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Can we say blonde?

Can we say BLONDE???

I thought my substitute blog day was tomorrow, MONDAY April 21st, not today, SUNDAY April 20th. I'm so so so so sorry.

Right or wrong, we tease my youngest daughter about being "blonde" even though she has a head full of the most beautiful dark brown hair. Today, I'm the ditz.

In fact, I was just thinking about posting my Monday post early as I have to be at my day job early and the boom's been lowered on our internet usage and I'm like Garfield the Cat - NOT an early riser. I don't do mornings.

That said, I apologize to blondes, including my sons Luke and Steve. Especially to Luke who was so kind as to give and install a new computer to me today. FREE! He's a sweetie. Obviously, he has a lot on the ball.

All this said, I try not to create characters in my stories that are stereotypical. I like to play against type. Nothing is more deadly than a boring, ditzy character (even if the author is honestly ditzy from time to time).

One of my favorite characters of all times is Indiana Jones. I just love how he turns from mild mannered professor into a kick-ass world adventurer who pits his wits against evil world powers - and wins. Until Indy, I never imagined a professor would save the world. Little did I know.

I know it's very possible that tomorrow's blogger will post right after me knocking my post out of sight either because she (or he) has a day job tomorrow like me, or because she's in a different part of the world where it's already tomorrow by my standards.

My heroine in my most recent release with TEB is a star ship lieutenant who isn't into stereotypical anything, either. Here's an excerpt.

Excerpt from: Wild Fantasies

“It’s criminal to hide those supple nipples. I can’t believe I never noticed how sexy you are.” Captain Adam Carrington drugged Lieutenant Jala Janguada with erotic kisses, unzipped his pants, then fit her atop him without breaking the kiss. Strong, calloused hands helped her slide down his swollen, pulsing cock.

Unable to wait a second longer to mould her body to his, to be united body and soul, to rub her nipples over his, she tore off his shirt, delighting when the buttons shot across the room.

His incredible muscles rippled beneath her hungry hands. She massaged, teased, and titillated him until he pumped her as feverishly as she yearned to ride.

He quivered beneath her touch and she knew he was all hers. How heady the power! How earth-shattering the passage!

What a dream come true. Literally. And yet, still merely a dream. A holograph.

If only it were the real man making love to her, moaning in her ears, suckling her breasts, pulsing inside her. Not that she could imagine anything more erotic than how the holographic Adam made her feel, but she longed for the real Adam to love her with all his heart in return.

Of course, no real man would put up with her working as a topless waitress in an intergalactic bar, or let her parade around wearing an ultra-mini skirt without a pair of panties underneath, just begging to be fucked and fucked hard—in front of a room full of zringtwats and treaks—as she did on the holodec.

Nor would he whip out his cock and fuck her unconscious in front of them. The real Adam would be possessive and demand her all to himself.

In the privacy of the holodec, however, she could do anything at all, and no one would ever know. Holographic images didn’t tattle. They didn’t judge. They existed to fulfill her every whim and did they ever.

So she indulged in her hedonistic desires as often as she could schedule the deck. She could make wild love to the man—or even men—of her dreams anywhere, to her heart’s desire.

This particular program brought her the greatest pleasure—parading topless, practically naked in front of the most dangerous, sexiest men in the galaxy in only her scrap of a skirt and teetering high heels. She could even have two or three men at a time if she so wanted and she had played out that intriguing fantasy more than once.

She loved how their gazes devoured her naked breasts, how their cocks swelled so huge in their pants their jeans almost ripped apart, and how their hands crept under her wisp of a skirt to fondle her clit, to slide their finger inside her and make her come. There wasn’t a better fantasy job in the entire universe.

What she loved most, however, was how holographic Adam filled her with his hot cock, how he thrust in and out of her pussy as he was doing now, and how he intoxicated her with his all-consuming kisses. He drank of her as if he was dying of thirst.

She rubbed her burning nipples against his furry chest, wondering what it would be like to make crazy love to a howling werewolf under a full moon. Next fantasy, she promised herself she would program Adam to be a werewolf, even more of an animal than he was now.

On the brink of complete ecstasy, she raked her long nails down his back as she impaled herself on his sex. Her juices sheathed his cock so slickly she was able to slide to the tip of his shaft, then ram down hard on him and tighten her vaginal walls around his dick.

For a hologram, he was very sensual and very in tune to her primal needs. Much more so than the other holograms she’d screwed before getting the courage to program her own Adam.

Even when she’d taken two lovers at a time, one inside her pussy and one inside her mouth, they hadn’t come close to satisfying her the way Adam did—and they had been pretty awesome.

“I never dreamed you were such a vixen,” he murmured around a mouthful of her breast. “Every treak in the joint would pay monsonas to be me right now. They’re lining up to be next.”

The lava boiling inside her was about to erupt. She licked his ear as he so loved, and massaged his tight buttocks.

A wild man now, he growled and thrust impossibly deep just as she burst forth in climax, screaming. Good thing the holodec was soundproof and her programs were scrambled so that no one else could decode them.

When she caught her breath, she murmured against his ear, “I can’t wait ‘til next week to make love to you again.”

His chiseled lips quirked into the most deliciously evil grin she’d ever gazed upon, and it made her stomach flip-flop. “You don’t have to wait another moment.”

He lifted her off his still pulsing cock turned her over and to her surprise, bent her over the table.

She squirmed against the tip of his velvety cock dripping with pre-cum.

“You’re so tight and wet, babe, just perfect to slide in and out. How bad do you want it? Bad enough to beg?” So he wanted her to beg? He wanted to hear how hot she was for him? Was he doing this to fulfill her fantasies, or had the hologram evolved sufficiently to have his own? Either way, she was thrilled.


I hope tomorrow is a better day, that I don't get so mixed up.

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