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12 Things I'm Passionate About

12 things I’m passionate aboutin no particular order

Writing – I’ve been writing since I first picked up a crayon and have never looked back. From poetry to short stories, novellas to novels, nonfiction to fiction, yearbooks to school papers, diaries to journals – writing brings me inner peace.

My family – they are my everything, and my biggest supporters. When all is said and done, nothing really else matters more to me

Chocolate – a dark chocolate truffle can pick me up any day, especially with a glass of red wine *see wine*

A fine bottle of wine – preference to red wine, especially with a fancy dinner, and a scrumptious piece of dark chocolate for dessert *see chocolate*

Words – reading them, writing them, singing along to them, doing crossword puzzles, playing word games – you name it if it’s connected to words, I’m in my element.

Being green – I’m very passionate about the environment and do my part to preserve it.

Food – yes food, and it’s a big reason why I’m not thin, but it goes beyond eating it. I’m passionate about baking and cooking, making sure my family eats healthy meals. I love to find new recipes and cook with fresh herbs and spices. I also enjoy pairing good food with wine and of course chocolate.

Life – This one can be a struggle for me sometimes, but I try to be passionate about life. Even when I’m being tested. Sure there are things I wouldn’t mind changing, or days where I've wished I could have done things differently, but in the end it’s the only one I’ve got. All I can do is take it day by day, and be the best person I can be.

Love – it’s the most wonderful feeling, to give and receive.

Candles – especially at dinnertime, we eat all our dinners by candlelight and it makes for a relaxing time. I absolutely love candles around my bath. When I need to unwind I light a candle. Or to set the mood *wink wink*

Beauty – and I don’t mean being vain. More like, finding beauty in even the strangest of things. The bow of ones lips, a color, a sound, no sound, a piece of wood, the curve of furniture, textures, a whisper, snow on a mountain, the way the wind rustles through bamboo leaves, the stripes on a tiger, or the lines of ones face.

Simple pleasures – Every day I try to find time in my daily routine and focus on one thing around me that brings a smile to my face. Whether it’s the wind in my hair as I drive down the road on a beautiful day, the luxurient feel of silk, a butterfly, listening to the birds chirp, laughter, a kind gesture, ice cream on a hot day, cocoa on a cold day, my husband’s hand in mine, my son curled up next to me, or hearing “I love you” at the most unexpected times. It doesn’t take much and it isn’t hard to find. Simple pleasures brighten my day.

What are some things you are passionate about?

~Ann Cory


Lisabet Sarai said...

Ann - my list would contain many of the same things as yours. However, I would add that I am passionate about music. The right song can change my day from dismal to delightful.

Thanks for a great post.

Ann Cory said...

I agree Lisabet - music is also a passion of mine :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

~Ann Cory :)

Daun Ann said...

Reading would be the biggest one for me.

Purses, I don't go for the expensive purses or the brands, I just go for what I'm in the mood for.

Family, they support me in anything I want to do.

Julz said...

Family - No matter what, they are always there even if they don't support you! =)

Definitely passionate about reading! I always try to have a book on hand at all times!

My pets (2 cats, 2 dogs, and a ferret) - They're cuddley, mischevious, and always there when you need a pick me up!

Music - I always have something playing and I'm a total car-dancer! LOL I just LOVE music!!!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Some things I am passionate about are:

The Internet/Message Boards (lol)
Harry Potter/Reading

Do TV & Movies count?

Ann Cory said...

Hi Daun :) Oh gosh - I sure love purses. I actually used to think it was silly for a woman to have more than one purse. heh - what was I thinking?

Thanks so much for posting!!


Ann Cory said...

YAY!! Car dancers rock :) Great passions Julz! My favorite place to listen to music is in the car - even when I get caught singing and grooving by the young university studs around here, LOL


Ann Cory said...

Maria - you bet TV and movies count! What are some of the ones you're most passionate about?


sandyy456 said...

Animals (esp my 4 babies!)
Shoe & purse shopping

littlelamblst said...

Wow, it is amazing how many of our passions coincide. I don't think I have ever seen anyone else list candlelight for dinners. We do that every evening, too.

I love using herbs and spices in my cooking. And I mix that with my passion for gardening. Latest bit of fun was buying good fresh stalks of lemon grass to use in curry and putting a few of the unused stalks in a cup with a bit of water. Placed them near a warm sunny window and they have taken root. Looking forward to having a pot of my own for this herb.

Ann Cory said...

Hi Sandy - thanks for stopping by :) Photography - what a wonderful passion. Is it part of your career, or a passionate hobby?


Ann Cory said...

Hey sweet LLL! I've missed you hon :) Yep - candles at dinner, gotta have them, always - even if it's just burgers, lol.

So good to see you *tossing tons of confetti at you* Hope you are well!!!


sandyy456 said...

Ann, photography is just a passionate hobby of mine. I wish I could make it my profession, but I still haven't been able to find a way to make my living with it.

maripj99 said...

I'm passionate about

My Family
My Friends
The Internet
My Photo Albums
TV series, movies and books about the Paranormal


Ann Cory said...

Hi again Sandy :) I think it's important to have passionate hobbies. Pictures are beautiful stories without words and often become my inspiration for stories. Maybe someday that hobby will turn into more!

:) Ann

Ann Cory said...

Hi Mari -

Do you collect postcards? I do - love them - I always ask friends to send me one when they go on vacation. I used to get more years ago, but now seem to get more virtual ones, lol.


Catherine Chernow said...

Hi Ann! Great post. I'm passionate about a lot of the same things that you are - particularly dark chocolate. Yum : )

And...about being green. Very important, isn't it? Particularly in this day and age. I swear my mom was one of the original recyclers in a time when it wasn't 'fashionable' to be a recycler. Because of my mother's influence, I think that's why it's important to me now, too.

Ebooks play a big part in my 'green' thinking.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Ann Cory said...

Hi Catherine! My mom was the same way - she recycled everything.

Dark chocolate - it's so sinful and satisfying. Mm. Making my mouth water just to think about, lol.

Ashley Ladd said...

I have many favorite things, too, probably too many to list them all. Two biggies are cats and music. My kids go without saying.

Ann Cory said...

Hi Ashley :) Thanks so much for stopping by! I agree - kids and music - wonderful passions :)

Cherie J said...

Some of my passions:

My Family
Frozen Drinks
The Internet