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Excerpt From Silent Witness

This is an excerpt from an as-yet uncontracted novel, Silent Witness. Predators, disguised as lovers, aren't always what they appear to be in the far reaches of the galaxy . . .

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Outbay 33

In the year 1023 after 2000 A.D.

Lia's skin quivered with anticipation. College chemistry classes had never been like this. Professor Daniel Harmon was not only the sexiest, leanest man on Sweet Meadows campus, but one whose big, big, dick, momentarily hidden behind well-washed denim, tantalized her.

Professor Danny, as she'd taken to calling him, probably didn't care for strong-minded brunettes with small tits and big egos and that's why he always gave her a rough time in class. He seemed to know when she drifted off into a daydream, glancing out over the football field to the tall spire of the gleaming silver church across the street. The sun-touched spire would fade away, replaced by a scene encrypted on her mind. Silk sheets rumpled on the king-size bed, pillows strewn on the Persian carpet, and her hot, aching body willing her man to stroke her wet clit and suck her hard nipples.

Professor Daniel didn't fail to live up to his reputation of ruining her silent reverie. The meter long ruler he constantly toyed with, perhaps to intimidate his students, slapped the desk Lia sat at with such force, she jumped from her seat. Her heart pounded erratically. A few of the other forty students snickered but she paid no attention. They were only bit actors in her drama.

The professor was so gorgeous when his blue eyes glittered menacingly. Blue, precious, glittering sapphires. His lips, full and rosy, pressed together grimly a brief second before he asked, "Do you know the answer to the question I just asked?"

Lia sighed. Menacing was sexy. She hadn't a clue about the question, let alone the answer. Her gaze met his unflinching eyes. The man was sheer hell to be around in class but so very male. She pictured his bulging biceps under his black jacket and the button-down white collared shirt he wore. Tiny blue stripes ran its length. Blue was so her favorite color.

Professor Daniel was clearly not as amused as she was about her ignorance. In fact, she detected a rising fury on his part, evident in the slightly tensed shoulders and his fingering the ruler as if he were thinking devilish thoughts using it on her naked body. In a gravelly voice that sent tingles shivering up and down her spine, he growled, "We need to show the other students the price for not knowing the correct answer." He paused, waiting for her to assess his statement.

"Yes?" Lia asked as meekly as possible. She loved his no-nonsense strength, the fact the he was in charge and could ask her to do anything he wanted.

Her former boyfriend, Sal, muttered, "Get her to play strip poker. That's her favorite."

Lia gave him a withering stare. "Why don't you shut the fuck up?" Although playing strip poker with the professor might not be such a bad idea. Sal himself wasn't the greatest in bed - not unless he was part of a threesome and Lia wasn't into that. Yet. During sex, she wanted the attention for herself.

She glanced up at the professor wondering what the punishment would be this time. Detention with the sexy man sounded erotic. She'd sit on his lap, kiss his lips and persuade him to smile for her. All the time she watched the angular lines of his rugged face, she'd be stroking his hard cock. Would he groan, and lay her back on his desk and fuck her but good, preferably from behind? Or would he make her stand at the blackboard with her blouse buttons undone so he could get a glimpse of her hard nipples and turn himself on? Or better yet, would he sit at his desk, several feet from her, and watch disinterestedly as she balanced boring chemistry equations? The only chemistry she was interested in was the body kind - hot, heavy, sweating, and passionate.

"You will immediately get up and go stand in front of the class,” he ordered.

More snickers as she got to her feet, wondering what the professor had in mind. She sat almost at the back of the class and strolled past several desks to get to the front. Lia stumbled a little as she stepped up onto the platform fronting the classroom but the professor caught her elbow and steadied her. His fingers were so very warm, and inviting.

She righted herself and jerked her arm free of his tenacious hold. "What are you going to make me do?" she asked softly, keenly aware that forty pairs of eyes watched her with avid curiosity.

She heard Sal mutter in a harsh voice, "Strip her naked. That's the punishment she should get."

Lia stiffened. Naked? In front of the whole class? Ah, this was after all a New Age where teachers held complete control over not only their students' minds, but their bodies too. Welcome to Outbay 33 in the Meridien galaxy. She had to remember she'd come here for the discipline. Conditions, she'd heard, were tough, but well worth the achievement factor.

The professor eyed her speculatively, his pupils narrowed. "You wait and see, young lady," he growled.

Lia didn't dare take a peek lower at the bulge straining against his jeans zipper.

Isolated from the rest of her classmates, she visibly trembled, excited and a little hesitant. She wanted the professor's attention but she'd have preferred to have him to herself. Lia wasn't into sharing, not during sex anyway.

The professor stood to one side and tapped the ruler against his palm. "I'm going to ask a question, and you'll answer. Or else." He left the last two words shivering in the thin, tense air between them.

