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So You Wanna Be a Millionaire?

Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire? Look at all the possibilities having that kind of money (BIG!) opens up. I could buy a brand new house with two stories. I could have a manicure every week at an expensive salon. Luxury chocolates (there's only six pieces in box) could be sent to my home every day. Have I made a dent in that million yet?

After the house, manicure (have you seen my damaged fingernails after all that baking and clean up I did last summer trying to teach myself how to make pizza, sourdough bread and other goodies?) and the box of chocolates? Who can live without chocolate?

Haven't made much of dent. Okay, I'll go out and buy more yarn for crocheting for my favorite charity. Not much more of a dent in that million dollars. Oh yeah. I'd love for my friend's book THE LOST WIZARD to be made into an animated movie - so I'll fund that. The world should have a blast with a crazy wizard, his even crazier cohorts, and two teenagers desperately trying to get him back to his own planet, Great! That expense made more of a dent but it sure made my friend deliriously happy!

I'd start a program for deserving families who can't currently afford one, to have their own home. I've always wanted to do something like that. What have I left out?

I'd love to travel with Bill Gates to the moon. Uh? You said that cost twenty million dollars? And I do want to buy that yacht I've been dreaming of. You say thirty-four million dollars? Or how about that time-share condo in Miami at seventy-five million dollars - you know the one with the pool that lights up at night in different colors? Seems to me like something's missing here.

What did I learn from spending my million dollars? For one, I had a good time. Second, I made others happy. Third, I found I liked being just me. I mean I loved the diamond earrings and the bling as big as a boulder but it just wasn't me. Because I realized that happiness doesn't coming from owning things - it comes from the inside.

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Ashley Ladd said...

I'd love to be a millionaire so I know I can always pay my mortgage, electricity, and groceries for my family of six. You know how the cost of food is skyrocketing - I think I'll need to be a millionaire just to feed them.