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Manifesting Men

Hello everyone! Well, it's finally February and I'm sure Valentine's Day will be on everyone's minds this month. Me, I've been married to the same man since I was in my early twenties so Valentine's Day is always fun for me. Before that, however, I despised it.

This post is for everyone out there who wants a man on Valentine's Day. If you already have your guy lined up or would rather be without one, you can use this advice for anything else you want in life.

Generally, in my stories, the heroine isn't looking for a relationship or doesn't want one for a variety of reasons. What happens is, she falls and doesn't really get the choice. That isn't always how it works in real life. I knew what I wanted in a man and he came along.

So, have you ever hear the term "manifest"? Here's what you do. Think first about what kind of man you want. What does he look like? Get all the details down and don't be afraid to ask for perfect. What does he act like? Know for certain what you want in a man.

Next, ask for him. Ask the universe or whatever higher power you believe in to send him to you.

Then, believe it's possible. Anything is possible and the universe will provide. Hope I don't sound preachy. I just want you to know that I do this all the time in my life and it works!

Imagine you already have that man and be grateful for him. Don't imagine he's coming. Imagine he's already yours. Keep that image in your head.

See what happens and if he comes in time for Valentine's Day let me know. Hey, no guarantees here. This post is just for fun but you'd be surprised how well it works if you believe it can. Have a wonderful, fabulous month! Hey, and drop by my blog to win a new ebook every week! What could be better than that! Well, maybe the guy in this photo ;)


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Debra Moore said...

Oh yeah, if I didn't already have a hunk of my own, I'd get in line for that guy. (grin)

Lisabet Sarai said...

In my experience, you have to be receptive. How you feel about yourself is far more important than what the details of what you want. Because, to be honest, the best men in my life have been the ones I never would have chosen or imagined.

If you have a sense of need, nobody is going to show up. On the other hand, if you're feeling self-confident and sexy, you'll draw men to you magnetically. Then you can pick and choose!

I agree that imagining someone can make him manifest. I'm a stalwart believer (based on personal evidence) in visualization as a precursor to reality. But perhaps it is better not to be too specific. Let the universe suprise you!

Ashley Ladd said...

Like you, I've been married for aeons. Howevever, my hubby isn't always very romantic and doesn't always take me out for Valentine's Day.

But I have to agree about manifesting in general.

I also agree with what Lisabet says. No one is attracted to desperate. Self-confident, happy, sexy, generates a much larger attraction factor. When I was single, it seemed like the best men showed up when I wasn't looking and sometimes didn't even want a man around.