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On Bliss & Radio Free Bliss

It's an old release, but I thought I'd blog about it, especially for any s-f romance fans in the room.

Hoara Felin thinks she's in love. The problem is, the man she's fallen in love with is forbidden to leave the planet. Plus, he's not quite a man...

When I sat down to write On Bliss, I knew there were lots of shapeshifters about, but they were mainly in paranormal romance. What I wanted to do was bring the shapeshifter idea back to science-fiction, where it has a long and venerable heritage. The result was a very capable woman called Sub-Commander Hoara Spicing up the planet at a time!Felin. And a wronged man called Toh.

What I love about romance is what I wrote into On Bliss. The romance is the key -- the give and take between two people, the passion that flares, the needs, wants and desires each wishes fulfilled. Does it really matter if it's between a man and woman, two men, two women...or a woman and a shapeshifter? Of course it doesn't, because romance transcends all those categories.

So, here it is; a little excerpt from On Bliss to whet your appetite. And if you're after something more, check my podcast site Radio Free Bliss on the 10th March for my interview with TEB author, Ashley Ladd. It's going to be a lot of fun.


Silence pooled in the room. Why hadn’t she found a man like this before? Hoara asked herself. Just a regular, ordinary man, who had been willing to give away everything to keep her from a band of thugs. Nobody, in all her life, had done so much and she felt a bud of…something…spread open its warm petals inside her.

"I haven’t thanked you properly," she told him gently, walking towards him. "For saving me. Hiding me. Helping me."

He looked discomfited. "There’s no need. It was only a matter of time before B’nen–."

The rest of his sentence was cut off as Hoara captured his lips, pressing against him and teasing his mouth with her tongue.

He pulled away, but only enough to pant: "You’re tired–."

"No, I’m not." Humour laced her voice.

"Your muscles must be aching–."

"That’s not the only thing that is."

"You–." He looked deep into her eyes. "You...," he whispered.

She saw the battle going on within him, logic battling desire.

"You don’t understand." His voice was hoarse.

"I do," she told him. And kissed him again.

It was like a dam burst.

Instead of pushing her away, Toh pulled her close, punishing her for her temerity. Their tongues entwined, a moist battle of exploration, thrusts and stabs. Together, they moved to the bed and tumbled on it. Fingers grabbed for buttons, zips, fastenings, trembling with eagerness. The scent of his perspiration excited Hoara, a musky aroma exuding from his pores. He must not be fully human, a small part of her thought, before she gave herself up to the sensations of being stroked. His hands roamed the chocolate curves of her body. His fingertips, unusually smooth, kneaded her flesh, pulling, rubbing, plucking at her dusky nipples until they hardened to nubs, sending small shocks of cool pleasure through her body.

His tongue explored her mouth, an incredible length caressing her lips, her tongue, inside her, the same way his hands marked her skin, each touch a trail of eroticism that now criss-crossed her body.

Then he was guiding her, sliding her off the bed until she was kneeling, and pushing the front of her body against the side of the mattress. His knees moved between hers, spreading them apart, as he assaulted her from behind. He moved her hair to one side and nuzzled the back of her neck. Hoara moaned and rubbed her breasts against the rough material of the coverlet. Then he moved lower, licking her along her spine, capturing her breasts in his strong hands and pinching the dark tight buds until the breath caught in her throat. She rocked against him, pushing her buttocks against him.

Slowly, he moved his hands down, applying constant pressure. She felt him push against her, front and back, as he roamed over her ribcage and abdomen and finally down to her hips. But even then he was determined to torment her. His hands curved around her mound and down to her legs, now slippery against the juices that glazed her sex with want. He rubbed against the tender flesh of her inner thighs, lifting her weight against his cock until his shaft nestled between the hot cheeks of her buttocks.

"I...want you...," she panted, grabbing at the mattress with trembling hands. "Inside me...please...."

KS "Kaz" Augustin
Spicing up the planet at a time!



lyntaylor said...

Oooh yay! More Podcasts :D I'll put that in my calender.

On Bliss was one of the first e-books I purchased from TEB and certainly won't be my last. What else are you working on Kaz? Anything you can share?

Lisabet Sarai said...


What more can I say?

Kaz Augustin said...

Hey there Lyn & Lisabet! Hope both of you are well. I'm working on some novels, for a change. These take more time, due to the length and you both know I'm not the fastest writer around! :P

Say, when can I expect both of you to plead for an interview spot on Radio Free Bliss? Hmmmmm...? ::tapping foot:: LOL Would love to have you, and I'm sure the readers/listeners would love it as well.

Ashley Ladd said...

Great excerpt Kaz! I love shapeshifters and science fiction. And thanks for hosting me again on Radio Free Bliss. I can't wait!