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Golden Moments.

Life is made up of moments and ever now and then a moment is so wonderful, so blindingly delicious that it transcends time and becomes a treasured memory. Turning from a mundane minute into a golden moment.

As an author I deal in capturing golden moments and putting them to paper, as an Erotic Romance writer I specialise in the hot, the sexy and the loving. I have moments that span from the heart wrenching to the soul satisfying and back again.

What turns the mundane into a jewel? Well, think back over all the golden moments in your life and I bet alot of them occurred on normal days in amongst average actions. I can think of many golden moments like this. A bird flying over a field of golden corn, a simple compliment from his lips at just the right moment, the light in my daughters eye when she first saw the sea and I am happy to say, many, many more.

One came Tuesday night when Paul Scholes hit the ball so sweetly and it flew gently into the net, like it had been preordained. Yes, I am talking football, yes I mean the goal that sent Manchester United to Moscow for the Champions league final. It was a golden moment for myself and many a Man Utd fan. I will not forget it and the emotions attached to it, ever. I am sure fans off all kinds of sports have this kind of golden moment in their collection.

Isn’t it amazing how one simple thing, one tiny action can be so profound and have such an impact on your life? I know it amazes me, anyway.

And so, my point is that a golden moment can happen any day, at any time. Be open to them, look for them and savour every one that you experience. Now, tell me about one of your golden moments, please?


Lisabet Sarai said...

With luck, the moments that you capture for your readers will live on indefinitely in _their_ memories...

Ray said...

Brings to mind one of my golden moments or rather a golden day. I was 19 and took two 17 y/o young women on a 200 mile trip to my parents home for the w/e. The trip should have taken four hours, but we stopped for every scenic view as we crossed the Cascade Mountains. It was mid June, but there was still snow on the ground from winter snowplows allowing for a snowball fight. We stopped for flowers, cascading water, any excuse to have a good time.

Ray G