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To Blog or Not to Blog...

When I was a kid, I always had a journal tucked away somewhere. A 'Dear Diary', where I wrote about the things that happened around me. It was a way of looking at the world and trying to make sense of it.

When the internet happened and blogs appeared, it seemed a natural extension of my 'Dear Diary'. Here was a place to write little things, unimportant things, thoughts and opinons. It was handy, didn't gather dust of get lost behind the couch, and as a plus, was readable by family and friends. I could keep touch with those in different countries at a time when phones were too expensive to use more than a couple times a year.

And so I started blogging. My first blog (back in Feb. 2005,) was about books. I had two books coming out at the same time with different publishers, and I wasn't sure how to promote them. So my first, very first post was more of an announcement.

My second post was about my village, and the ice on the hill.
I just alternated between book news and village news. Living in the countryside is boring (well, not really, but there's nothing to blog about...), but every once in a while the cows get out (or something else exciting happens) and you DO have something to blog about.

Writing is also boring, in the way that nothing happens quickly, and writing is a quiet, time-consuming job. But every once in a while something exciting does happen (or you find a tip you want to pass on) and Voila! A blog post about writing.

What have I learned in the three years I've been blogging?
That you keep your blogging friends.
That you meet lots of interesting people.
That you can voyage from one side of the world to the next.
That bloggers are incredibly generous, witty, and kind.
That it's hard to think of a new blog each day, but sometimes the words just flow.
That it's fun to look over your own archives to see where you were on a certain day.
That I hope I'll be blogging in years to come.

Samantha Winston


Ashley Ladd said...

I've become addicted to blogging lately, even if some days it's hard to think of a blog post.

I'm also making friends through blogging as you say, and it's a good promotional tool.

Lyn Cash said...

Sam, I have always just loved your blog posts - your photos, your posts, the things that you share. You are a wealth of information and so talented! (I also like your recipes.)

Sam said...

Thank you Ashley and Lyn - two of my best blogging buddies!

Catherine Chernow said...

Great blog post! You made some excellent points.

Blogging isn't as easy as it seems. I find I want to write something new and fresh on my blogs, so a lot goes into my posts, too.

: )

Catherine Chernow