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Ten Essentials on my desk or the muse is not amused

Ten Essentials on my desk or the muse is not amused

1. My cute jar with colored paperclips – an absolute must. I am always printing things out whether it’s affirmations, guidelines, goals, whatnot – and not just any paperclip will do.

2. A favorite pen – which depends a lot on my mood that day. Sometimes I choose the big fat pen with the ultra cool clicky clicky sound, or sometimes it’s the sleek silver one that has its own felt holder, and once in awhile it’s the fuzzy one that brings out my inner child.

3. Day planner – and I’d be lost without it. While I’d much prefer a hunky male assistant to – err – well nevermind, I’ll save the rest of that thought for when I’m working on my WIP.

4. Box of tissue – especially now that spring is here because I’m allergic to everything.

5. Daily journal – which I write in every morning to get those pesky jumbled thoughts out of my head. This time around it’s blue and fuzzy. I also use it when I’m feeling overwhelmed or down on myself.

6. A small cardholder with a few of my business cards in it. I suppose I have it to remind myself of that wild and crazy persona I slip into. She can be such a diva.

7. Sticky notes – which like the day planner I’d be lost without. Titles and ideas are subject to bust out with no warning, along with reminders and other little bits of information of importance. I like an assortment of colors though I prefer blue and purple.

8. A drink coaster as I’m likely to have either chai tea or cocoa in the morning, pop or water in the afternoon, and wine in the evening. It’s a pretty ceramic one my hubby gave me a few years ago with maple leaves on it.

9. My Peace Lily – which I just love to pieces, heh heh – get it, okay bad morning humor, apologies. Seriously though, I have several plants in my office because I love to be surrounded by nature, but my Peace Lily gets front and center. Not only does it have lush green leaves but it’s a natural air purifier too. Look at the things you can learn from a blog!

10. And finally – a suede mousepad for my mouse. Oh my gosh the thing is so soft. It’s like my comfort food. It’s like the alternative to rubbing Buddha’s belly. It’s an essential.

And there you have it. Other than my monitor – I need the ten items above to have a successful and productive working day. Clutter truly does clutter my mind, so everything else – stray papers and such have to go in the drawer and out of sight. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to turn my thoughts back to that hunky male assistant and the things I’d ask him to do.

~Ann Cory


Lil said...

I love hearing/seeing author workspaces. Yours sounds quite organized and well stocked with a bit of nature to give serenity., could you provide more on that assistant, etc?

Ann Cory said...

LOL!! Well he's muscular, dark-haired, has toned abs and an incredibly solid


work ethic ;) lol

Needless to say, he keeps me OFF my toes


Catherine Chernow said...

LOL - can I borrow your hunky male assistant???

I also love post-it notes. They're all over my desk when I write.

: )

Catherine Chernow

Ann Cory said...

Hi Catherine!! Post-its are the coolest. I love different shapes, sizes and colors. Now as for that assistant - I suppose I could lend him out tomorrow. But just for an hour or so. He's very motivating, lol

*tossing confetti*

Jamie Hill said...

I've always known your muse was a bit anal- and I mean that in the very best way- LOL

Wonderful blog post, sweetie!!!