Against her will, her nipples puckered against the thin, sheer blouse she wore. School uniform on the Outbay consisted of sheer blouses and tight black mini-skirts for the girls, white silk shirts for the guys and black pants but no underwear. Thank goodness but the girls were allowed a skimpy panty. White of course.

"What do the letters Pb stand for in a chemical equation?"

Lia shrugged laconically. Once again the question absolutely stumped her.

Professor Daniel strolled by in front of her, then back again, so much like a hunter stalking its quarry. Not even a flicker of amusement traced his stern features. Lia knew she was trapped and had no way out. She'd asked for this, hadn't she?

She was a modern Earth girl and found it difficult, no impossible, to obey commands. Taking orders from anyone wasn't her idea of freedom. From the moment she had arrived two days ago, she'd sensed she was in for a shitload of trouble.

The professor asked the question again. Lia suddenly felt like a timid doe caught in a set of all-too bright headlights on a lonely, dark road. "I don't know the answer," she replied, her heart stuck in her throat.

He nodded. Her classmates held their breaths. She'd been the first of their number who seemingly didn't understand the consequences of not answering questions correctly. Or at all.

Still to one side, Professor Daniel extended the ruler and gently tapped her blouse over her breasts. "Off," he ordered.

Lia bit her lower lip wondering if she'd made a mistake coming to Outbay 33. The rumors she'd heard were that it was tough as a student but that the sex was phenomenal. She knew she'd have difficulties in school but not so soon. The sex she could easily handle and even looked forward to - but not like this. Not in front of a classroom of other students, not ordered to do something she didn't want to do. But if she didn't want to be sent back to Earth with a black mark on her academic record, one which so far boasted scholarships and straight A's, then she had no choice but take her blouse off. In front of the whole class.

Her forehead beaded with tiny drops of perspiration but lower, the crotch of her panties were damp against the beaded thong she’d slipped into this morning. Faceted blue beads that rubbed against her clit, inflaming that tender hot spot. Hell with the school rules about the kind of panties a girl had to wear. Lia knew Melissa in the next row to hers, wore none at all, and made no secret of it either.

"Lia," the professor prompted.

Lia was certain he had ulterior motives for teaching on Outbay 33. Her understanding was that Daniel Harmon had been forced here otherwise he'd have lost his teacher's certificate and would have been barred from teaching anywhere in the galaxy. That left a lot of teaching positions banned for a hot stud like him. She suspected that he enjoyed roughing the students up a bit, that his foremost subject wasn't chemistry at all. Rather it was the study of psychology, principally that of young, naked women writhing under potential discomfort.

Her fingers shook slightly as she unfastened the button nearest her throat. The professor's ruler tapped on her knuckles ever so lightly.

"Yeah, make her take it all off," Sal urged from the back.

The bastard seemed to have no compunction about her clothes being removed. Because Lia had no doubt the professor was going to make his questions as difficult as possible and in her aroused state, when her mind lusted after a good fuck, she couldn't focus long enough on chemistry to even think about giving the right answer.

"You're way too slow," the professor admonished as her fingers rested on the next button. "Sal, get your ass up here," he growled, his tone low, commanding.

Lia watched Sal's expression migrate from studied mockery to unaffected surprise.

"Yes, you," Professor Daniel stated, all the time keeping his eyes on Lia.

The bastard was enjoying her discomfort. Lia's ears reddened. "Why do you need him?" she asked tentatively, resting her gaze on the professor.

"You need a little help," he uttered, the dictator on a rampage.

Great. She hated Sal, thought of him as an overbearing masculine gigolo. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as Sal made his way up the to the front of the class, wearing a "What the fuck?" expression. He was as much at a loss as she was. Maybe, when she was in as bad a pickle jar as she was, the guy wasn't so bad after all.

Professor Harmon ambled up to Lia, faced her in profile to the class and faced Sal towards her. Sal was no longer as sure of himself as he'd been back at his desk. His chin drooped and he twisted his hands together in front of him.

"Since Ms. Burns is unable to comply with my request, let's see if you can."

Lia groaned, then swallowed hard. She had no idea why Sal was in this class. He had no clue about balancing equations or the periodic table or anything that might be deemed scientific. The highest he could count to was two and that had been when he'd sucked on her nipples with unpracticed bravado. What a disaster that had been! And only last night too.

"Mr. Chelsee. What element does Pb stand for?" the professor asked.

Was his breathing a touch ragged? Lia couldn't decide. His face was tainted by the faintest blush and his movement seemed less fluid than they'd been moments before.

Obviously, Sal didn't have a clue about what the letters stood for. Oh man. To make matters worse, her nipples puckered as a result of the cool air spinning from the air conditioner overhead. Tiny but robust points poked at her sheer blouse.

