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working under the influence

Uh oh, the kids are home. And whoa, golly! A Firefly marathon is on....


IF you are in the US and IF you have cable and IF you get the sci-fi channel, go. Park yourself in front of the television. I don't care if you don't like space western melodramas. I don't either, okay? Just try an episode or two. You'll thank me.

Anyway, I don't think a lot fiction is going to get written in this house today. Flexibility is what this writing thing is all about--or that's what I tell myself when days like today happen.

And in fact I have something I can work on while the kids buzz through the place and Malcolm struts around on the screen. My friends and I are planning a big fund raiser. I'll be back with details someday soon once they're ironed out, but it's going to be good. We've already got our Big Name Author set up. Here's the little bit of we've agreed on so far:

We're the 20 authors of Romance Unleashed. Besides our love of romance, writing and chocolate we also have a common interest in supporting our community.

We're setting our writing goals high for the month of September and raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Don't just stand there and watch--join us. We challenge published and aspiring authors to unleash the story within you as you participate in our write-a-thon.

Now I just have to get that chatting kid (Oh I love this bit. Hey, that's the best part! Mom! You watching?) to go get some breakfast and maybe I'll pretend to get some work done around here. I can always write begging emails to editors, authors and others while snickering at Jayne.

I'm going to line up some prizes to make the event even more fun. Maybe. If someone turns the television off.


Amy said...

In US. Check.
Have cable. Check.
Get SciFi channel. Check.
Park self in front of TV. Uh, if I did that, I couldn't be here typing.

BUT, my son got me the boxed set DVD for Christmas.

I do agree. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to watch a couple of episodes. Some fantastic dialog.

And by the way, I AIM TO MISBEHAVE.

Kate R said...

What a good son you have, ms. Amy. An excellent boy.

We have a limited number of hours for television and the TV is now off.


Sam said...

Love Firefly!!!

Georgie Lee said...

Haven't seen Firefly. May have to Netflix it. Not only do I need to keep the TV off during the day, I need to go disconnect the wireless router so I can get off the internet and get back to writing :-)

Teresa Bodwell said...

Firefly. Yeah.

Joss Whedon is a genius!

Amy said...

I do have an excellent son, Kate. :D He IS the one who turned me on to Firefly/Serenity, so he does have some liability, LOL.

We now subscribe to Showtime for Dexter (thanks to my son), and are Big Love addicts (thanks to my daughter) on HBO. Then I turned my daughter on to Nip/Tuck. We're watching the current season as it progresses, but on the last DVD of season three having worked our way forward from season one... I also have season one of Heroes and Seasons one and two of House, so we won't run out of tings to watch "when nothing else is on" the 200ish digital cable channels. So y'all don't think I'm a horrible parent, my kids are 22 and 25!


Zoe: "Proximity alert. Must be coming up on something."

Wash: (alarmed) "Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!?" (deadpan) "Oh right, that would be me. Back to work."

Ashley Ladd said...

Do I have your permission to tell my TEB editor this is why I'm going to turn in my edits late this week? Although, I'm not familiar with Firefly, either.

Tell us more about this fundraiser/writeathon.

Kate R said...

our local library had Firefly --that's how we discovered it. So you might be able to find it there Georgie Lee.

And YO TERESA! Howdy! TB is the one organizing the CFF event. She's probably just making sure I'm not lying about details. (anything I'd say about details would be a lie because there aren't any yet)

Amy we have the Dexter books. I am a horrible parent because I let my kids read them and the one who was 12 at the time had a nightmare about having body parts in his closet. Does it count that I warned him?

And yes, Ashley, you may say I am the cause of all interruptions of your work. Sure! and blame me for the typo on page 35 too--I can take it.