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Cyber Sex - Not For Sissies

Got your attention? - lol

I'm involved in a cyber tour this spring and summer with a handful of other authors. I keep forgetting I'm doing this until someone sends me an email telling me who is up next. I am.

Somehow cyber sex flitted across my mind, considering that much of what I write debuts in ebook form before it ever makes it to print form. Cyber reading - sexy writing - cyber sex - work with me here. It's my segue, but try to follow if you will.

I'm hoping that I'll make a better cyber author than I was a cyber lover. Ever been dinged by someone you didn't (or DID) know for cyber sex? Lord. First time I saw the invitation pop up onto the screen, I thought...You've gotta be shitting me. Put my what? WHERE? You want me to do what as I'm typing a response to you???

It was like flouting the pussy in public.

Now ask me how long ago it was - lol. I felt like a lecherous ole granny - this was for kids in their teens or twenties, right? I *think* it was the winter of 1995 and that I was in my pajamas watching a late night movie while responding to various ho-hum comments in the Baby Boomer chat room of an online service. As I was bringing a handful of popcorn to my mouth, an IM popped up that asked what I was wearing. Oookay. No biggie. I responded Chanel #5, thinking it was a tease but not in bad taste. I had learned from weeks of "seeing" him in the "room" that he was single (or so he said), a hardhat/construction worker in Jersey, that he was most definintely a bit rougher around the edges than anyone I'd have become involved with on a personal basis. What I didn't know was that the mutherf***** was a roiling sexpot of kink.

What followed shocked the hell out of me. That he would initiate such a thing, that I would respond, and that...well, that I enjoyed it.

I wondered, as in RL (real life, not cyber) whether or not he was the kiss & tell type, you know - now off to boast and brag to the boys about his conquest. I wondered the same shit I would have if I'd been in the back of a car with him, which really unnerved me. When later he asked for my telephone #, you'd have thought he'd asked to meet my parents - or worse, my children. Think I changed both my email handle and my telephone # the same week - lol.

Commitment-phobe? Maybe. Shallow flirt? Quite possibly. Cock-tease? *gasp* I never thought I'd admit to anything like that, but so it seems. I definitely learned more about myself than I did him or anyone who followed him. Not sayin'...just...sayin'...

I'm pretty sure that 1995 was "the year" - the one in which I discovered it was okay to be a sexual, non-married kink-o-phobe. I also discovered I liked erotic fiction that year. Big surprise that I became an author a few years later who wasn't afraid to "expose" herself.

As for the cyber tour I'm on? The list of authors involved is a good one:

Take a peek at some of the books we're touting as we tour and see if you aren't at least a little impressed with the talents on board.

Happy Writing, Everybody!

~ Sunny Lyn


Lisabet Sarai said...

Love the pussy! Even my husband laughed (and he doesn't do "blogs" on principle).

I don't think being kinky has anything to do with your age!

Sam said...

That is a great story - laughed all through it, especially the part about changing your handle and phone number - LOL!
And GREAT line-up for the cyber tour! Wishing you guys Mucho Success!!

Lyn Cash said...

Thanks, Lisabet & Sam! :)

Candace Sams said...

Very good luck ahead for you!!!!

Lyn Cash said...

THANKS, Candace!