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Seduction Of The Senses

Seduction Of The Senses -1
What draws you into a book and makes you feel you are right there with the characters? Or better yet, into the head of maybe the hero or heroine, sharing their experiences?

First and foremost, it’s well developed characters that evoke emotion from the reader whether it is a character you love or relate to and want them to find happiness, or even possibly someone you hate and want to see justice served in the end.

But there is so much more that goes into drawing you into a book than just telling a good story and developing great characters. Description brings a book to life. Description allows you see what the characters see, hear what they hear, feel what they feel, taste what they taste and yes, even smell what they smell. After I’ve completed the first draft of a book, one entire revision is done to add description, finding places where I can apply the uses of the senses to add depth to a scene.

Anyone ever hear of the old book THE SENSUOUS WOMAN written by “J” way back in the 60’s? A paragraph from the back cover blurb reads: Now “J” reveals her secret, step-by-step program that allows every woman to free her body, train her senses and realize her tremendous feminine capacity for giving and receiving pleasure. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the book was written as an instruction manual of sorts, designed to bring out the sensual woman in you. The book included many exercises the readers can do to develop and heighten their senses and bring them in to play in lovemaking.

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you are racking your brain for a topic for a monthly blog post and just happen to pick up a dusty old book from your resource stack. Anyway, doing a bit of research, the information I came up with was interesting as well as extensive. Far too much information to work into a single blog post. So, I’ve decided to do something a bit different and break it up into five different posts, focusing on one of the five senses each month as used to enhance the written word as well as enhancing your lovemaking.

So called experts say that as a society we’ve become desensitized, our senses dulled.

Lets see what we can do to sharpen things up a bit. Just for fun, I’ll give you a few exercises to try out each month, exercises designed to heighten each of the five senses.

While this is written primarily with women in mind, you men out there might learn a thing or two about pleasing your woman. It’s never too late to go back to the basics and rekindle the passion in any relationship.

First up - The sense of touch

His hands gripped her and slid them down to his chest. “Touch me, Jane,” he instructed softly.

She needed no further encouragement. Her eyes snapped open, fascinated as she watched the play of her pearl tipped nails as they sifted through the dark hair on his chest. The tickling sensation, created by his slightly course chest hair against her palms, and the feel of his firm muscles which flexed beneath her exploring hands, intensified the heavy feeling growing between her legs.

Did you know the palms of your hands can be an incredible erogenous zone? The feel of a lover’s skin beneath your hands, exploring their entire body to discover which areas are most sensitive. Our skin has nerve endings to beg to be touched and massaged. Touch can be one of our most exciting senses, allowing you to give and receive pleasure all at once.

It’s time to bring slow, foreplay back into your lovemaking. Give your lover a sensual massage. Starting at the neck, work your way down, touching and massaging each body part. Tell your partner why you love the way their body feels and ask them which of your touches gives them the most pleasure. Take extra time exploring your lover’s erogenous zones – the obvious and those special spots that drive them wild. Ask where they like to be touched and how to touch, firm, gentle, a bare breath of a caress. Ask them to tell you how it feels. Focus on the different textures, the tactile sensation against your palms.

Now it’s your turn. Switch roles. Your turn to be the guide. Don’t hesitate to tell your lover what you want.

Next, together, explore each other’s bodies like it was the first time you’ve been together.

Exercise 1: TOUCH the snow or the grass outside, the bark of a tree, your lingerie, your sheets, the warmth of a cup containing something hot, the cool dampness of a glass containing something cold. Close your eyes and focus on how they feel against the palm of your hand. Is it hot, cold, warm, smooth, rough? It is pleasing? Uncomfortable?

If you are really adventurous, try giving the massage with a blindfold. Are the sensations you receive different? More acute? It is said that when one sense is lost, the others become stronger to compensate. Try wearing a blindfold around your home and identifying objects by touch alone. You might be surprised to find that the more you exercise your sense of touch, the sharper it will become.

You have an entire month to practice before we move on to the sense of sight.

Until next time, reach out and touch someone.



Ashley Ladd said...

I'll definitely have to try this. I'm always up for advice. And it's great that you have your next 4 or 5 blog posts planned.

Kay Wilde said...

Thanks Ashley,

Yeah, having the next several blog posts planned certainly helps when your date of the month rolls around.

Judith Rochelle said...

What an absolutely fantastic idea. And believe it or not, I have a copy of The Sensuous Woman. Good choice of topic. Sensual is all about the senses and we all need to be reminded how to keep ours sharp. This is me clapping for a wonderful idea. Can't wait for the next one.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I'm glad you started with touch. So many stories are so focused on the sense of sight that they lose track of the other four. Can't wait to read your follow up posts.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Wonderful reminder, Kay!!!


Molly Daniels said...

Great advice, Kay! I'll have to try this out:)

Kay Wilde said...

Thanks Molly,
Be sure to let us know how it works for you.

Catherine Chernow said...

I'm definitely reaching out and touching my hubby after reading this one!

Great post.

: )

Catherine Chernow