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Be Kind To YOU!

As writers, we’re told to write what we know. So, for this blog, I will. I’ve learned, the not-so-easy way how important it is to take care of myself.

As a coach, writer, parent, manager, always looking out for others, you’d think I’d look out for myself, too, right? Er, not so much.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve done what might be termed a “crash and burn.” And it’s not pretty. I caught a nasty virus, had my energy level drop to nearly nothing and haven’t had a lot of interest in things that generally energize me.

So, darn it, I’m going to have to practice what I preach and write what I know.

When I coach my clients to take a sheet of paper and divide it into seven sections (one for each day of the week), and write out their ideal schedule, that means I need to do the same.

When I instruct an employee who has been working too many hours that they need to take a refresh and rejuvenate day, I need to recognize my own limits and take some time to rest and rejuvenate, too.

When I tell my daughter (who’s certainly old enough to know better!) that sleep is the mighty healer and that things will look better in the morning, I should tuck my tired self into bed and remember that things will look better in the morning. After all, I’m definitely old enough to know better!

When I coach clients to list the things that jazz them and to write a top 100 list of things to see, to do, to have, I need to do the same thing.

Getting a regular massage isn’t just for those around me. Eating nutritious foods that aren’t loaded with sugar are for me, too, not just others. Moving my body so that I look and feel better and have more energy to make it through the day (to say nothing of releasing endorphins and regulating serotonin levels) is something I should do every day. After all, I do know about the Law of Inertia. (An object in motion stays in motion, right?)

So, here I am, making a public commitment to taking better care of myself. Starting with a bubble bath, a good night’s sleep, and packing my gym bag for tomorrow’s work out.

What advice do you give others that you should take yourself?

See you again on the 20th…when I have some progress to report!

Please, feel free to let me know what you’re doing to take care of you…


barbara huffert said...

I definitely needed this reminder. I've been very down lately and I'm sure it's largely due to the fact that I've been completely ignoring the basics of taking care of me. If I don't no one will and if I don't I won't be any good to anyone. Thanks!

Jamie Hill said...

I definitely could use more "me" time. I do try to get a good nights sleep every night, though. Without it, I'm a bear!


Sierra Cartwright said...

Barbara and Jamie, thanks for your input. Barbara, be especially kind to you. :)

Jamie, I'm with you. Zzzzz is now my favorite word!

Sierra Cartwright said...

Oh, and Jamie! Congrats on this week's release!