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Why I think reading romance is like....dessert

I read, a lot. Books to improve my craft and for research I liken to a meal. They are the meat and potatoes of my day. I have my favorites (steak), and my not so favorites (can you say brussel sprouts)...and then there is dessert.

Those glorious romance novels! They are the icing on my cake...the sprinkles on my donutes, and the filling in my cream puffs. I only allow myself to read a couple of them a week (gotta watch my diet, you know)...but oh my...I simply love curling up with my favorite Carol Lynne, Ann Cory, and Karen Erickson novel.

I love writing them too. My total-e-bound release, To Catch a Casanova, is a fun look at what great lengths the hero will go to in order to win over the woman he loves.

Aspiring actor, Luke McArthur, has been in love with Aubrey O'Fallon since the first grade. They even dated for a while. Still best friends, Luke always figured he'd get around to proposing to her when he finally made it big. Unfortunately, Aubrey met ultra-rich Troy Fletcher. To everyone's surprise, he proposed on the first date and she accepted!

But Troy has a secret life — he's been seen picking up prostitutes outside The Sand Dollar where Luke works. Luke knows Aubrey won't believe his accusations unless he can prove them. With only four days to stop the wedding, he's desperate. He enlists the help of his transvestite friend, Charles/Cherie, and plans to have Aubrey catch Troy in a compromising situation.

But, it's soon clear Luke is in over his head...

And speaking of dessert, I was cleaning out my e-mail the other day and discovered my mother-in-law's recipe for cream puffs. My husband and I used to cook together, but since the boys came along, we seldom have time to dice and slice together. However, we stuffed the kids in bed early to await the arrival of the Easter Bunny and we cooked up a batch of his mother's cream puffs. They turned out so well, I've decided to share the recipe.

So, pop over to my website and look around. You'll find some excerpts, some news, research links for several of my novellas and a link to a recipe for Ann's Cream Puffs!


Ashley Ladd said...

Ooh, thanks for b oth goodies. They sound yummy.c

Catherine Chernow said...

Your website is wonderful, Erika.

Yum! I agree. Romance novels are the dessert of life.

Do you prefer cream puffs with custard filling or whipped cream?

I love custard filling. Um, but then again, if you insist, I'll eat cream puffs with whipped cream filling. No problem.


: )

Catherine Chernow