"I don't know," Sal replied sheepishly. The braggart who privately claimed to know everything in the galaxy.

The ruler tapped mercilessly on the floor. Tap, tap, tap. "Unbutton Ms. Burns' blouse completely."

Like Sal was going to have any trouble with that. Last night he'd been eager until she told him 'no'. Men didn't get the word and always thought that a 'no' really meant a 'yes'.

Sal's eyes, a murky shade of sea-green, met hers, questioning, probing, unsure. "Come on, you idiot," Lia teased him. "Get it over with."

Sal flinched as if she'd slapped him.

The professor moved forward, breathed down her neck, fanning the fine hairs. "What was that, Ms. Burns?"

Lia shivered. "I told him he's a jackass." She knew even as she spoke, she was letting in a whole stream of trouble.

As one, the class sucked in a collective breath, forcing Lia to wonder what exactly the professor would do. Or, to be more precise, what he'd make her do. Conceivably, he could award extra achievement awards for all the guys spread-eagling her on the teacher's wide desk and taking turns with her.

She let out a breath, knowing she'd signed up for this class, had signed the release forms realizing that several men and a single woman were a distinct possibility. She thrilled at the thought of several men waiting impatiently, their dicks long and hard, waiting for their turn. And maybe she'd even have to get on her knees and suck the tips of their dicks of the glistening pre-come. Lia wasn't certain she'd enjoy the experience but she was always up for a challenge.

A muscle twitched under the professor's left eye. "I see," was all he said.

Lia knew without a doubt she'd stepped in past her comfort zone. Sal was a predictable factor but the professor was a complete unknown, and she realized from the last two days in classes, that he was of mercurial mood.

"I gave you an order, Mr. Chelsee," he commanded but his eyes were fixed on Lia as if to say 'I will deal with you later'.

Sal lifted his hands to her blouse and one by one, unfastened the pearly white buttons down to her waist. He wasn't clumsy as he'd been last night but more assured. He did as he was told but the blouse remained closed.

"Pull her blouse out from her skirt," came the curt order.

Sal licked his lips giving Lia the impression he was enjoying himself. Her nipples, already painful buds, tightened even more. Her stomach clenched into pleasurable knots as Sal practically tore the sheer material from her skirt. Her arms broke out into goose bumps and her legs trembled. This was not a good time to get nerves and sink to her knees.

Professor Daniel shoved Sal aside, stepped in front of Lia, took hold of her blouse and ripped it off her body unceremoniously. "You know," he said conversationally as if they were alone, "I don't care for smart mouth women."

Lia bristled. Who was he to tell her she was a smart mouth? "I don't exactly care for you either," she put out bluntly.

Oops. Shouldn't have said that. Should have kept her mouth shut tight with a padlock.

Sal licked his dry lips. Lia waited for the punishment that was sure to come.

And it came swiftly. "Since you don't care to know the answers to my questions, which by the way, you should already know, you will sit on my desk."

There was a slight pause. Lia sensed her classmates holding their breaths. After all, any one of them could have been up here instead of her.

"Without your skirt and allow the whole class to see you."

"Oh, that's not hard," Lia breathed even as Sal sucked in another breath. What was frightening about taking off her skirt and sitting on the professor's desk?

She was suddenly glad she'd worn the jeweled thong. Give the class a look at an elegant woman in her stride rather than boring white panties.

"Mr. Chelsee, dispose of Ms. Burns' skirt, please."

Another preemptive order Lia found herself resenting. "I can do that myself."

The professor faced her, chucked his index finger under her chin and tilted her face upwards. "You are certainly chalking up a great many punishments, aren't you?"

"Why? Because I can do things myself?" she retorted.

Harmon's lips twisted in a wry smile. "You certainly don't get it, do you?"

With a swiftness that startled her, he seized her wrists and quickly bound them together behind her back with a black leather strap. She grunted in dismay.

"Remember the days when the teacher ordered the misbehaving student to stand in a corner the whole school day? Ms. Burns, you won't have that luxury." Turning to Sal, he gave him a speculative look.

Sal knew better than to object. He tore away Lia's skirt with a slight, whispered mutter of apology but Lia noticed, his dick was rock hard in its fabric prison. And his eyes widened to the size of half-dollar pieces when he saw what she was wearing under the skirt. The other students broke out in applause although Lia couldn't see why. She was being punished for goodness sake!

The professor gave a low whistle of appreciation and then a chuckle of amusement. "I see you came prepared."

The class immediately quieted. Lia said nothing, ran her tongue over her lower lip. She was the bad girl, the other girls' jealousy factor and the guys' wet dreams acquisition. She knew now why Harmon had singled her out. Her face was fresh with little more than shimmering pink lip gloss, her breasts were just the right size for an inquisitive male palm, and her cunt was wetter than in her wildest fantasies. With her hands bound behind her, she could do nothing to help herself. Words and epithets were useless.

