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CRUDE OIL-it stimulates the senses

Monday is the day my first TEB release by my alter ego, Desiree Holt, hits the Internet, a hot, spicy story called CRUDE OIL.
Dana Devlin was still recovering from a messy divorce following an even messier marriage. When her sister Jodi sent her to Enchantor Key for a weekend of relaxing and unwinding, the last thing she expected was a Meet Your Mate event. And the last person she expected to see what sexy hunk Max Hollister, the divorce attorney about whom she secretly fantasized. Just his touch was enough to turn her on, but when he brought out his special oil, she was lost to an erotic adventure.
“Are you sure we have to go to this dinner?” Dana asked while she pulled her blow-dried hair into a loose arrangement on her head and fastened it with a butterfly clip. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror, nude, her plump lower lip caught between her even white teeth.
Max came up behind her, his already rejuvenated cock pressing against her ass. His hands moved around to cup her breasts and his fingers tugged at her nipples.
“At least the cocktail party, okay?” In the mirror she saw his eyes darken. “I have too many things planned for the evening to spend it at a mass feeding, anyway.”
“Oh?” Her lips quirked up in a smile. “Like what?”
He slapped her lightly on the ass. “Like maybe a few more of those. And a lot more for you to find out. Come into the bedroom. I’ve taken some things out of one of the drawers for you to wear under your dress.”
Dana’s eyebrows raised. “But I have lingerie with me.”
“Not like this.” He grinned, taking her hand and leading her into the other room. “Lie down on the bed. I have something that will really make you feel good.”
“Max, if I felt any better, it would be a crime.” But she lay down on her stomach as he directed.
In a moment, she felt oil drizzling onto her skin and Max’s warm hands massaging it into her.
“Don’t you think this stuff will get all over my clothes?” she asked.
“No. Your skin will soak it up. Feel anything yet?”
“Oh. Oh, yes. My God.” She felt as if a thousand tiny fingers were reaching through her skin to her vagina and teasing at it. “Holy shit, Max. What is this stuff?”
He chuckled. “Max’s magic oil. Okay, pull yourself up on your hands and knees, Princess.”
Don’t worry. If I’m going to fuck that luscious ass tonight, I need to open you up a little. Come on, now.” He slapped one cheek of her buttocks again and urged her into position.
In a moment, Dana felt something thin entering her rectum and warm oil streamed into her. Max slid one finger in, then a second one, massaging the oil into her tissues. She was surprised at two thing—first, how easily she had taken his fingers, although he inserted them very slowly, taking care not to hurt her. The second was the heat that streaked through her again, only this time, it was stimulating every tissue in her rectum. She nearly begged Max to fuck her in the ass then and there.
“This stuff has a little something extra in it,” he told her. “It really slicks those tissues so your passage is well lubricated. Plus it has an ingredient that works internally as an aphrodisiac. Feel it? Are you getting aroused, Princess?”
Breathless, she nodded her head.
Come meet Dana and Max on Monday and see what erotic effects this CRUDE OIL has on them.


Gracen said...

Great post and very hot! This oil sounds interesting...and stimulating. ;-) Good luck!

Catherine Chernow said...


I definitely want to meet Max and his special oil.

Looking forward to the release of CRUDE OIL.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Ashley Ladd said...

Sounds yummy. Was he her attorney or her ex's? Guess I'll have to buy it and read it to find out. :)

Today it's my turn to post and I have a tough act to follow. :)