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Gettin' Busy with Dakota Rebel

Yeah, not as fun as it sounds. I am the stressful kind of busy lately. The kind that starts out with teeth gnashing and hair pulling but (usually) ends with me doing my best work ever.

If you follow my personal blog you are aware that I have not been writing. Not at all. For months. Then last week something clicked, it was a small click, but it was enough to get me to sit down and painfully pull a few pages from the tangled mess of my brain. It hasn't been much, and it hurts a little every time I touch the work, but at least it is finally something.

And I have the young man above to thank for getting anything done. That is Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. I went to the concert for my birthday last week. And it was really good. And he is really cute. I have also been listening to the band nonstop since. The ideas are flowing freely through my head, though getting them to the computer screen is not as easy as it has been in the past. But at least it is something. (That has become my current mantra, can you tell?)

Amid the slow writing, I have also been really busy at the day job. Which sounds good, but unfortunately I am not busy with anything that brings in money. We are closely tied to the failing automotive market and every new glitch in their system leads to layoffs in our building. All of our employees live in fear that we will show up any day now and find notes on our desks to clear out and go home because we have to shut down. It is very scary times. And yet, I am running my ass off with stupid projects that may or may not matter a month from now.

I also took on a side project, a tedious piece work job. Mindless and obnoxious for very little money in comparison to the size of the job. But I need the money so I agreed. I worked on that all weekend and did not accomplish as much as I would have liked to.

Then on Saturday I received my edits back for The Wager, my story in the upcoming Brit Party anthology. At first glance they look pretty extensive. *Sigh. I suppose they always do, I am hoping that when I sit down and actually start them they will be things I had thought of anyway and I can fix it and get it done... And I REALLY hope I get them done on time. That is my biggest fear at this point.

And of course since I am very busy and quite stressed my nine year old daughter has decided she must be an absolute monster every chance she gets. Kids...gotta love 'em.

So at this point all I can do is thank the Way boys (Gerard and his brother Mikey) for making poppy, addictive music that makes me want to write about cute gay boys.

Did you catch that? Dakota is trying her hand at M/M. a very scary way. So not only am I really busy, but I am even trying a new genre. *Sigh. Bt at least it's something.3

So keep your fingers crossed for me...if you can still type with crossed fingers anyway.

Dakota Rebel

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Ashley Ladd said...

I'm a great typist, but I don't think I could type very well with crossed fingers. But I'll cross my toes for you. I'm in the middle of writing an M/M, too.