The professor neared her and whispered erotically, "Relax, Lia. Enjoy yourself. I know I will." With that pointed statement, he moved away, slapping the ruler against his thigh, attracting her attention to his huge erection. It wasn't possible but she got even wetter thinking of his big cock filling up her pussy as fully as a glove fit over a hand.

"Mr. Chelsee, I would like you to help Ms. Burns to the desk to lie down on her back. But--"

The dreaded last word, Lia thought apprehensively.

"But you will act as her armchair back."

The room was so intensely silent Lia heard Sal swallow hard. "I knew I should have stayed home this morning," he muttered, clearly uncomfortable with the idea.

"What's wrong, Mr. Chelsee? Are you afraid of a beautiful woman or are you more afraid I'll ask you to fuck her in front of the class? Can you even get it up, Mr. Chelsee?"

"What are you trying to do Harmon?" Sal flashed back, holding Lia's arm tenderly. "Give your vast ego a boost it doesn't need?"

The professor didn't flinch. Lia suspected he enjoyed the attention and his ego was the least of his problems. She tried to avert her eyes from his massive hard-on but failed.

"My ego, as you call it, doesn't need a boost. Secondly, you're here to learn your lessons, Mr. Chelsee. You signed the release papers, didn't you?"

Sal grumbled something about he shouldn't have if he'd known what hell this would be.

"What are you staring at?" the professor turned on Lia, a devilish glare appearing in his eyes. "Don't worry one moment. I'll have my turn at you."

Lia bit into her lip from crying out. The man obviously knew how to torment her. A quick glance at her classmates told her the women would like a shot at the professor too.

"First, you have to earn it," Harmon told her in a curt voice. "Mr. Chelsee, please assist her onto the desk."

"Nothing personal," Sal murmured as he lifted her into his arms and onto the desk. The wood was cold against her ass and she barely kept her balance by leaning forward slightly as Sal leaped up behind her and forced her to lean her spine against his muscled chest. Not half as muscled as the professor's, Lia guessed.

"Mr. Paul and Mr. Roberts," Harmon called out.

The two men from opposite sides of the classroom sat forward waiting for instructions. Mr. Paul's face was lined by years in the brutal sunshine while Mr. Roberts seemed a few years older than the majority of his thirty-something classmates.

"I want you to treat the lady like fine china. Do you understand?"

They nodded eagerly. Lia suspected they'd been through a few of Professor Harmon's chemistry classes.

Within seconds, they stood in front of her, blocking her from the classmates' view.

"Stand on either side of Ms. Burns. One by one, lift each of her legs onto the edge of the desk and hold her ankles in place."

"No!" Lia remonstrated. "That's going too far." She remembered signing the release papers back on Earth. The paperwork had read in legaleze mumbo-jumbo that 'everything goes'. Everything, she remembered with a hint of embarassment although she wasn't a woman who shunned her word.

The two men hesitated, turned toward the professor.

"You signed the release papers, Ms. Burns. I have them right here," Harmon said, producing a sheaf of papers from who knew where. He strolled up to her, stepped between Paul and Roberts and leaned forward. His breath was warm on her face, causing her to tingle all over. "When you signed, you agreed the professor gave the orders, not anyone in the class, or even yourself. Do you understand?"

She nodded as he slipped his hand around to the back of her head and unsnapped the rose-shaped barrette holding her hair in place. A mass of silky dark strands fell forward over her bare shoulders. Gently, he brushed her hair off her shoulders and over her back and moved away.

"Smells like a summer's day filled with peaches and apricots," Sal murmured, audibly sniffing her hair.

"Mr. Chelsee. Please keep your inane comments to yourself," the professor barked.

Lia wanted to tell Sal that his quiet observation made her feel good but she said nothing, fearing the professor had a few more tricks up his sleeve than she really wanted to know.

"Gentlemen," Harmon prompted, once again tapping the ruler against his thigh.

Lia couldn't help but notice his massive cock straining against his jeans. Get a load of that sucker!

Watch yourself, Lia. Next thing you know he'll be asking you to suck his cock and how long will that take? And how fired up will you get?

Gingerly, Paul lifted her ankle onto the desk and held her slim ankle. Roberts did the same.

Lia both feared and thrilled what Harmon would demand next. He was so much more like a captor in a dreaded prison than a professor of chemistry.

"Spread her legs apart," came the terse order.

Exactly as she'd considered. The two men pushed her knees apart and there she was, her pussy wide open for anyone and everyone to view at their leisure.


Okay . . . so my question is, "Do you want more?"

Aurora Rose Lynn

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