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Breathe In

Simple Pleasures…

By Sierra Cartwright

….Deep breath in. Another out…. There. Doesn’t that feel better?

Not that I’m one to talk, LOL.

As a coach, writer, business manger, I, like you, wear a dozen different hats, sometimes more than one at the same time! (You know what I mean. It’s when you are at work and you’ve got your cellular phone pressed to you ear because you’re getting a call from home. Oh, wait! There’s call waiting buzzing, telling you an important client is ringing.)

And it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives…phones, shopping, cooking dinner, running the kids to school, checking email…

By the time you get to the end of the day, you fall into bed exhausted. Then the alarm shrills and you drag your still-tired body from bed only to do it all over again.

Sometimes it feels as though our lives are roller coasters where you’re strapped in. “Please stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.”

Well, guess what? It’s not easy, but we can stop at least part of the insanity. How? This may sound counterintuitive, but we can enjoy our lives more by scheduling some fun into our day.

As a coach, I know that time for fun doesn’t magically appear in our lives.

It has to be planned. At least weekly, maybe even monthly.

You’re kidding, right?

I have to plan even more than I already to?

If you want to enjoy life more, yes.

My suggestion? Call your BFF and put a dinner date on the April calendar now. Schedule a ‘date’ night with your SO. Buy tickets to that show you’ve been dying to see, even if it doesn’t open until July.

By having things to look forward to, we brighten our lives.

And speaking of brightening our lives, it’s spring! Plan to get outside on your break (doubly important if you’re a stay at home parent!). Buy some tulips for your desk or bedroom. Or take a bath instead of a hurried-up shower.

It’s far too easy to get sucked into our everyday lives and forget there’s a wonderful world of fun and simple pleasures out there…from birds to flowers to a coffee to a walk in the rain.

And I’m not kidding. These things need to be planned?

How? When that pesky alarm peels back your eyelids? Get out of bed. If you have little ones, let them sleep a few extra minutes while you leisurely sip your tea and watch the sunrise. If you have no one to get out the door, go outside and enjoy the brisk air.

Leave for your errands five minutes before you need to so you’re not swearing at other people on the roads. (Really, they aren’t there just to irritate the snot out of you, even if it feels that way.)

Plan a long lunch and sit on a park bench. Go home early and stop for a latte.

Be thinking, always, of ways you can enjoy your life more. Simple pleasures do not have to cost money. They can be as simple as feeding your stale bread to the ducks, or picking some lilacs, or watching a sunset or moonrise, or walking on the beach with the cool, damp sand squishing through your toes.

For those of who are workaholics, these things are doubly important. There is more to life than getting to the finish line faster than anyone else. The simple pleasures are the ones we remember. We don’t remember being at work because of the monotony. We need to break out of the mold and take care of ourselves.

Stop and take a deep breath of the warm spring air.



Didn’t that feel good?


Catherine Chernow said...

You are so right! I feel that I have got to have some things to look forward to.

And if we can schedule everything else into our lives - families, jobs, etc., then we can certainly manage to schedule some fun stuff to look forward to.

Great blog post.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Ashley Ladd said...

Ahhhh. I already feel better. :)

I usually have to schedule myself into my hubby's book as he's even busier than me.

I'm looking forward to June when I'm going home to Cincinnati to see my dad, my old friends, and to attend Lori Foster's Readers N Writers' get together. That's really brightening my days.