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Is Great Sex a Condiment or the Main Course?

I've been reading a lot of erotic romance novels in the past few weeks. I like to call it "research" ;) But I have stumbled upon a couple of books that left me a bit disappointed at the end. Oh, the beginning was captivating and the sex was hot, hot, hot. And the ending was written as a happily ever after. But was it?

The hero and heroine had great sex, but somewhere during the book, I missed where they fell in love. It was clearly labeled as erotic romance, not erotica. And the epilogue featured a baby -- so I can see the author demonstrated that the relationship lasted beyond the final chapter. So, I went back and reread it. Hmm. The hero and heroine said the prerequisite "I love you's" there and there, but did they show it?

As an erotic romance author, I think showing (not telling) the characters falling in love is my job. Oh, yeah, the plotting and the writing is all part of it, but I could be plotting and writing horror. It's that elusive tug at the heart strings, the "I can't live without him/her" feeling that I'm looking searching for. For me, that's the main course, the meat and potatoes, the stuffing in the burrito.

Great sex is just a condiment...that cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae or the really spectacular pico de gallo on the burrito.

So, what are you looking for when you read erotic romance?

Speaking of's my recipe for the month -- a really easy pico de gallo recipe you can make in minutes.

Pete's Pico de Gallo

1 pint grape tomatoes
1/4 large sweet Mayan onion
1 jalapeno pepper (seeded) -- for medium heat, throw in two or three if you like your salsa hot
Cilantro to taste

Finely chop all the ingredients and mix. I use a mini chopper (but you could also use a food processor).

Enjoy! Ericka

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Ashley Ladd said...

So true! Romance is king with me. If I could only pick one, I'd pick romance over erotica. But the mixture is dynamite.