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Hooked on Beta and it works for me!

Recently a Yahoo group I frequent (okay, frequently lurk at) had a discussion of sorts about alpha vs. beta heroes. Everyone knows the alpha male- strong, brash, headstrong, always gets his way, and of course, incredibly gorgeous.

But the beta hero took a bit of a beating in my opinion. He was described as "geeky" and "nerdy", in a lovable, boy-next-door way.

I have trouble with alpha personalities. Anyone that overbearing and opinionated scares the crap out of me, on paper or in person. I like my version of a beta guy—sensitive, caring, not afraid to be emotional—and hot as a firecracker! I looked back and discovered, without realizing I did it, my heroes are almost all beta. Some are stronger than others, with a few alpha traits, but not one of them is above a good cry on occasion. Every one of them can say "I love you" with his pants on.

My dream man, from way back when, always had dark hair and dark eyes. (Cue George Clooney's entrance…) So go figure, this year I'll celebrate 27 years of wedded bliss with a blonde-haired, blue eyed fella. The only explanation I can offer is that he's a beta—gentle, romantic, sweet, a regular teddy bear. Oh, he can go alpha on me every now and then, which is good. I'm not above wanting that occasionally. But for the most part, I'll take sensitive over headstrong, any day of the week.

Check out one of my favorite beta heroes in my first TEB release, Nothing to Lose. This is Book 1 in the Unexpected Love Series.

Bailey Montgomery travels to the small town of Perry, Illinois, with the intention of cleaning her late mother's house out, selling it, and returning to Chicago as quickly as possible. She doesn't want nosy neighbours poking into her business, and she doesn't need the help of the incredibly sexy handyman who insists upon making repairs to the house.

But exactly what Bailey does need or want gets jumbled in her mind as the neighbours ingratiate themselves into her life, and Doug Kenny, the handyman, works his way into her bed and her heart.

Nothing to Lose

By Jamie Hill

PG excerpt

She was awakened the next morning by the sounds of a hammer pounding near the front of her house. Fumbling for the clock, she squinted to read it. Six-forty a.m. Still half asleep and disoriented from being in a strange bed, Bailey wandered out to the living room and opened the front door.

A dark haired man in a T-shirt and jeans was working on the railing by the front porch stairs.

“Excuse me?” she called out to him, and he stopped to look up at her. Bailey went on, “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

He flashed a sly grin. “Is that what you came out here to ask me? Most people have a clock next to their bed to tell them the time.”

Bailey put her hands on her hips and looked at him. “A fucking comedian. I know the time, it’s six-forty in the fucking a.m. I just wondered if you knew the time. People are trying to sleep around here.”

He straightened and Bailey’s gaze went up with him. Maybe it was his boots, because she was barefoot, but he seemed tall. His legs appeared long in form-fitting, tight jeans. For just a moment she let her gaze wander up muscular thighs, settling on his crotch. Images of what the jeans hid flashed through her mind, and she shook her head. Trying to get back to the perturbed feeling of a moment ago, she stomped a foot.

He leaned against the rail, taking a moment to look her over. “Your mother was always up at this hour. She knew I had to get to work by eight and didn’t mind me coming over early. In fact, sometimes she made me breakfast.”

Bailey snorted. “Hang on to those memories, buddy.”

Smiling at her lazily, his dark, clear eyes crinkled at the corners. “Oh, I’m making a whole new bunch of memories, right now as we speak.” He made a point of looking at her breasts.

Bailey glanced down quickly. In her sleepy state, she’d neglected to put on a robe, and her nipples poked out through her silky pyjama top.

She gave him a dirty look and spun around to go back inside.

“Don’t rush off,” he teased.

“Could you finish this another time?” She stuck her head out from behind the door.

“I could.” He nodded. “But I’m not going to. I’m almost done, I’ll finish it now. You go on back to…whatever…you were doing.”

Copyright © 2008 Jamie Hill


Jude Mason said...

Taking note, no knock down drag her out the cave by the hair guys for Jamie. Yup, got it. LOL!

I really enjoyed that, and wonder how many women, when it gets right down to the nitty gritty feel the same. I mean, it's okay to have tall dark and brutal on the page, but in real life, would they really want macho jerk in their homes/beds?

Great excerpt too lady.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I like you, Jamie have always had a think for dark hair & dark eyes. I dated purely blue eyed blonde haired guys in my time and then married a light brown hair light brown eye guy! You could say I've got the best of both worlds, yet I'm not quite sure if he's an Alpha or a Beta. How weird is that. Is there a test we can do to find out?

Julie said...

Your beta guys work for me.

I love the description of the way his jeans look. A guy with long legs in jeans gets me everytime. LOL

Desirée Lee said...

Bestill my beating heart.

I will champion beta heroes until the day I die.

Then some necromancer will resurrect me and I'll champion them from beyond the grave.


I love geeks!

Carpe Noctem,

Ashley Ladd said...

I've always loved the macho alpha hero - so I thought. I had lots of heated discussions with one of my best writing buddies/critique partners/sometimes writing partner. She sees alphas as big jerks like Hulk Hogan who beat up and abused women while I thought alphas were strong (emotionally, responsible, take-charge) men. I saw betas as sniveling, whiny men. She thought Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men was beta. Meanwhile, I was going whoa! Wolverine is like uber alpha in my book.

In real life, I married an alpha and now see the benefit and charm of a beta. In real life I'd rather have the compassionate, helpful partner instead of the one that expects to be waited on and oohed and aahed over.

Although I'm still confused. Who's right? Is Wolverine a beta or an alpha???

Ashley Ladd said...

I see I'm not the only one whose not sure about betas and alphas.

And to remark on one more point. I always went weak-kneed for tall, dark brown eyes, dark brown haired guys, with swarthy complexions. Hubby has dark brown hair - yes, but very pale skin and bright blue eyes. Oh, and he is tall. Only once did a fall for a short, blue-eyed blond and I was amazed at myself all through that relationship. Now, 2 out of my 3 sons, are blond-haired, one with bright blue eyes and the other with dark brown eyes. So, now, I think blonds are cute, too.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Jamie, you stole one of my future blog topics - "In praise of nerds"! Although I have to say that the hero in your excerpt doesn't sound much like a nerd to me!

I consider intelligence and emotional insight to be the sexiest attributes of a hero. Yes, it's nice if he looks good, but some of my most passionate relationships have been with guys that a devoted romance reader might not look at twice.

Actually, as soon as somebody can hang a label like "alpha" or "beta" on your character, I think you're in trouble. We need to create real people, not stereotypes, and people are much more complex than the labels we use as shorthand to describe our characters.

Jamie Hill said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone! You all bring up very good points. Lisabet, we'll all look forward to your "In praise of nerds" blog!

I suspect what one person views as alpha, another could view as beta. It's subjective, as many things in life are. Which is a good thing, or we'd all want the same guy.

By the way, George Clooney is still mine. I called dibs.