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If you traveled to Romantic Times and are back, are you taking time to relax and unwind?

And if, like me, you simply stayed home and worked (sigh), what are you doing for yourself? What things are you doing to restore a sense of calm and peace in your life?

Last night :::gasp::: I blew off a date.

I stayed home to take care of a "it was a long-week headache." I soaked in a hot bath and read a hot book! I had something delicious to eat, something fabulous to drink and I thought of all the things I am happy about. (My recent release from TEB, Signed, Sealed and Delivered, topped the list.)

I've realized that by listening to our bodies, we can also restore our minds and emotions. When I'm exhausted, I am cranky. When I don't move my body, I feel sluggish and I'm not as sharp mentally. When I have a headache, it's a sign that I've not been taking proper care of myself.

So, after reading, relaxing, getting a good night’s sleep, I feel more like “me.” I have energy today, enthusiasm, and there’s not a black cloud hanging over my head. (I am sooooooo pretending there’s no snow out there.)

I can think again. My headache is gone. Those nasty sore muscles are gone.

All because I listened to my body, took some downtime and restored. A nice walk would put me totally to rights (I did mention that I’m pretending there’s no wind and snow, right?).

So, I’m curious. What is your body telling you?

If you did one thing strictly FOR YOU today, what would it be? (A movie, a book, a walk, shopping, a bath, a massage, a manicure/pedi…?) How would you feel if you actually carved out the time?

And more importantly, are you actually going to do it? Well, are you??
Here’s to you…here’s to you feeling refreshed and restored.


Ashley Ladd said...

Something for me? I need to take a long walk (and start doing it daily again). When I walk, it not only rejuvenates my body, but it stimulates my mind. My thoughts flow. Often, I do my best thinking about my WIP and new books while walking. So I'll take a walk. And maybe get a manicure. I'm going to my daughter's wedding next weekend so I need to do that anyway.

Kate R said...

my body is always telling me "go ahead, eat that chocolate." or "c'mon. Another glass of wine would be good." I've learned that my body doesn't have its best interests in mind.