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A Year of Love

Today is steak and bj day, a very popular holiday with many men--with more celebrants every year. And yes, it's an official (if not Hallmark) holiday. Call it an antidote to Valentine's Day--I think that's what the founders claimed.

But I say hey, why not have all the 14ths of the month be some tribute to love? Why not have twelve days of the year set aside to mark love, which is one of the most powerful positive things we humans have come up with--although yes, yes, I know, I know we don't have full dibs on all the love there is. My dog is desperately in love with the dog across the street. And I once had a cat that was in love with a dog, but that was a long, sad interspecies tragedy.

Let's mark the best of us, LOVE, as often as possible.

Okay, so we have two days down--February 14 and March 14--ten to go. Well, no, wait. Father's and Mother's day. Those are tributes to love even if they don't show up on the 14th of a month. Perhaps we should have a kid appreciation day but speaking as a parent, I'd say nearly every damn day is kid appreciation day especially when they're babies and have you wrapped around their teeny, tiny lil pinkies as their love slaves.

All right, we have eight days to designate.

April 14 should be Unrequited Love Day. It makes sense since April is the cruelest month. This would be the day you'd write to the unrequited love object and say "yo, dude/dudette, what about it?" If they laugh at you, you burn all the tokens you've gathered over the year of pinin and move on, picking another new, and preferably hard to approach, love object for the next year. If you don't have an unrequited love object in your life, read a story that includes unrequited love and ponder the moth and the flame syndrome.

We'll skip May and June since they have those Love Your Parent days.

July 14 Childhood's First Crush. If you married your first love, you get to blow out all the stops on this one. Restaurants should give you discounts on your meal if you bring in a picture of you and your husband/wife as kids together. If you have no idea where that first love of yours ended up, take a minute googling them.

August 14 Dog days of summer? Easy. It's Appreciate Other Species Love Day. Buy that animal in your life a nice cat nip mouse or rawhide chewie. Take him for an extra long walk.

September 14 In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, this would be the Outlaw Love month. Where we celebrate all the reformed rakes as well as the outlaws who discovered thievery and love (Bonnie and Clyde) To celebrate, we'll all buy a copy of a book featuring a pirate (may I suggest Prince of Midnight by Laura Kinsale) or maybe watch an old Star Wars movie and realize that yes, Han Solo is way hotter than Luke Skywalker.

October 14 Harvest the Love. Time for a love feast and gather all the love you've harvested over the years! Invite your old boyfriends and girlfriends over to your house to meet your current love. Heh. I think maybe this one will not be as popular as some of the others, but it'll be a good way to jump-start some interesting conversations.

November 14 Quiet Love Day. All the love that isn't romantic day. The day to celebrate the love that exists but isn't written about in song or story.This is the love you feel for the cashier who always smiles and never gives you guff about having 15 items in the 12 item lane. Celebrate the love you have for the neighbors who take in your mail and newspaper when you go away. Carry a stash of Quiet Love Day cards and hand one to the person on the bus who offers you a seat.

December 14 Horizontal [snuggly] Love Day. Long dark nights means sleeping in. This holiday is all about comforters and nice bedding and maybe getting cozier with that bed partner or on your own. If you're in the southern hemisphere, you can welcome those long dark nights that're coming. For singles or those in a relationship, celebrate the holiday with pretty new pillowcases OR a new and interesting sex toy. Something to do with fun in bed alone or with company.

January 14 New Year = New Love! New chances at Love. Go on, go find someone or something worthy of your affection. If you're stuck happily ensconced in a marriage, take a new look at that old partner. Relearn that love.

* * * * *
I think a couple of my ideas are pretty unworkable (yeah, that October holiday won't fly) How about you produce a couple?


Lisabet Sarai said...

Actually, I like the idea of Harvest the Love day. I've had gatherings that included multiple old boyfriends, that worked out fine. My fiftieth birthday party included my husband plus two former lovers. (I was rather busy before I married!)

Overall, some excellent ideas. You aren't on the Hallmark payroll, are you? (LOL)

Catherine Chernow said...

I loved the December love holiday!
Horizontal (snuggly love) Day.
How about devoting a love holiday strictly for kissing? The Kissing Holiday.

Pucker up.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Doug said...

Oh, I've got one, Kate.

You'll have to come back to my 13, though.

Lyn Cash said...

ROFL - too cute. I definitely like the Snuggly Love Day.

Jennifer said...

Me thinks talk Like a Pirate Day is pretty cool.

We have an official 'Talk Like Yoda' day in our family. Some days the kids will Only Speak Yoda talk.

Annoying it is.


Kate R said...

Lisabet? You belong to a more civilized group than most. I imagine Harvest of Love days would be punctuated with arrests. I see something worthy of Jerry Springer

Okay so snuggly love day wins the popularity prize. Hallmark's on their own with that one--hard to see how they could cash in on that one.

Ooo OOO! no wait! Maybe with tiny decorative pillows you could hang like easter eggs or Christmas ornaments? Yeah, that works. Bed Bath and Beyond should push that one along.

Jennifer I don't think I could last an hour with Talk Like Yoda happening. Nuts, I would go.

Kate R said...

Catherine...and kisses day would be Hershey's dream holiday.