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A kiss is still a kiss...

When I first began writing, sweet romance was my thing. The couple kissed, and that bedroom door would slam shut. I was fine with that. (That's how Danielle Steel wrote, after all!) I started reading Nora Roberts. People have strong opinions on Nora, and I'm not here to get into that. I just want to comment that she was the first author I read who allowed me into the bedroom with her characters. It wasn't graphic, but it was nice.

Once I discovered the world of e-publishing and saw what was out there, I was amazed! As I wrote, I pushed my personal boundaries farther, and found out it was fun! I've written over twenty male/female novellas and short stories, and love every one of them.

All of a sudden, I realized there was another genre out there, GLBT. I tinkered first with a married couple adding another man to their bedroom fun. I finally got brave enough to write strictly male/male fiction (yes, I said fiction because I've never partaken of this type of fun, I'm a chick.) I loved it! The sales on my m/m stuff have been my best yet.

I've recently written a couple lesbian pieces, one novella and one short story. Both were fun, and I was thrilled when they were accepted by TEB. The first comes out next month, and has already received a Recommended Read Review. More about that next week.

Today I'd like to give you an excerpt from my recently released, m/m contemporary novella, Second Time Around. In it's first week, it hit # 3 on the TEB bestseller list!

Mike Sparks arrives home early from a business trip to find his wife in bed with another woman. He's shocked and surprised, but not really upset. Understanding her needs have changed, he agrees to an amicable divorce.

When he's finally ready to re-enter the dating scene, he realizes his own needs have also changed. Instead of blond hair and a big bust, the image turning him on these days is dark haired, and masculine.

His first attempt at a same-sex date ends up a fumbling, sticky, back-seat mess. But when he meets handsome Niko Bulajic, he realises he might just have found what he's looking for, the second time around.

Excerpt: (This is from Mike's first date with another man. Explicit m/m content.)

He’d never experienced sex in such a blatant manner. Even early in his relationship with Cindy, there was a tenderness and softness to their lovemaking. This was definitely not making love. It was hot, sweaty sex in the backseat of a car. He shouldn’t be there. He should be ashamed. His mind told him he should be a lot of things he wasn’t at the moment. Right then, he just wanted more.

“I’ve got to fuck this sweet ass.” Tyler ran his hands over Mike’s ass cheeks.

“I don’t know.” Mike breathed heavily, the idea causing his leaking, flaccid cock to stir. “I’ve never—”

“Good.” Tyler smiled. “I’ll be your first.”

He glanced around again. “Here? Really?”

“Absolutely. Don’t worry, I’m prepared.” He opened the console between the two front seats, removing a condom and some lubricant. “Roll over on all fours. I’m going to fuck you like no one’s ever been fucked before.”

“But—” Mike protested weakly. His spirit was willing, flesh not so sure. The setting was cramped. He thought a bedroom might be the more appropriate place for his first time.

“No buts.” Tyler leaned back, forcing him onto his knees. “Except this one. Oh, God, what a tight ass! I might come just looking at it.” He leaned down, burying his face in Mike’s crack, nuzzling.

“Jesus.” Mike burrowed into the car seat. He was in virgin territory, so to speak, and his nerves suddenly flared. “Take it easy on me, okay?”

“You don’t want it easy. You want it hard, sweet cheeks. Hard and deep.” He pried Mike’s ass apart and nudged his tongue against the opening there.

Mike inhaled as the tongue laved him. He’d been correct about his desire to be touched there. It felt wonderful as the other man probed him intimately. The tongue pushed deeper, and he gasped.

In deeper yet, then backed out. “So tight.”

Mike heard the lube opening. A slick digit rimmed his anus. He held his breath again as the finger invaded his body. It was uncomfortable at first, then the pressure eased and it felt strangely good. His cock agreed. It had firmed up again, tingling with renewed desire.

“Okay now, you just relax.” Tyler dragged his finger out. “I think you’re ready for me.” He cupped Mike’s cock and balls, squeezing. “God, you’re already hard again! We’re going to have some great times.”

Mike heard the ripping of a foil packet, heard the man sheathing himself. He was glad he didn’t have to ask about protection. It’d been so long since he’d used anything, he’d almost forgotten. Suddenly, his anus burned as something big nudged its opening. He jerked forward. “I don’t think so!”

“Hold still,” Tyler snapped. He grasped Mike’s hips firmly, pressing his cock against the rosebud.

“You’re too big. I’ve never had anything inside me.”

“The body is adaptable. Once I get past the outer ring, I’ll slide right in. I used plenty of lube.” He pressed forward.

“Oh God, it hurts!” Mike hated the whiny sound of his voice, but his ass stung like fire. “Stop!”

“Not…going…to…stop…” Tyler’s staccato voice murmured with his thrusts. “You’ll get used to it. Oh yeah, feel that? You’re opening up for me. I’ll slide right in.”

“No—” Mike groaned, angry that the man hadn’t listened to him. His ass was on fire, and this idiot was grinding himself deeper and deeper. He felt the man’s balls slap against his own, and then a flicker of desire ignited.

Copyright (C) 2008 Jamie Hill


Anonymous said...

Hellfire Jamie! Thats quite an excerpt!

Bobbie said...

OMG, what a way to leave us breathing hard!

Jamie Hill said...

Thanks Mog and Bobbie!!!