. Not knowing how long I’d be without the Internet was stressing me out.

What if an editor sent edits? What if someone asked me a question? What if I was scheduled for a chat? What if a publisher needed an answer right then and there? I knew my inbox would be full and it would take hours to go through.

My son came home and I told him to not even bother trying his computer. Hubby came home and knew better than to ask how my day was — I’ve trained him well *BG* Dinner was lackluster because I picked at it and my stomach was in knots. I wanted to run outside and scream HOW LONG MUST I SUFFER THIS WAY?! But it was raining and I don’t want to scare the neighbors anymore than I already do.

Then finally - a miracle happened - we got a call that the server was back up. Hobey ho!

Okay, so the world didn’t end, it only took 2 hours to go through my inbox, no one asked anything that would be considered life-threatening if I didn’t answer, all communications could resume, I had a connection again, and I’d make the deadline to turn in my story. *fingers crossed for me please*

I’d like to think I could live without the internet for a day, and actually I can. When I DECIDE to. Not when someone else decides for me, lol. As of right now, I like the server people. The other day — not so much.

~Ann Cory


Lisabet Sarai said...

Oh, I do identify! I swore, about five years ago, that I would never get so dependent on the Internet that I couldn't live without it. But guess what? I haven't been able to keep that promise. Without the Internet, how would I pay my bills and manage my finances? How would I keep up with all the blogs and lists? How would I manage contact with my fans (all three of them ;^) )?

I do have a hardcopy thesaurus, though. Because you never know when a digital disaster is going to strike!

Ashley Ladd said...

You poor baby. Seriously. I hate it when my Internet goes out. A couple times I missed chats because of that. Of course, I don't think the cable company cares if I have an important chat or edit, or not. At least it seems that way.

And LOL Lisabet, I'm sure you have WAY MORE than 3 fans. I'm one of them.

Little Lamb Lost said...

Oh Ann, it is hard when you want or need onto the internet and you can't for whatever reason. I admit that I am internet dependant and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are so many things and people that I like to keep up with, blogs that I want to read. We have been keeping busy unpacking boxes and not getting to be online much lately is exasperating.

Brynn Paulin said...

Oh man! I feel your pain. I can't even tell you how many times this has happened to me. Similar reactions too. I swear I get the shakes.

Nicola Harris said...

I understand completely!

I've just got my computer back after my laptop suffered some sort of glitch.

Two days I didn't have it. Two days! I never realised just how much time I actually spent on the computer. Without my writing to work on, my two books on deadline and another WIP, I had to fill my time in other ways instead, by (gulp!) doing housework.

Apart from ending up with a house that Kim and Aggie would be proud of, I could have hugged the Dell operator who talked me through the restoring of my hard drive and memory (especially as I'd committed the cardinal sin of not backing up those works I mentioned earlier).

I tried to use my DH's laptop to access my email, but as his computer is a school one, it refuses access to hotmail, which is what i required. My library was closed, so I couldn't use their computers and I actually suffered some sort of internet/email withdrawal.

Like you, i missed nothing of too much importance, but the thought that i might....! Nearly killed me.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the DT's. However, the sad thing is - I'm not an author!

I'm so hooked on the internet that I am thinking about it even when I'm not on it.

Nicola - I too turn to housework when the computer is out. Hubby will usually comment when he gets home 'So I take it the computer was out today' because he can see the house has been cleaned LOL!

Ann Cory said...

It's comforting to know other people understand, lol. I sure made myself sick with stress over it.

*hugs and confetti*

~Ann :)

Jamie Hill said...

Of course, there are bunches of us who feel the same way, Ann. When my internet is out, I'm just sure that big contract is going to come in, and it will certainly self-destruct if I don't open the email immediately!

Glad you're back in business, sweetie!

~ Jamie

Georgie Lee said...

I hate when I can't access the internet. I had a problem for a few weeks where one web site after another stopped loading. Luckily Google worked so I finally found an answer to my problem and fixed the internet. Some days computers are just too complicated.