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Romantic Times.

Now, if like me, you’re sat at home miles away from Pittsburgh you may just be getting a tad weary of Romantic Times, or RT for short, whilst I wish every lucky author, publisher and reader there a great time I can’t help but feel a little left out of all that convention fun.

Well, never fear, Victoria Blisse is here and anyone who knows me knows that I’m good at cheering folk up.

So, I was trying to work out what to blog on today and I was reading through my yahoo group email and RT was being mentioned all over the place, and the name just got stuck in my head.

Romantic Times. Romantic Times. Romantic Times.

And then, as these bolts of inspiration often do, it hit me. I will write a blog about romantic times, no, not the convention but actual times that are romantic.

Romance is a wonderful thing and we all need a little bit of it in our lives, why else do you think I write erotic romance, eh? It’s hard to define a romantic moment because they can vary so much depending on the time it’s happening and the person it’s happening to but I think the definition is in the feeling you are left with after that moment. You feel loved.

Yes, a meal at a posh restaurant out of the blue is romantic but so is a picnic made for two or your last Rolo (I’m showing my age with that comment) or a stolen kiss. Romance does not have to be expensive and showy, it doesn’t have to be public and loud, it can be free and hidden, private and whispered gently into a loved one’s ear.

I am lucky. I’ve had many romantic times in my life. I have a wonderfully romantic husband. He is the kind of man who buys me a card just because, who hugs me impulsively and pinches my bottom whilst we’re in the queue at the supermarket. He is not afraid to be romantic and I love that.

Romance is not a one-way street, though, it has to be returned and at Christmas I spent hours stitching a hideous Christmas jumper for my husband because he decided he wanted one, to be traditional. Once I travelled to the next county over (2 hours by bus) just to get an Everton player’s autograph for him and I’m a Manchester United fan.

You see, romance is all about caring for someone else more than yourself and showing them that. It is about making someone else feel special, letting them know how much you love and cherish them and when you do that you create memories that last a lifetime.

Now tell me about your romantic times. Tell me how you were romanced or how you did the romancing. Make me “oooh” and “aaah” with affection at your fondest, loving memories. Yeah, I may be an exhibitionist but I do have the occasional voyeuristic moment, too.


Dakota Rebel said...

What a fantastic blog. I smiled to myself a few times reading the small romantic things he does for you.

You are so right, romance is so hard to pin down sometimes. When I am old the things I hope to remember are the small things he does for me every day to show that he loves me.

Monday night we went out with a group of friends and on the trip home we got into a conversation about music, which we often do because it is a HUGE passion of ours. I don't even know what I said, or what crap band-of-the-minute I was raging about, but he looked over at me and said "I love you."

Those are my favorite "I love yous." The ones that come out of nowhere. Those are the honest ones. The ones that slip out at strange times.

Sorry to run on, wonderful blog sweetie. Thank you for sharing.

Dakota Rebel

victoriablisse said...

Those kind of "I love yous" really do leave their mark, I love them, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, I enjoyed writing it. It's always fun to reminisce about all the good romantic times I've had in my life.

Anonymous said...

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