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Thursday Thirteen with Marianne LaCroix

Thirteen Things
about Marianne LaCroix,
to introduce myself to the TEB readers

1. My first published book was Lady Sheba in 2003. It is a werecat shape shifter based in Egyptian mythology.

2. I've had 2 Romantic Times Top Picks since then: Descendants of Darkness (2004) and, more recently, Crossed Swords (2008).

3. I am adicted to historicals and paranormal historicals. My upcoming TEB book, Warrior Lover, is a paranormal historical. It answers the question, what would happen if the Greek god of War took part in D-Day?

4. Warrior Lover is part of an anthology entitled Nectar of the Gods. Contributing authors include Ashlyn Chase, Isabella Drake, Sasha Illyvich and Annmarie Ortega.

5. I am working on a short historical for TEB's upcoming Brits in Time anthology. My story is entitled Under the Black Flag. Yeah, it's a pirate.

Okay, now some more about me other than writing business...

6. I've been married to my husband for 14 years. He is originally from the Netherlands.

7. I have twin daughters. They are 6 years old...and know exactly how to drive me crazy.

8. My favorite breakfast is a McDonald's Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. I love those things. Definitely a weakness.

9. I live in the US in Georgia, land of cotton, peanuts and Rednecks.

10. I like to play on my PSP (portable Playstation) for some stress relief. My favorite game at the moment is Lego Star Wars Original Trilogy. I like to blast at Stormtroopers and them fall to little Lego pieces.

11. My favorite kind of music varies to my mood. I like movie woundtracks while writing. I like the 80s and 90s music ranging from Hall and Oates to Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas.

Okay, now plugs for future events...

12. I am going to RT in Pittsburgh next month! For details on the RT convention, go to

13. If anyone is in Jacksonville, Florida area March 29th, join me at a mega booksigning at the Jacksonville Marriot. Authors attending are Suzanne Brockmann (Wowza!), Alyssa Day, Caridad Ferrer, and many, many more. For details, visit

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Catherine Chernow said...

Hi there Marianne!

I'll be at RT, too.

Loved your post.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Anika said...

I use my PSP and PS2 all the time to relax as well. Good post . . .

Carol Lynne said...

I'll be at RT! Looks like we'll all have to meet up for a drink, or two, or three...


Marianne LaCroix said...

Wooohooo, Catherine & Carol. We will all have to get together! Yeah, we will surely meet at the bar...

Anika, love PSP. It is easy to lose hours to a game.

Ashley Ladd said...

Welcome Marianne. Sorry I won't be at RT this year. Hopefully next. Have fun.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Nice to get to know you, Marianne!

I've got to look into this Thirteen thing!

Ashlyn Chase said...

Great job with the 13 things, Mari!!!

Thank you for mentioning my name. (big grin)


Judith Rochelle said...

Hi Mari,
I'll be at RT, too. We will all definitely have to get together.