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The Secret Art of Seduction

by Ashley Ladd

Have you ever noticed that there's at least one woman in almost every group that acts sexier and draws more attention from men than the others? Usually that one woman isn't any prettier, smarter, wittier, or richer than the rest of the group. She doesn't necessarily have a great figure. She's probably not any more glamorous than you. She wasn't born a sex goddess. It can be a real puzzler.

A very likely possibility is that she knows an invaluable secret, a secret Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood take to the bank. You ask, what is it? Most likely, she's wearing lacy, sexy lingerie that makes her feel, and thus act, sexy. She is sexy.

It's amazing, but that little wisp of lingerie caressing her flesh, unseen to the rest of the world, boosts her confidence and she sheds her inhibitions. With the right lingerie, she can become a smoldering sex kitten.

Men not only enjoy looking at women when they wear such pretty wrappings, they salivate to UNwrap the pretty present their women has presented them with. And we all know what happens after the unwrapping... (at least you do if you read my books)

Thus many of us wear sexy lingerie for a special occasion every once in awhile to engender romance, however, why not wear it all the time? Why not cultivate your sexuality, discover your inner femininity (or crank it up) and turn on our men every day? Surely, they won't mind. In fact, when we go the extra mile for them, it makes them feel extra special. And when they feel extra special... Well, let's just say it's a win-win situation.

Fortunately, it's not difficult and doesn't take long to cash in on this "secret". There's a Victoria's Secret or other lingerie store at most malls. If you're too embarrassed to be seen shopping for naughty items, there's always the anonymity of the web.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, why not ask your man for a Valentine's gift of lingerie? Or treat yourself to it?

Read on for proof that men love to unwrap "presents", too. Of course, this excerpt from THE PERFECT GIFT, my December TEB release, doesn't exactly involve this type of lingerie, but you get the drift...

Excerpt: The Perfect Gift

Whistling, a merry bounce to his step, Ty ducked snowflakes and the neighbour kids’ snowballs as he made a dash to the house after some last minute Christmas shopping. He loved Christmas and this year was the most special yet for it was his first living with Bianca. She’d made their apartment into a cosy home, brimming with Christmas magic, overflowing with love. He didn’t know what he’d ever done to deserve her, but he sure was grateful. He counted his blessings daily.

He was excited about his special gift for her—a diamond ring and first class tickets for Bianca’s dream trip—their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Now she’d not only go to paradise, but honeymoon there—with him.

Shaking with the excitement, he couldn’t wait to see her expression. The scent of candy canes blended with a trace of wax told him she was burning more Christmas candles. Blinking lights glistened off every reflective surface.

Juggling packages that towered over his head, Ty managed to navigate to the twinkling tree in the corner of the living room and set down his presents without breaking anything. Picking out the ring, he put it in his pocket. He wanted to keep it close.

The scent of roasted turkey filled the small apartment with homey, delicious smells. Looking first right and then left to make sure Bianca wouldn’t catch him in the act, he peeked under the foil covering as the turkey sat on top of the stove, done and ready to be enjoyed. His mouth watering, he stole a bite.

Everything seemed to be in place, except his lady. She wouldn’t leave with supper ready on the stove, would she? “Bianca? Are you home? Where are you, sweetheart?”

Only the whir of the heater broke the silence.
Worried she’d fallen asleep in the tub again, he checked the bathroom. Luckily, he found it empty, and he breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Okay, are you waiting for me in the bedroom?” With a very special Christmas gift? Maybe she awaited him naked, wearing only a large bow around her waist like last year. His cock flexed and his blood surged.
Excited as a little boy getting a shiny new bike, he rubbed his hands together and opened the door wide.

There was a naked body curled sexily on a brand new red and green satin bedspread, wrapped in a big red velvet bow only it wasn’t Bianca. It wasn’t even female!


“Merry Christmas,” Brendan, the hottie from Bianca’s office, drawled huskily.
Brendan laughed throatily and rolled his eyes. “No silly. I’m her Christmas gift to you.” He pointed at the bow, just above his huge cock that was swiftly showing signs of life. “Don’t you see the bow?”

by Ashley Ladd
author of The Perfect Gift


Anonymous said...

My goodness, what an evokative introduction to your story. Brendan sounds just lucious and I am most intrigued as to where this story leads from here.

I would love to hear more about your other work.

Alexis Fleming said...

Fantastic way to introduce your story, Ashley.


Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks guys. I shall certainly have to tell you more, Pam. I wasn't sure you were into these types of stories.

Sher said...

All right, Bianca! Now I wonder...will they take Brandan with them on their honeymoon to Hawaii?

Great intro to this story!

Ashley Ladd said...

Uhm...That would be something if they did, wouldn't it? (take Brendan to Hawaii on their honeymoon)

Would you like to see a story like that???

Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken! I wear conservative clothing every day, but beneath I love the feel of lace and silk. Every day should be a sexy underclothing day! Not only for the men, but for us as well.


Anonymous said...

Every day should be pretty underclothing day - not only for the men in our lives, but for us as well. I always feel more confident (which lends itself to sexy) when I'm wearing silk or lace beneath the suit or jeans.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Of course, there's an alternative to silky underwear to make one feel sexy, which is not wearing underwear at all...

Just a naughty thought! Love the excerpt, Ashley!

Brynn Paulin said...

Awesome article. Love the story too!!

Ashley Ladd said...

Whoa, Lisabet, but so true. I've never had the nerve to go without any, but maybe one of these days...

Jezebel VonTizzle said...

OMG--ironically enough, I am that girl! The one in the sexy panties and always telling my friends--honey leave the granny panties for that special time of the month. I always feel so much better everytime I wear sexy panties. Regardless of where I am going.

Ashley Ladd said...

Jezebel, thanks for helping prove my point. Next payday, I will be found in Victoria's Secrets, buying my sexy lingerie. :)

Anonymous said...

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