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Brynn is crazy busy preparing for RT and working hard as Brynn does. So I agreed to fill in for her today.

So, do you think that writers feel emotion harder than others? Sometimes I wonder. I think that because we have so much in our minds, so many peoples lives in our hands, that things can get confusing for us.

It takes a strong person to be a writer. We all know that. You have to be able to deal with rejections, with criticism, and sometimes worst of all with success. And among all of this, you have to write. You have to create people, put them in situations where they are constantly on the verge of failing, losing something, and sometimes dying. And as a romance writer you have to make them fall in love through all of this pain and uncertainty. You have to get them from "Hi I am Kate," to "Life is so hard I don't know if I can save the world, deal with my parent's untimely death, pick the kids up from soccer practice and let a man see me the DAYTIME" then to "Happily Ever After."

Whew. Really? Who else has all of this stress on them at all times? Who else hears voices all day long, but instead of getting to relax in a nice padded room with them, we have to listen to them and turn them into words on pages. Not just words on pages, but coherent, entertaining words on pages. And we love it.

But because it all has to be believable, we tend to feel our characters pain. We celebrate their joys, mourn their loses, and cheer their happy ending. We have to understand emotion. I don't know about you all, but sometimes it hits me pretty hard.

For instance, the other night Mr. Rebel and I were talking. He made some joke about a brown corduroy suit that he owns. For some reason this struck me as hilarious. I was laughing so hard my back hurt and tears were streaming down my face. And then suddenly, they weren't tears of laughter, they were just tears. I was overcome with body racking sobs. I cried for ten minutes. There was no reason for it, probably just my body releasing stress. But there it was. And of course it was in front of a boy, who doesn't write, so he had no idea what was going on.

So is this just me? Am I the only one that cries when a character dies, that laughs out loud at my heroine's antics, that mourns the end of a relationship that leads to cheering the beginning of a new one? Does anyone else carry this over-emotional tendency to everyday life?

Brynn, are you sorry now that you let me fill in today? :)

Dakota Rebel


Brynn Paulin said...

I'm not sorry at all! Excellent blog! Thanks so much for taking this on today too.

Strangely, my emotions pour into my writing, but in everyday life they're fairly even-keeled. I'm neither very up nor very down. But in my writing, watch out (and you may occasionally want those tissues). And I often find myself laughing (or snorting) as I write. I think being able to pour emotions on paper is one of the best things about being a writer, and it's certainly what keeps me sane.

Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

Oh, I can relate!!! Hopefully it all rolls on over into the characters we create!
Love the pics- especially the kitties!

Ashley Ladd said...

Great job. Love the pics, even the Gremlin-cat.

barbara huffert said...

I'm with you D. Non-writers just don't understand when the voices make me laugh or cry at all the most inappropriate moments.

Catherine Chernow said...

Oh no, Dakota, it's not just you.

During the writing of one of my books, I cried during all the sad parts as I wrote. Sobbed.

And the nice thing was, when a reviewer read it, she said she actually sobbed out loud during those same parts.

: )

Catherine Chernow