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Body Sushi

One evening my husband was surfing the net – no big surprise since it was re-runs on television. He called me over and said, “Look at this.” What I saw was one of the hottest concepts I have ever seen – and guess what – it’s been around a very long time! What is it you ask? Nothing other than nyotaimori – otherwise known as Body Sushi.

Nyotaimori is a Japanese practice of arranging food, sushi in particular, on a naked female’s body. The term roughly translates as “female body arrangement.” Some folks associate this nyotaimori with Japanese mafia, but there is really no proof of that. But, as well all know, Sex Sells! What better way to promote a new form of dining that with sex. So, in several large cities around the world, this practice is making a come back. Here’s the layout. A woman scrubs her body with special soap and lies on a table. Banana leaves or bamboo mats are placed strategically on the woman’s body and then sushi or other food is artfully arranged on her body. She cannot move or speak to the guests as they poke and prod her with chop sticks, chat with each other, and enjoy their meal.

Eating off of the body of a beautiful, naked woman! How cool – I mean hot – is that! I simply had to make use of this information. So, for my second book, Tasting Pleasure, I incorporated the idea of nyotaimori into a test for Alicia, the submissive, personal chef. Maverick, the gorgeous dominate hero, instructs Alicia to prepare a meal made totally of aphrodisiac. She then must prepare her body for presentations and lie perfectly still, while he and his guests enjoy her bounty. Naturally, they enjoy much more than just the delicious food, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet. But I do have to say, the research involved to fully understand all of the trick, trials and tribulations of being a human food platter were quite, quite enjoyable.


barbara huffert said...

Ooh I want to be Alicia!

Hm, sure wish I knew someone to go to such a restaurant with me. It sounds fascinating but I can just imagine the looks I'd get if I invited most of my friends.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I've heard of this, but never seen photos. Amazing!

Marie Haynes said...

It truly is amazing! I'd love to find such a restaurant in the St. Louis area, but alas, we are a very conservative area.